Rollin on the River

Part Two


Two days after Todd was arrested, Chief Hardy invited the Victims into his office and never, have I ever, been more disappointed in a cop. I caught the Chief intimidating the Victims with absurd threats and showing absolutely no concern for their problem with his informant. An informant that allegedly had protection from an APD officer, no less. Instead of concerning himself with the welfare of his citizens, Chief Hardy chose to protect the informant. An informant with a violent history who had just been released from jail and had plans for making a big meth run with a gang of illiterates.

To be fair to Chief Hardy, I never mentioned anything about the meth-run in my email to him. At the time I didn’t really trust all of the claims coming from the illiterates but I did trust the words that the Victims shared with me. After the Victims spent an hour being harassed in Chief Hardy’s office, that’s when I started believing the illiterate informants, too.

While the Victims were at the Abbeville Police station, Todd Travasos was all over social media denying the fact that he had been arrested two days earlier on his birthday. Todd and I shared quite a few friends on facebook and, consequently, his posts would show up on my feed. Honestly, I’m not sure why I did it, but I posted a screen shot of Todd’s booking photo along with his arrest information on my facebook wall. It must have been a slow night for me because I ended up spending a good three hours perpetuating a hilarious flame war between myself and Todd Travasos, the idiot on the river. Two days after our flame war I published the LEO Theater chapters One Two and Three. The Primeaux chapter, Act Four was put on ice after Chief Hardy flipped out on the Victims of whom I exposed to him.

The day after I published, Todd Travasos contacted me again on facebook, but this time inside a private message. Todd sent me an attachment and then he formally gave me permission to use his information on my website. His intentions were clear, he wanted me to write a chapter that would destroy Brigette’s dignity before their divorce was final. And while I was at it, Todd gave me permission to bash his step son, Erik, and his BFF Donnell (Sheriff Couvillon’s Stool in the Culdesac).

Todd’s exact words to me were, “If you play your cards right, I can give you information on Brigette and Erik and people want to know the reign of terror those two cause

While Todd chatted at me on facebook, his soon to be ex-wife, Brigette, had a restraining order against him. Todd was not allowed to mention her name in any of his social media posts and he admitted to me that he knew he wasn’t allowed to use a third party to post disparaging information, either. However, Todd Travasos is a man of privilege and entitlement. More importantly, he is a man with money. Money can buy any kind of justice you want in Vermilion Parish and Todd has never had to worry about rules or laws.

When Todd gave me his big scoop, he wanted me to know that Brigette had smoked marijuana in his house. Plus, Erik had gotten into a fight with Donnell and Donnell got arrested. Then he told me that Erik was arrested for kidnapping.

That’s when I opened the attachment and found a copy of an arrest warrant. According to the warrant, Todd’s step son, Erik, had been arrested for kidnapping and he wasn’t arrested by just any cop. The arresting officer named on the warrant was the same Abbeville police officer who the illiterates, and the Victims, all claimed was protecting a meth-ring in Port Barre. According to the warrant that Todd gave me, this particular officer had been dispatched to a KIDNAPPING and arrived on the scene five seconds later. Then he arrested Erik, Todd’s step son. The kidnapping charges ended up being dropped a year later because they never actually had a kidnap victim. But the judicial abuse was effective because Brigette had to exhaust her savings on bail for Erik.

Hmmm, it looked to me like Erik was getting set up by the same cop who was caught doing dirty work for Chief Hardy a month earlier. I continued to engage Todd Travasos and his drama for another eight months, mainly because I was curious about that corrupt officer.

Two weeks after I published the LEO Theater Acts, Seattle was experiencing an intense snow storm. I was stuck at home expecting friends for the weekend while they were stuck on slippery highways. I was biding my time and found an email from a new contact in Abbeville named Troy J Landry. I had to sigh after I read it and thought…. Oh goody, another illiterate informant. We actually shared 37 emails back and forth that evening before Troy figured out that it might be easier if we talked over the phone. Troy called me up and THAT’s when the discussion got real interesting.

