May, 2015

look over your shoulder

Dawn Marcelle is my name. There was a time when I thought I was the only one who knew that the CIA was importing cocaine to pay for the black ops that Congress wouldn’t fund. Silly me. That’s just the CIA doing business the way they’ve always done business, brazen enough to use the same routes over and over. When I first met Abby Broussard and his daddy, NR (Peedoo) Broussard, I sure wish I knew then what I know now.

Bob Clayton (Robert A Clayton Jr.):  After making regular deliveries to Rodi for a decade, and knowing all of the employees personally, Bob lied about it. In fact, everyone at Rodi lied about knowing Bob for the first year and a half that I worked for them. I didn’t learn the truth until after my husband, Bob, had quit his job and insisted we move to Abbeville, Louisiana, where he could pretend to retire and live off my paycheck. By then, the ‘set up’ was already in full motion. When I refused to accept the Rodi payoff, Bob abandoned me in Abbeville with the plan that Roland wouldn’t let me leave Louisiana alive.  

Deputy Roland Peltier of the Vermilion Parish Sheriff Office. My first three months in Abbeville, I lived with Roland and his wife, Theresa. Then I moved next door to them where I lived with Bob and Deputy Kevin Fox and Paul Horn for another six months.  Roland wasn’t supposed to let me leave Louisiana, but when I looked him in the eye, he couldn’t bring himself to stop me. Maybe he knew how scared I was when he looked down at his boots, nodded his head then walked away.  A few years after I left Louisiana, Roland was indicted on charges of RACKETEERING, Criminal Conspiracy and Securities Fraud for his participation in a scam he was conducting with Sheriff Raywood LeMaire. Roland was on the Marine Patrol division with Deputy Kevin Fox and Deputy Mike Couvillon.

Sheriff Raywood LeMaire of Vermilion Parish was a frequent visitor to the Rodi Plant which had an adjoining gate to the Abbeville Municipal airport. There was always at least one VPSO deputy patrolling the Rodi grounds. Sheriff LeMaire personally provided transportation from the airport to Rodi Headquarters for important visitors like Ken Lay or Wendy Gramm. In fact, Raywood was at the directors table during the most important part of Rodi negotiations. Peedoo wasn’t there – perhaps Raywood was safely sitting in for him.

Deputy Kevin Fox of the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office: Kevin grew up around Lake Tapps in Washington state. He had a shadowy history that went all the way to Alaska while he made a living as a diesel mechanic. Kevin showed up in Louisiana as a mechanic for Rodi. Six months later he was a member of the Abbeville Mason’s and was made a deputy of the VPSO. A few weeks after that, ENRON cashed out in person at the Rodi Plant, in Abbeville, under protection of the VPSO. A few weeks after the cash out, Kevin left Abbeville. He retired from the VPSO and then disappeared. Deputy Kevin Fox wore a VPSO badge for a total of three months on duty. He was a member of the Marine Patrol division with Deputy Roland Peltier and Deputy Mike Couvillon.

Deputy Michael Couvillon of the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office. To this day, Mike Couvillon is one of the most incompetent and vile employees to come from the VPSO. He has no memory of me, he never paid any attention to me because I was either with Sheriff LeMaire or his henchman, Deputy Roland. I was someone else’s problem back then and just a wall flower, as far as Couvillon was concerned. Deputy Couvillon was a member of the Marine Patrol Division with Deputy Roland Peltier and Deputy Kevin Fox.

Deputy Guy Nerren of Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office. He was the most frequent deputy to patrol the Rodi Head Quarter grounds. Deputy Guy and Deputy Kevin spent a lot of time sitting in lawn chairs while they kept watch on the airport runway. On most days you could find Deputy Roland and Marshall Delcambre and Bob joining them. You understand, the Rodi plant was a very busy diesel engine manufacturing site. Right?

Chief Mike Hardy of the Abbeville Police Department. Chief Mike called me at home in Washington after Rodi accused me of stealing a computer. My words to the Chief were, “You don’t need to come all the way to Washington to catch a criminal. You have plenty of criminals in your own back yard.” Then I never heard from law enforcement again – well…I received plenty of death threats from the VPSO but I didn't get any direct threats from the APD until December, 2016, while Chief Tony Hardy held the office.

