August 2015


Byron Spain was the CEO of Rodi Power Systems.  He lived in Maple Valley, Washington, for about 30 years before he moved to Abbeville, Louisiana in 2000. Byron was in Abbeville less than a year when Rodi Power cashed out to the insider trading ring. Then, Byron Spain moved to San Antonio, Texas, and bragged about his huge accomplishments. Professor Byron Spain, the PHD Rocket Scientist…actually, he only had a wall full of phony degrees that he bought out of a mill in Spokane with the help of Norm Crosswhite. But Byron liked to brag that those phony PHD’s were for real. He even tried to take credit for inventing the “black box” used in aviation. I think it was in 2003 when the city of San Antonio presented Byron Spain with their annual “LIGHT BULB AWARD” ~ “to honor his great accomplishments and contributions to mankind.” Specifically, for his “black box” invention. Wow. Is it really that easy to be a con artist? How embarrassing for San Antonio.

Sue Spain was the Secretary of Rodi Power Systems until her daughter took over that position. Sue is the loving wife of the Rodi President, Byron Spain. She had a habit of pulling me from my office to help her serve pretty cake to the Rodi investors when they came to town. Her daughter took over as Rodi Power secretary after Sue resigned to become an easy member of the board. Also on the Rodi board of directors was Sue Spain’s sister-in-law, Madelynn Mays, of Conroe, Texas.

Madelynn Mays: was on the Rodi board of directors while working as the Vice President for Pro Bank in Conroe, Texas. Madelynn was an aggressive promoter of Rodi Power systems when her bank customers were looking for potential investments. Madelynn Mays is married to Sue Spain’s brother, John Mays.

John Mays: was the manager of the Montgomery County Municipal Airport just outside of Houston and was a short drive from Enron headquarters. It should be noted that Rodi headquarters in Louisiana had an adjoining gate with the Chris Crusta Memorial Airport in Abbeville. Take another note ~ Deputy Roland Peltier of the VPSO was the President of the Abbeville Chris Crusta airport at that same time that John Mays was managing the airport in Montgomery. John Mays is the brother of Sue Spain and he is married to Madelynn Mays.

Stephen Peltier became the Police Chief of Erath, Louisiana, after Rodi Power Systems cashed out. He hired his wife as an officer to help patrol the town. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Stephen was in his first term as Chief when his big brother, Deputy Roland Peltier, was indicted on racketeering charges…and securities fraud…and…I think Stephen was with Roland when Roland was arrested for hawking Rodi generators on the side of LA-14 after hurricane Rita hit.

Hector Willis was the Mechanic Assistant of Rodi Power Systems in Abbeville Louisiana. His “boss” was Deputy Kevin Fox and they spent a majority of their time just hanging out, telling jokes or pulling pranks. Hector had a beautiful family and was hoping that his position at Rodi Power would be a boon for them.  Hector ended up selling out for $5000 and became a good friend of Bob Clayton. It was Hector Willis on my phone when I answered in January, 2002. Hector’s breathless words were, “I can’t believe what they did to Cliff [Baxter]!!!”

Marcelle Long: was the office secretary at Rodi Power Systems in Abbeville Louisiana. She shared the main office with Byron and Sue Spain, not far from the adjoining gate to the Abbeville Airport grounds. Marcelle said she was a niece of PeeDoo Broussard’s. There were claims made that PeeDoo Broussard was the cousin of Huey P Long and… it’s interesting that ALT Power, a corporation in Texas that was created by Paul Horn, had a business relationship with a person named “NR Long” who was representing the ‘Broussard Brothers in Abbeville, Louisiana. NR Long? NR [PeeDoo] Broussard? Noah Jr wouldn’t use the name ‘Long’, would he?


Marshall DelCambre was the Rodi Power Systems Plant Manager while Rodi was headquartered in Abbeville, Louisiana. Marshall told me that he was PeeDoo (NR) Broussard’s nephew. There were concerns about incest when I learned that Marshall’s sister, Adrienne Delcambre, was dating PeeDoo’s son, Abby Broussard. Wouldn’t Abby be her cousin? The only thing Marshall did at the Rodi Plant was guard the front door and/or otherwise party hardy with Cliff Baxter when he came to town.  