Before Troy made the call our discussion was mostly about my website but when I answered the phone, Troy J Landry started asking me questions about a few problems he was having. He mentioned that a friend of his had several stolen laptops and he wanted to know if I could help him restore the factory settings, presumably so they could sell the stolen laptops. (hmmmm, what do you think you’re up to, Troy?)

After I told him that I couldn’t help him with that, Troy changed subjects and told me he needed help with his remote control submarine. He told me he had designed a submarine that could carry explosives and be driven under a “Nigger Camp” in the swamps. Troy wasn’t sure how far he could send the sub and still keep control of it. He asked me if I could help him calibrate his remote control for distance with his explosive submarine. (hmmmmmm, really Troy, what in the Hell do you think you’re up to?)

There was actually a big hint in the last email he sent before he called but I missed it the first time. In that last email, Troy had painfully typed a whole paragraph of illiterate nonsense that ends with this: ‘If you like all my name and details I'll give it to you so you can check me out and make sure I'm not no psycho.’  Troy included his address and phone number then signed it Troy J Landry. Then, almost like an afterthought, which is why I missed it the first time, there was one more sentence at the bottom of the email that said: “And if there is anything else you would like to know, I will be more than happy to provide it for you”. It that stuck out oddly because of the grammar and punctuation. And then the email was signed a second time same as before: Troy J Landry (Ok, Troy. I can see what you think you’re up to now)

During our 37 email discussions, Troy had already told me that he went to high-school with Deputy Sammy Laporte which means that Troy probably knows Special Agent Lance Lopez in Homeland Security, too. While talking to Troy, I let him think that I believed everything he said, just like I always do with the illiterates who contact me. And by the time we hung up, the conversation wreaked of entrapment.

I was livid.

A week after that amateur attempt to entrap me I sent Chief Tony Hardy a copy of the underground chapter named Nancy Drew Comes to Abbeville. In that chapter, I gave Chief Hardy a glimpse of what it might look like if I published anything regarding his behavior as Chief of Police. The Nancy Drew chapter included the interference in law enforcement that was instigated by the Chief’s wife. And you gotta believe that all of the other Hardy Boys were interfering too. I was pretty angry, and to be clear, this chapter is a lot friendlier then when Nancy Drew came to Abbeville.

After I sent out the Nancy Drew chapter, I was expecting some noise from the Cajuns but I was not prepared for the threats that began pouring in from every direction. It was unnerving when people who consider themselves as one of my friends, even they would call me up. They all had the same passive aggressive “warnings” with an underlying threat: “Don’t mess with the Hardy boys, “it won’t be pretty!””


Being me, I reacted to the threats by sending out another underground chapter called The Hardy Boy Legacy which thoroughly described the underlying agendas inside the APD. Even after the Chief received that chapter, Troy J Landry continued to contact me, four times a day or more. Troy kept asking me to send him money so he could afford his lifestyle of crime.

After the Hardy Legacy chapter was released, the threats went nuclear.

To be honest, I really was in a bind after Chief Hardy completely ignored Troy’s threats of terror. Here I was, 2200 miles away with the name and address of a self-proclaimed Cajun Terrorist with NOBODY to report to.

Hopefully everyone reading this understands that we are all obligated by law to report things like when an illiterate terrorist tells us that he plans to blow up a nigger camp in the swamp. The Vermilion Sheriff refused to take my calls. The Sheriff in Lafayette Parish refused to take my calls. Special Agent Lance Lopez in Homeland Security was not an option for me. And even though Troy J Landry lived in Abbeville, the Chief of police made it clear that he wasn’t interested in terrorism.

Even though I believed that Troy was working with law enforcement and trying to entrap me, I still had the legal obligation to report the terror threat because ~ What if I’m wrong? 

I also realized that Troy J Landry could go out and blow up anything he wanted and then – yep, you guessed it – I’d be found guilty for aiding the conspiracy of a Cajun Terrorist. I needed to report this guy and was looking for someone within the chain of command who could circumvent the tactics of dirty cops in south Louisiana.

The district attorney, Keith Stutes, he’s a good guy, but – he already got involved with me once and had to put Sheriff Couvillon in his place. Let’s face it, I can’t go running to the DA every time I poke the bear in the eye. And besides, in my mind, Keith Stutes works for Justice and I needed to make a report to Law Enforcement.