Clement Simoneaux: Also known as The Monkey Man, he usually goes by the name Clem. Deputy Roland Peltier introduced me to him. My room-mate, Deputy Kevin Fox, was moonlighting as a bouncer for Clem at his bar on Hiway 14 called The Oakes. [don't miss The Scarlet Letter] Deputy Roland told me that Clem was a DEA agent and Clem flashed his badge to prove it. Apparently Clem lived in the camping trailer where he kept a pet monkey behind The Oakes. If you asked Roland, it was the monkey who sold drugs from the camping trailer. Sherry Forrestier also worked at The Oakes, but she worked for Sheriff LeMaire. Shary had the job to get a guy drunk, then coaxe him to her bed while Clem took pictures. Those pictures were given to Raywood LeMaire and he used them for black mail. Obviously, Clem had a deviant character, but his history with the Chop Shop Boss….Clem knows who murdered Anita Touchet in 1979. And the VPSO knows he knows.

Mike Harson  DA 15th JDC in Lafayette, Louisiana (removed from office in 2014). Mike Harson was the District Attorney while Rodi was in town and Sheriff LeMaire was a huge Harson fan. Between the jail racket and bondsman scams, they had the justice system rigged to their advantage. Some things just never change in Vermilion. I’ve often wondered if the reason LeMaire wasn’t indicted for racketeering along with Roland was because of his close relationship with the district attorney, Harson. Everyone knows how Justice is bought and sold, traded and manipulated by the Good Ol’ Boyz in the 15th. (We are on to you, Judge David Blanchet)

Keith Stutes, District Attorney 15th JDC, November 5th, 2014~ quote: “We’re going to vest a lot of energy in restoring law enforcement’s credibility here and in ensuring everyone gets justice in every case.” ----Nuff said.

Kermit Bouillion, attorney at law for Rodi Power Systems. Kermit is a big promoter of Cajun heritage and was even able to use grant money to relocate an old cypress cabin onto the shore of Lake Peigneur. It was a beautiful place, available to all Rodi employees and their families. Being a Rodi employee had all kinds of perks.

D L Menard, Louisiana Music Hall of Fame – Cajun through and through. DL has always been true to his heritage where people are quick to laugh, they appreciate simplicity and generally don’t give a damn about what other people think. Many all over the world could only dream of hanging out on their own back porch with DL and his guitar. And I’ll tell you what, that was my biggest pleasure in Louisiana… to have DL on my back porch, in person, singing ‘The Back Door’ and “Jole Blon” over a laid back crawfish boil. And then I realized that DL was only on my back porch because the Sheriff told him to perform for us Rodi Yankees. DL wasn’t there because he wanted to be there. And yes, with all the Cajun love in Vermilion, I was the one who paid for the suit that he picked out for Luella’s funeral.

NR (PeeDoo) Broussard: a nice old man I met in Puyallup, Washington, along with his son Abby. PeeDoo and Abby pretended to be in Puyallup to accomplish good works. Today, we know they came to Puyallup with a hidden and devious agenda. If only I had known about PeeDoo’s fifty year history with trafficking contraband through Honduras. He wouldn’t have looked like such a nice old man to me in 1999.

Abby Broussard, is a silver spoon kid that came to Puyallup with his dad, PeeDoo, in 1999. Abby was supposedly considering investing in Rodi Power Systems but all he wanted to talk about was the fishing trip to Alaska. Again, I wish I had known about Abby’s history with federal level scam artists. It wasn’t until the year 2011 when one of his fishing partners gave me a picture taken in 2005. It was a pic of Abby standing beside Jim Harvey – on the dock at Treetops Lodge in Thorne Bay, Alaska. All of them showing off their fresh Alaskan catch of halibut. Mike Gustin passed around shots of Patron in celebration. Yeah, THAT Mike Gustin.