Marcos Lingeanni (lin-sjhonny) was the Rodi Power Physics Scientist, he was a true PHD who moved to Delcambre, Louisiana, from Brazil in 2000. He lived across the street from Marshall Delcambre and had two boys almost the same age as Marshall’s boys. What I remember about Marcos the most was that he was always very nervous, pale and clammy. Always worried, scared… actually, he was terrified at the idea of ever having to return to Brazil. He spent most of his time in close conversation with Paul Horn and Joe Solimon. I don’t know what ever happened to Marcos Lingeanni. The last time I saw him was after the Rodi cash out and he was in a cold sweat while throwing up in his waste basket.

Joe Solimon: was the Chief Engineer for Rodi Power Systems in Abbeville, Louisiana. He was an Egyptian who had experience working with the Fortune 500 Cummins Corporation. Joe didn’t come aboard until early 2001, shortly after Marcos Lingeanni showed up. Paul Horn said that Joe’s Egyptian background would be very valuable when it came to dealing with [Bandar’s] Royal Saudi family. Joe became very aggressive after Marshall caught me in Paul’s empty office when I was copying a “fuel injector” design off of Paul’s white board. Paul ended up calling me into his office later that same day and then he and Joe Solimon grilled me to see if I knew what it was that I saw on the white board.

Leland Fox: was the Rodi Power Systems Technical Expert. Leland performed all the diagnostics for the Rodi engine and fuel injector, he was also the little brother of my room mate, Deputy Kevin Fox. Leland also helped out with CryoFuel Systems in Monroe, Washington while he worked with Dr. John Barclay and Dr. Miro Skrpkowski. It was Leland Fox who spent two days in May, 2001, while he tried to remain under the radar when he was waiting for the machine shop in Texas to finish the subassembly that Rodi was selling to the Saudi’s. Leland did a good job of retrofitting some old suitcases with lead lining and high impact egg crate material to safely pass the sub-assembly to the Royal Saudi’s. Two days after Rodi passed off those suitcases… There was a huge celebration at the Rodi Plant with live music and a ton of food… Nancy Temple was there dancing with Tim Belden while Bob cut the rug with Mrs Sheriff LeMaire.

Mack Charles Gay [Charlie] purchased the Abbeville Rodi Plant in partnership with PeeDoo and Abby Broussard. The Governor, Edwin Edwards was instrumental in the purchase of the old Fruit of the Loom plant. There’s history here: Charlie Gay had built a trucking empire from the ground up and decided to sell it. Charlie had only one heir and that was his son. They were both considering to re-invest their fortune into the Rodi Power illusion. They were in negotiations with Paul Horn and the Broussard’s when Charlies wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This development took a huge emotional toll on both Charlie and his son. It was Charlie’s son who decided they wouldn’t invest in Rodi Power. Within a couple of days after he made that decision, Charlie’s son mysteriously died in his lazy boy chair after a quiet supper. Soon after burying his only child, a tired and haggard Charlie Gay agreed to donate his fortune to the Rodi Power illusion. The Rodi Plant in Abbeville was renamed to the “Charlie Gay Memorial Building” a few years later.

David Jeansonne was the CEO of OMNI Services when Rodi Power was headquartered in Abbeville, Louisiana. OMNI had a contract to supply the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office with fan-boats and other swamp specific vehicles. In early 2001, David Jeansonne was killed when his jet crashed over Intracoastal City. My room-mate, Deputy Kevin Fox, and my neighbor, Deputy Roland Peltier, were both called out to the crash scene. When they returned home in the middle of the night, Roland was bragging about tricking the NTSB. The NTSB couldn’t find the crash site while Roland spent the whole day giving them directions that sent them in circles. While the NTSB was lost, Roland and Kevin drained the crash crater and then planted some crushed beer cans into the wreckage. The next day the crater had filled back up with water and the NTSB was madder than a hornets nest with Roland. There was a lot of drama over the life insurance payout that OMNI had on their CEO, David Jeansonne. When the company restructured their business model to make up for the loss of Jeansonne, NR Broussard showed up on their new board of directors.