After thinking on it a few days, I woke up to a beautiful winter morning and remembered Brian Pope, the City Marshal of Lafayette. I had spoken to him just a few months earlier while I was investigating the chapter: LEO Theater Act Two. He had been very pleasant to work with and I found that I liked Brian.  Even with the tough times swirling around the City Marshal Office, Brian was still taking care of business and, so, I sent him an email describing my situation with the Cajun Terrorist.

Within five minutes, Brian Pope shot me a picture and asked, “Is this him?”

Sure enough, Brian Pope was right on top of it. I recognized Troy immediately and I told Brian ‘YES, that’s the Cajun Terrorist’. Then I forwarded to Brian some complementary copies of the first two underground chapters starting with Nancy Drew Comes to Abbeville. After Brian received my information the nuclear threats stopped overnight.

Just. Like.That.

People can say what they will about Brian Pope, but I can tell you without reservation that he has ten times the integrity of ANY cop I’ve EVER dealt with in the state of Louisiana.

In fact, it is my strong opinion that the City Marshal, Brian Pope, would not be in the legal mess that he is in today if Mark Garber had not won the 2015 Sheriff’s election. (No duh, eh?) During the campaigning for Sheriff, Brian Pope used all his might at the City Marshals Office to get Garber’s opponent, Chad Leger, elected. Then after Garber won the election, the City Marshal suddenly found himself being retroactively held to a higher standard than what was in place when he was elected to the office.

Unfortunately, Brian Pope did not take the accusations of “using his elected office for political promotion” very seriously. This is Louisiana where the Good Ol Boys run for office on favors and a handshake- everyone believes that rules are only recommendations, they are not hard requirements that have to be followed.

The DA office chose to prosecute Brian Pope, however, they didn’t enforce the rule against any other politician. Now, the Prosecutors are saying that Brian lied under oath and have charged him with perjury. It doesn’t reflect well on the Louisiana Justice system when they single out only one transgressor of a rule that has always been ignored before the 2015 Sheriff’s election. As I mentioned, I don’t think Brian Pope would be in the mess he’s in today if Chad Leger had won the sheriff’s election instead of Mark Garber.

The same goes for Sheriff Mark Garber’s ex-wife, Rachel. I believe that she would not be in the Hell she finds herself in today if Mark had lost the election. Instead, Rachel became one more victim of Mark’s judicial abuse the minute that she filed for divorce. As soon as she filed, the Sheriff-elect, Mark Garber, had a petty criminal warrant issued against his wife of twelve years. Then he refused to sign the property settlement with the intention of draining Rachel’s financial resources. After that, Mark Garber’s Family, et. al., attacked Rachel with nothing short of an evil vengeance. They sued Rachel for the monetary value of every gift they had ever given her during her twelve year marriage to the Sheriff.

In their lawsuit against Rachel, the Garber Family et al named my website as the justification for their revenge. They were specifically upset with LEO Theater Act Two which spelled out Mark Garber’s atrocious family value system. The Garber Family wanted to punish Rachel for telling the truth, and they were mostly angry at her for telling the Truth to me, Dawn Marcelle.

Ok. Allow me to clear up a big misconception for the Garber Family et al. A whole year before I spoke to Rachel, months before the Sheriff election, I had interviewed every single one of Garber’s election opponents. I also spoke to campaign managers and dozens of citizens supporting (or not) each of the candidates.

Let me assure all of you of one thing:

Mark Garber’s tangled life of mistresses and manipulation was absolutely no secret among the lawyers and LEO’s of Lafayette. I didn’t speak to Rachel until a whole year AFTER the election and she didn’t surprise me with any revelations regarding Mark’s (lack of) family values. Rachel certainly never spoke ill words regarding the Garber Family. In fact, when I called her in 2016, she was looking forward to spending Thanksgiving at the Garber’s home. She told me that everyone was being very gracious and that gave her peace of mind.  

