Rollin’ on the River

Part Four


Considering the number of distractions that have been thrown at me since I published Part One of this chapter, I’ve got a strong feeling that the dirty Cajun LEOs are moderately furious with me. They can’t figure out how an outsider like me, who lives 2200 miles away, can have access to intimate details surrounding their paranoid Cajun clans. Those dirty LEOs in Louisiana are so worried about my writings that they had to travel all the way to Auburn, Washington, in effort to recruit a few illiterate informants (trained liars) to attack my credibility. Take my word for it, the illiterates of Auburn gave the most ludicrous display of desperation ever presented in a court of law. As I mentioned, those dirty Cajun LEOs are furious with me right now.

Their problem is that every word on my website is true. Every. Single. Word. It’s not my fault that the Cajun LEOs are incapable of performing their duty with honor. I’m only here to tell it like it is.

Of course, nobody can put all Louisiana LEOs into the same ‘dirty-cop’ category. I can attest honestly that, although I only met one, I have actually met a Louisiana law enforcement officer who chose to do the right thing regardless of how unpopular it was.

That officer’s name is Brian Pope, the City Marshall of Lafayette. Unfortunately, Brian is no longer performing his City Marshall duties after a jury found him guilty on felony charges last week.

The controversy surrounding the City Marshal’s office has been mentioned several times in this chapter. You might remember that the whole drama began after Brian Pope conducted a press conference on immigration while standing behind an official City Marshal podium. The food critic reporter from the IND Newspaper was covering the press conference and he didn’t like it when Pope criticized Mark Garber. During the conference, Pope presented evidence that seemed to imply that Garber was using his law practice to protect illegal immigrants. Garber was campaigning for Sheriff at the time and he was an obvious favorite at the IND Newspaper. At the press conference, Pope also showed a news clip from Honduras that included an interview with Mark Garber. In the interview, Garber was promoting his law office and informed the Hondurans that they could file workers compensation claims against Louisiana employers without having to fear being deported out of the US. After the press conference concluded, the IND food critic reporter filed a public records request and then - -  Brian Pope was indicted after Mark Garber won the sheriff’s election.

After three years of waiting for the trial, a jury found Brian Pope completely innocent on the charge of malfeasance regarding that press conference where he criticized Mark Garber. Remember, this is the same press conference which started the whole IND Newspaper fiasco which resulted in Brian Pope’s indictments.

It’s easy to imagine Mark Garber falling into a panic after he saw that Honduran news footage being made public in Lafayette. It isn’t exactly common knowledge but a lot people recognized the woman standing beside Mark in the newsclip as one of his many, many, many mistresses. I can just imagine Garber watching that footage on KATC and steeling himself for the chance to exact his revenge on Brian Pope.

The jury did end up finding Brian Pope guilty on a separate charge of malfeasance for his part in a group effort to get Mark Garber’s divorce records unsealed. That’s another fact that isn’t commonly known, but before Garber began his campaign his wife, Rachel, had filed for divorce after reaching her wits end with Mark and his infidelity addiction. Rachel later reconsidered as she was hoping to save their marriage and the divorce records were then sealed before the campaign started.

There were numerous rumors regarding the contents of that divorce record all throughout the Sheriff election. Mark Garber’s adulterous reputation was no secret among the lawyers and LEO’s of Lafayette. Garber left the DA’s office, made up with his wife and then ran for Sheriff. There were rumors that a video existed of Garber with one of his ‘lovers’. Some people claimed the video was sealed with the divorce records but I think the rumors were regarding his Honduran tryst that was caught on TV cameras.

After Garber became the Sheriff of Lafayette Parish, his wife filed for divorce again and then, as I mentioned, Brian Pope was indicted.

The jury also found Pope guilty of malfeasance for hiring an attorney to represent his employees inside the City Marshal’s office. The prosecutor, Alan Haney, made the following statement to the jury:

“Brian Pope did not follow the rules of court, and the public paid $10,000 for his decision. Are we going to say that money doesn’t belong to you [the taxpayers]? We cannot let this stand. The public’s money is precious. That money should not be misused.” – Alan Haney, ADA 15th JDC

That declaration is particularly glaring considering the amount of money that the District Attorneys office spent while prosecuting the City Marshal on charges that were clearly blown out of proportion. Thankfully, the jury recognized the pettiness of the charge. Next, Haney tried to argue that Brian Pope illegally misused taxpayer funds by asking an office employee for her opinion on the color of text on a campaign flyer.  C’mon. The jury found Pope completely innocent of the charge and gave a collective eye-roll toward the prosecution, like, give us a break.

By the end of jury deliberations, Brian Pope was found guilty on four petty felony counts. This means that Brian Pope can no longer act with authority in his capacity as the Lafayette City Marshall. I don’t mean to be selfish but, this really puts me in a bind. Brian Pope is the only LEO in Louisiana who will do the right thing no matter how inconvenient it is. From my perspective, there are no good cops left in Louisiana anymore.

Then again, most Cajuns have an enormous appreciation for LEOs who are willing to play favorites with the law and agree to look the other way when ordered to. The DA, Keith Stutes, he won’t let Sheriff Couvillon fix tickets anymore but that won’t stop Cooyan from giving Donnell a ride home from the crash site before a Trooper can arrive and arrest her on another DUI.

To quote Donnell’s favorite line, “It isn’t WHAT you know - it’s WHO you know that matters!!! lololol!!!!”