Mike Gustin – business partners with CIA Mentor and Top 10 Forbes lister, John Paul de Joria. Yeah. THAT John Paul …or, “JP” is what Gustin and Abby call him. Gustin and JP filed a lawsuit against Prince Bandar the same month that my first book was published. Mike Gustin, who is a Rodi investor, was making the same allegations against Bandar that I was making in my book. Except Gustin took it a step further and included Adnan Kashoggi, a well known international arms and weapon’s trader. He also has close ties to Abby Broussard and Abby’s Circle B Exploration Company involving Empiric Energy which was represented by Clyde E Skeen. Clyde is an important man in the Space and Defense sectors. It’s noteworthy to point out that Mike Gustin’s sister is Congresswoman Kay Granger of Texas. She is currently the Chairperson for State and Foreign Op Appropriations as well as Vice Chair for Defense Appropriations. The following statement is copied from her website: “The Defense Subcommittee ensures [that we have] the resources [needed] to ensure our defense supremacy in the world.” (Even if her brother, Mike Gustin, has to import cocaine to pay for it, right?)

Dick Kinder: President of ENRON until 1996. A lot of things were set up in 1996. One of those things is when Dick Kinder and Bill Morgan made a deal with their college pal, Ken Lay. Dick agreed to retire from ENRON and as a parting gift Ken helped Bill and Dick build a new empire called “Kinder Morgan”. ENRON sold Kinder and Morgan all of ENRON’s natural gas pipelines at the garage sale price of $40 million. Ten years later, Dick Kinder was worth more than 15 billion dollars. Early in my Louisiana career, I was sitting in my Abbeville office when Dick Kinder simply walked in one day and said hello. My office was isolated, 100 meters from the main office and when someone “dropped in” it was unsuspecting. Dick Kinder was one of the nicest men I met during my Abbeville Rodi experience. He really was. It was always a pleasure every time he dropped in and he dropped in quite a few times. I wrote a chapter called Erath, Erath Louisiana. I get it. I’m out of your league and I never belonged there. Thanks for trying to warn me.

Sherron Watkins, VP of ENRON also came to the Rodi plant in Abbeville. I want to thank her, too.

Merrill Matlovich, x-CIA Agent. Merrill was in charge of the Rodi web site which was a key ingredient to supporting the front that pretended to build diesel engines. He also administered the Molectrol web site, which pretended to build fuel injectors.  Merrill is one more Rodi Man who built his career in the Space and Defense sectors but his true passion is voyeurism. Check out the history of iCam Productions where Merrill applied for a top internet domain that he wanted to call @dotsex. Merrill wants to turn DotSex into an adult erotica website “for promoting the fields of soft-core and hard-core pornographic photography by providing a website at which members can link to the Web…”. Merrill advertised voyeurism to entice his clients to invest and @DotSex had an overwhelming response. Sounds like something Bedrock would be into.

Floyd Saunders: Rodi Salesman/Pretend Bookeeper. Floyd worked from Puyallup distributing generators in the NW while working closely with Tommy Cormier of The Broussard Brothers Dock in Louisiana, who was distributing in the SE. Together they played a nutshell game with generator sets as a means to support one more Rodi front. The gen-sets were just one way to launder money, and Floyd had several fronts on the side. His most lucrative black market profits were laundered through his custom auto shop. We see it all over, people bring their hotrod into the shop for some new rims or a paint job. Then the shop breaks out the welders and get to work under the back seat. What kind of exterior paint job requires welding work on the interior?

Norm Crosswhite: One of the original Rodi employees alongside Jon Garza. Norm was a close friend of Merill Matlovich. His father in law was a powerful state trooper and several times we’d entertain Troopers inside Rodi Puyallup head quarters. Norm pretended to be a machinist for the Rodi front company. What he really spent his time doing was managing the shipments, pickups and deliveries of Rodi Power Phony Generators with Tommy Cormier and Floyd Saunders. My husband, Bob, claimed to be one of the truck drivers making their deliveries. Together, they delivered Rodi Phony generators from Louisiana, then across Texas to California, and up the west coast to British Columbia then all the way to Alaska. Norm despised me. The feeling was mutual.