I can’t even tell you how many people begged me to write about Mark Garber’s personal life before the Sheriff’s election or else he’d have to start firing deputies. But, HEY, from a distance it appeared that Mark and Rachel were two adults with a mutual agreement. Therefore, when I wrote the chapter ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’ in 2015, I respected the boundaries and let Mark Garber smell like a rose.

Of course, a year later, after Rachel filed for divorce, the Sheriff (Elect) was enforcing every ounce of judicial abuse he could muster against the mother of his children, and so, I crossed the line and called his ex-wife, Rachel. She didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know and

Today LEO Theater Act is heavily redacted in effort to preserve some dignity for the Garber Family, et. al.

Why would I do that?

Because although Mark Garber is a derelict of a father and husband, he is an awesome politician. The raw truth that I redacted from Act Two could have easily become hazardous for the people who were named in that chapter when Mark Garber becomes the Attorney General of Louisiana. The entire Garber Family is hyper focused on Mark’s goal to become the AG and, as I mentioned, Mark is an awesome politician. I believe that one day he truly will achieve his political goals.

In fact, Garber knows that a second term as Sheriff is a slam dunk for him in 2019, yet he has said in private that he will run for District of Attorney in 2020 ~ which is the natural stepping stone to becoming Attorney General. Mark has a very good chance of winning a DA race because I don’t believe that Keith Stutes wants a second term. After all, Keith has gone above and beyond his duties as a career long public servant and I just can’t help but believe he would gladly hand the DA’s office over to a bronze star, secret service agent, prosecuting attorney ~ like Sheriff Mark Garber.

What worries me about this scenario is Mark Garber’s fragile ego and penchant for revenge. Remember his campaign slogan? “I’ll protect your family like I protect my own!” That is a scary slogan when you realize the judicial abuse and financial crisis that Mark Garber inflicted on his wife and children.  After putting up with two and half years of judicial abuse, Rachel ended up caving in to Sheriff Mark Garber’s demands because she couldn’t continue to pay for her attorneys. (Note: When I tried contacting Rachel regarding this chapter she would only say: THANK YOU, NO COMMENT)

This form of judicial abuse is just the way it is in Louisiana. Attorney’s involved with this chapter tell me that cops do it all of the time and they get away with it.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Beginning on November 13, 2016, I spent eight months chatting with Todd Travasos but his motive for conversing with me kept evolving. Remember, he started out by asking me to write a smear article against Brigette, his ex-wife, and his step-son Erik and Couvillon’s Stool, Donnell. He must have noticed my lack of interest because he ramped up the drama by informing me that the “biggest drug bust in history” was about to go down in Vermilion Parish. That was in January, 2017, and according to Todd, the entire bust was credited to the excellent detective work done by Mrs Sheriff, Sonya Lewis Couvillon. When I still wasn’t impressed, Todd took the conversation in a new direction by informing me that his relatives were all “RETIRED FROM THE MAFIA”. That one really cracked me up. And then finally, Todd Travasos admitted that he wanted to run for City Council in Abbeville and he hoped my chapter would make him famous before the election.

Among the many stories, fabrications and delusions that Travasos shared with me, one of them was a legend that had been told in the Abbeville rumor mill for decades and Told insisted it was true. Back in the day Todd’s cousin, Peter Russo, was the fall guy who was sent to prison after a barge load full of diesel soaked cocaine was abandoned on the Vermilion River.  According to Todd, his mafioso (Russo) cousins also stuffed millions of dollars in cash and diamonds inside a coffin and then dropped it off on the bank of the river in front of Todd’s place. Todd told me he buried the coffin for safe keeping but then a flood rose the water table and pushed the coffin back above the surface of the ground after the storm blew over a tree. Todd tells me that the “local law enforcement” provided protection while he moved millions of dollars in dirty cash and diamonds from the coffin to a safe that was encased in the foundation of a hurricane proof pool house. Todd tried to implicate his cousin Mark Piazza, the mayor of Abbeville, as the person who had a safe under his pool house. Then Todd also told me that the original coffin is still buried on his Farm on the river and he was expecting another coffin load of dirty cash and diamonds any day. Todd was looking forward to spending quality time in the casinos while he laundered his dirty money.