Those are the qualities that Cajuns vote for and it works well for them. If you’re going to live in a town that hosts black ops, then you will need LEO’s and politicians who have the ability to ignore inconvenient truths. If you ask me, this is exactly why Todd Travasos could become the best city councilman in the history of Abbeville.

I am totally serious. Todd loves his illusion of power but he craves public adoration more than anything else. Abbeville is a land where favors are the Law and Todd is good at it, he would probably be the most creative representative on the Council when it comes to bending rules and doing favors. Sure, Todd has his dramas but who cares? If he ever gets his big toe fixed, he just might hire his wife with the PHD as a campaign manager and get busy. Ya know, it’s funny, but no matter how ridiculous that guy can be, it only seems to make people love him even more. Todd Travasos – could be the best city councilman in the history of Abbeville if he wanted to.

On another note, Sheriff Couvillon was in court recently while he defended himself from accusations of discrimination in the Williams vs Couvillon affair. This case began after Deputy Martin Renee Williams missed the deadline for her annual firearm certification. Every Deputy in the VPSO can get an extra $500 a month if they become certified with a firearm, even if a firearm is not a required to perform their job. A dispatcher can qualify for the $500 monthly supplement if they want to.

Deputy Williams was six months pregnant with twins when she missed her annual firearm certification deadline. She is a single mother and already had one child at home when Sheriff Couvillon took away her supplemental pay of $500 a month. In other instances, like with Deputy Marcus Abshire, Sheriff Couvillon allowed deputies to continue collecting supplemental pay after missing the certification deadline as long as they were regularly practicing for the test. People involved with this case believe that the Sheriff was being extra hard on Williams due to her personal association with Stan Suire, an officer in the Abbeville police department. Numerous allegations were tossed around while Williams prepared for her case against the Sheriff but when it was time for trial she moved forward with only one accusation of Discrimination.

The court found that Sheriff Couvillon was innocent of any and all accusations of discrimination coming from Deputy Williams. No surprises there.  But does anyone know what Sammy Laporte was arrested for when he was in MCCuthcheon, North Carolina? Sammy had four criminal charges levied against him but the details around his arrest are blacked out on the report. Feel free to give me a shout if you’re in the know.

And by the way, Stan Suire tells me that he personally trained Deputy Sammy Laporte when Sammy started working at the VPSO - - -  Hey Stan, I should come down there and kick your ass just for that.

The Chief of Police election in the village of Maurice is less than a month away and Guy Nerrin is still leading in the polls. It appears that Kelly Broussard is more popular outside of Maurice than she is in her own hometown. Polls show her getting all of the Hardy Boy votes and maybe a few more. Neil Arsement has even fewer votes than Kelly according to the poll. With the election right around the corner it would appear that the next police chief in Maurice will be Guy Nerren, the Vermilion Deputy in charge of Rodi Power Security and one more Cajun friend of Bob Clayton’s.

Back in the day, Bob and I spent hours hanging out on our back porch in Abbeville and Guy Nerren was often in attendance. Where Rodi Power Systems is concerned, I truly believe that Guy had no idea what was happening right under his nose. He’s a good Ol Boy Cajun cop who will do as he is told – no questions asked. In fact, as I think about it, I believe Bob Clayton is almost as clueless as Guy. However, Bob exudes an evil cruelty while Guy Nerren doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

Flashback: It was May, 2001, Bob and I were living in Abbeville when I opened the server firewall at Rodi Power Systems. That move subjected the whole Rodi database to a hostile takeover. A few days later, Bob Clayton quite literally abandoned me in Abbeville. It took him less than 30 minutes to pack his bags and make a run for the airport. His explanation was that he wanted to go back to Seattle to spend time with our daughter before she moved to Pensacola.

Hmmmmm, our daughter was due to move to Pensacola within a few days and Pensacola is only a day’s drive from Abbeville. In fact, she was already living in Pensacola before I escaped from the dire consequences that come from crossing the MOB in Vermilion. Well, I didn’t really escape from the MOB but I did make it beyond the reach of Louisiana Law Enforcement goons.

Where the MOB is concerned, you know how it goes, the MOB gets even. They will come after you, they will come after your children, they come after your friends, they will even come after the dog if that’s what it takes to make an enemy miserable. The MOB will rarely saunter into a restaurant and kill everyone at the table anymore. It’s much more satisfying for the powerful creeps if they can watch their enemy suffer.

Yep. The powerful creep named Bob Clayton has a deep understanding of how MOB revenge works. And as the mother of his children, I am revolted by his choice to use our kids as pawns inside his wicked Louisiana world. The details surrounding Bob Clayton’s pathetic fatherly existence do not belong in this chapter.

But HEY Bob- you definitely will not want to miss the next one:

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Short Cuts:

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 Rolling on the River: Part Three   8/2018Honest question here: What do you think Brian Pope would be doing today if Chad Leger had won the 2015 sheriff election instead of Mark Garber? The answer is a simple one and it says a lot about what these Grand Jury indictments are made of. (Would you like fries with that ham sandwich?)

Rolling on the River: Part Four   8/2018 The jury found Pope completely innocent of that exaggerated charge, too, and then gave a collective eye-roll toward the prosecution, like, give us a break.

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Choose your Truth: Episode Three   5/2019 They were tripping on some really good heroin when they left the motel. Dereck called and told them to pick up some bleach on their way home from McDonalds. When they returned to the trailer, Tyler was gone.