Gil Kerlikowske ~ Chief of Police Seattle Washington - Chief Kerlikowske became President Obama’s drug Czar after he busted what police described as a tightly organized Honduran drug-dealing operation. As officers investigated, they learned that well-organized Honduran drug dealers have been plaguing other West Coast cities, including San Francisco, Portland and Vancouver, B.C. But, said Capt. Brown, police have to deal with it locally, dealer by dealer, street by street and neighborhood by neighborhood. The goal, Brown said, is usually to “move it, disrupt it or dismantle it. In this case, we want to break it.”

Ray Leonard, The Wall Street Wolf of Rodi Power Systems. Understand, Rodi was merely a front company that was used to support a hidden agenda. It was Ray Leonard’s job to turn the Rodi front into a pump and dump scam. The hidden agenda was to have the Rodi front company go out of business as soon as they wrapped up their ENRON scam. The accountant who worked for Ray was Nancy Temple who managed to stay outta jail by pleading the fifth. At the beginning of 2014, Ray Leonard sent me an email and asked me to call him. He had recently been released from prison and wanted me to know that he absolutely LOVED my Story and he hoped I had no hard feelings toward him.

Nancy Temple, best known for her role in the ENRON crisis when she told her office at Arthur Andersen to shred all of the ENRON documents. Arthur Andersen went ape shit and destroyed the entire office. Nancy Temple was Ray Leonard’s pump and dump accountant at Rodi Power System. In fact, it was Nancy, who offered to set up my account in the Cayman Islands and then she promised to have my Rodi payoff wired to that account. There is a good video that shows Nancy snuggling up to Tim on the dance floor while Bob is cutting the rug with Mrs LeMaire. Paul Horn is watching. Another pic shows me and Cliff Baxter off to the side, engrossed in serious discussion.

Cliff Baxter: ENRON executive, Cliff usually flew into the Abbeville Chris Crusta airport with Ken Lay but he didn’t hang out with the suits much when he was in Abbeville. Cliff always came to town ready to party and he usually partied with Marshall Delcambre, the Rodi Plant Manager. Sometimes Abby Broussard would join them at the titty bars in Lafayette. More than once, Marshall and Cliff showed up the next morning drunk as skunks and bragging about their escapades. When they were sober, Marshall and Cliff would hang out on the lawn chairs with Deputy Fox and Deputy Guy and, of course, Bob. After agreeing to testify before Congress regarding his knowledge and evidence of the ENRON crisis… Cliff Baxter was found drugged with a bullet in his head. He was found dead, up the road from his home, inside his Mercede’s with the doors locked. And his blood was found on the outside of his car. It was called a suicide. The last time I talked to Cliff Baxter he was deep in thought and when I asked if everything was ok, Cliff looked me right in the eye and asked, “What would you do if you were asked to go against your country?”

Randy Paul: Convinced many of his friends and family to invest with him in Rodi Power Systems. They used an investment broker named Larry Bradford who worked in tandem with Ray Leonard. Randy, with his friends and Family, came to Abbeville for the Rodi share holders meeting in the spring of 2001. After the meeting they were all invited to a party at Abby Broussard’s house. At the party, some accusations of a Rodi scam were tossed around. That’s when Randy says the Sheriff of Vermilion warned him to “BE CAREFUL”. Sheriff LeMair told Randy “You’re in Louisiana now; we have our own ways down here”. Randy tells me that “it got real ugly”….threats were made from both sides. Sure enough, the inside traders stole all of Randy’s investments and so he sued the entire Rodi Board of Directors in Madison, Wisconsin. It would have been a slam dunk case except for one thing: Rodi’s President, Paul A Horn, hired an entire team of retired Wisconsin Judges to represent Rodi Power in the case. The State of Wisconsin set a new precedent where Rodi was concerned. The Judge presiding over the case handed down his order but Rodi simply ignored it. This refusal should have afforded Randy Paul a WIN in court…..but not in Wisconsin. The Rodi Power Scam Team made Wisconsin History when the case was thrown out of court. You should understand by now, there is an exception to Justice where Rodi Power Systems is concerned. That’s why Rodi had to cash out in Lousiana. Case closed.

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