While bragging about his retired Mafia relatives, Todd explained that when his Mommy became the sole survivor of the Russo family Farm, she changed the deed to Todd’s favor and that really pissed off his cousin Koochie. The original deed said the property would be split between 17 cousins but Mommy Russo Travasos had other plans and altered the land deed so that Todd, her only child, would receive HALF of the Russo family land and the other half could be split between the remaining 17 cousins, including Koochie. Then to prove that he was telling the truth, Todd sent me a copy of the Russo Family Farm land deed which listed the names of all 17 of his cousins. If you know me at all, you can guess what I did with that information.

As the Spring of 2017 evolved, Todd Travasos finally got married to a beautiful and gracious woman named Leann. Everyone who had to deal with Todd and his love life dramas were hoping he had finally gotten a grip of himself and was ready to settle down. But, tragically, Todd was still hell bent on destroying his ex-wife Brigette and he was getting irritated with me because I hadn’t written anything to make him famous.

In May, 2017, Brigette was due in court after breaking her restraining order. Her crime was that she typed the name TODD in a reply to a facebook post. The Honorable Gale Luquette had already given her a ten day suspended sentence for a previous infraction and Brigette was expecting to be sent to jail by the time court was over.

Todd Travasos had a local attorney named Gabe Duhon represent him in court while Brigette had no attorney at all. This is when I had enough of Todd Travasos’ entitlement disorder and decided to send evidence to the court that proved Todd had been breaking his restraining order for seven months. Brigette may have typed the name TODD online but Todd had been doing all he could to convince me to write an entire smear chapter on Brigette. Plus, Todd admitted that he knew he wasn’t allowed to go to a third party.

In my efforts to help blind justice, I was told that the Honorable Gale Luquette would not accept any evidence from me unless I had it printed, notarized and faxed to the Abbeville Police Department from my own local Police station in Mukilteo. When I told the officer at the Mukilteo Police station what I was told to do, he looked at me like I was an idiot. Officer Mukilteo listened to me while shaking his head NO, “That’s not the way we do that” i.e. [that’s not the way professionals communicate between out of state Police officers]

Officer Mukilteo offered to make the fax to Abbeville but I said, “No. Thank you. The Abbeville Police Department has already wasted enough of our time”, and then I apologized to Mukilteo for the lack of professionalism in Louisiana law enforcement.

When I left the Mukilteo police station I drove straight to my UPS Store with the intention to send a fax to Chief Hardy and his goons in Abbeville. First I downloaded the attachments so that the UPS Manager could proof it – you understand – the fax had to be proofed to make sure I wasn’t a terrorist or extorting anyone. The UPS Store manager came down stairs and I had to explain that I had just come from the Mukilteo Police station. After the manager confirmed my story with Officer Mukilteo – he quickly notarized the documents and faxed them to the APD.

About thirty minutes later I was back at my office and received a text from Todd’s step son, Erik. Erik told me that the APD was at his house and the officers told him that I had chickened out at the Mukilteo Police station and didn’t fax anything to the APD. I replied to Erik’s text and explained to him that I had a UPS receipt that proved the APD received my fax. Given that information, Tony Hardy’s officers suddenly excused themselves and left Erik’s property in a big hurry.

Meanwhile, Todd had been chatting up a storm and told me that his Mafia cousins needed to speak with him most urgently. Todd told me they were preparing to make another cash and diamonds transfer to the coffin, but first, they needed to meet with Todd  and speak to him about a dangerous security breach. What Todd didn’t know is that I had been calling his cousins that were listed on the land deed. Todd told me that the Mafia was sending a body guard to the Abbeville Court House to watch his back. Then Todd confided in me that his Mafioso protector was planning to meet him at ‘The Farm’ after Brigette got thrown in jail.

I told Todd to make sure he was dropped off in front of the courthouse and then he should run zig-zag until he was safe inside just in case any snipers were waiting for him. Todd assured me that he and his “intelligence” had already practiced evasion tactics for his courthouse appearance.

On the that same day I heard from Brigette who told me she was in contact with the FBI. Apparently Brigette wanted to enter the federal protection program to be safe from Todd Travasos and his Mafioso connections.

Plus I heard from Mike Hardy’s business partner at Ray Chevrolet, Don Domingue. He did his best to distract me with his ridiculous reasons for why he also felt that he needed to enter a federal protection program.

For crying out loud. In the spring of 2017 every bat shit crazy person in Vermilion Parish thought they needed protection. When I sent the fax to the APD I told them I didn’t care what they did with the evidence - the cover letter went like this:

Notice: 5/26/2017

To:  Whom it concerns


Abbeville Police Department

304 Charity St

Abbeville LA 70510


My name is Dawn Marcelle and I give my permission to use the following evidence to achieve the best outcome for the most people involved. Copied below are just a few screen shots showing an online conversation between myself and Mr Todd Travasos. I’ve done my best to capture enough of the conversation to protect the context of the discussion. If any further part of these discussions can be helpful for determining intent, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Dawn Marcelle

I really am not sure what happened at the courthouse that day except that Brigette didn’t go to jail and Todd refused to shut up. He insisted to continue chatting at me even after he found out about the fax that I sent to APD. At the same time, Todd’s cousins, the Russo’s, were whispering in my other ear.

Todd continued to blab at me until July 31, 2017

Todd Travasos 9:18am – facebook messenger

I have been told by my intelligence and seen with my own eyes the bullshit that you have been sending to people. Some has ended up in the wrong hands so do not contact me again by any means including third parties. I mean it.

August, 2017, six months after Brian Pope had put a stop to the threats against me, they erupted again like a volcano. In response to the harassment, I published two more chapters under-ground where I spelled out exactly what it was that Rodi traded to the Saudi Royals in 2001. I even explained where it came from and who was involved in the manufacturing.

Immediately, I was thrown into a deafening silence. The radar went dark – even the spooks who had been tailing me were doing their best to remain invisible. Todd Travasos started selling diamonds on facebook again and taking trips to the casino. Plus my website was being crawled by users in Sicily, Italy and Zurich, Switzerland.

Hmmmm. Maybe Todd really did get a new supply of dirty cash and diamonds for his coffin on the farm, just like he said he was going to do.

The only thing I walked away with when I walked away from Todd Travasos was one more experience in my life that proves Vermilion Parish is full of mobsters, dirty cops and a courthouse that specializes in judicial harassment. Perhaps you are starting to understand why I believe Todd Travasos could be the best city councilman in the history of Abbeville.

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Short Cuts:

Rolling on the River: Part One   8/2018 Believe me, it was never my plan to include any of Todd Travasos' drama in my Story but that all changed after the Abbeville Police Department arrested him on his birthday, October 26, 2016.

Rolling on the River: Part Two   8/2018To be honest, I really was in a bind after Chief Hardy completely ignored Troy’s threats of terror. Here I was, 2200 miles away with the name and address of a self-proclaimed Cajun Terrorist with NOBODY to report to.

 Rolling on the River: Part Three   8/2018Honest question here: What do you think Brian Pope would be doing today if Chad Leger had won the 2015 sheriff election instead of Mark Garber? The answer is a simple one and it says a lot about what these Grand Jury indictments are made of. (Would you like fries with that ham sandwich?)

Rolling on the River: Part Four   8/2018 The jury found Pope completely innocent of that exaggerated charge, too, and then gave a collective eye-roll toward the prosecution, like, give us a break.

Choose your Truth: Episode One   5/2019 After Police Chief Tony Hardy threatened the whistle blowers I was forced to put the Primeaux chapter on ice until the dirty cops in Abbeville settled down.  I didn’t mention the name Primeaux to one single person until August, 2018.

Choose your Truth: Episode Two   5/2019 That day, when Johnny showed up ten minutes late to his pre-trial hearing, the 15th JDC was $800 thousand in the red and they had to lay off half of their public defenders.  “We are going to be in a situation that I think will be near catastrophic,” said DA Stutes. "Justice delayed is justice denied."

Choose your Truth: Episode Three   5/2019 They were tripping on some really good heroin when they left the motel. Dereck called and told them to pick up some bleach on their way home from McDonalds. When they returned to the trailer, Tyler was gone.