OBJECTION: [Speculation]

Published September 8, 2019

The five friends jumped in the car and went out together to pick up some meth for the weekend. After spending hours getting high with their dope supplier, the guy passed out in his chair. When the supplier woke up, he was all alone and found that his stash box was missing along with a thousand dollars worth of methamphetamine. Subsequently, a string of revenge robberies rippled through the drug supply chain in and around Vermilion Parish.

2013: Cody Fell met up with Jamie for a deal that went bad and in the process a gun fight broke out and several shots were fired between them. The cops investigated the incident and after Cody Fell agreed to testify, they threw Jamie in jail.  The assistant district attorney who was prosecuting Jaimie was Jay Prather but the charges had to be dropped after Cody Fell was murdered.

2014: All three friends were getting ready to dish up a plate of rice and gumbo when two men - dressed head to toe in black ninja suits - busted in through the front door with weapons aimed and ready to shoot. The short ninja took Shawn at gunpoint and lead him into the back room where he proceeded to pistol whip him while demanding money. The tall ninja remained in the living room and kept his gun trained on Hannah and Travis who sat silently and still on the couch. Shawn could be heard moaning when the short ninja came back into the living room and started threatening Hannah and Travis. Five seconds into his threats, Travis interrupts the ninja and says:

“Knock it off Dereck. I know it’s you.” I can see your tattoo and those are the same shoes you wore to work today.”

The little ninja paused for a second and then said, “Ok.”  And with that, Dereck Viator took off his ninja face mask.

-------2014 cont’d

Police Officers obtained a search warrant and busted a meth house where they arrested Jamie’s baby brother, Jack. At the time Jamie was in jail with charges of attempted murder regarding his gun fight with Cody Fell.  Jamie’s brother, Jack, was arrested in the bust along with two other accomplices. They were each charged with obstruction and possession after they were caught trying to flush their meth supply down the toilet. Word on the street was that the cops were tipped off by Cody Fell during their investigation into his gun fight with Jamie.

One month after Jack got busted, Cody Fell was murdered, April 14, 2014. The charges were dropped against Jamie and he was set free from jail.

Twenty-one days after Cody was murdered, Dereck Viator sent his roommates out on a drug run to buy some heroin [and he murdered Tyler Domingue while they were gone.]

Dereck Viator lived with both Cody and Tyler before they were murdered. He had motive, opportunity and witnesses who helped him pull off both murders. Two of those witnesses are Mick and Martha.

Martha was madly in love with Mick when they moved into the trailer with Dereck and Tyler. They took over Cody’s old room after Dereck threw him out. Both Mick and Martha enjoyed sharing a good meth buzz and it was not uncommon for them to get strung out on heroin for days at a time. Unfortunately, heroin was their drug of choice the night Tyler was murdered.

For several days on end, beginning on the night of Tyler’s murder, Mick and Martha maintained a heroin induced state of mind where reality flashed past them like a day dream. They found themselves going through the motions while they helped Dereck get rid of Tyler’s car. The three of them got into Dereck’s stolen Monte Carlo and drove to Ernie’s place where Tyler’s car was hidden. Martha drove Tyler’s car away from Ernie’s house and followed Dereck and Mick.

While taking the back roads, [Dereck pulled over on the side of Coullee Kinney and tossed a drum into the water.] Afterward, he continued to drive toward a gravel pit south of Abbeville while Martha followed in Tyler’s car. They pulled into the gravel pit and turned off their ignitions. Martha was told to stay put while Mick walked away with Dereck. They were whispering to each other about what they should do next. As Martha watched the two men walk further and further away, she got paranoid and believed they were plotting to kill her. Terrified, she ran from the car and hid among the trees, out in the middle of nowhere.

When Mick returned he started hollering for Martha, he told her to come out of the woods –Dereck joined him and promised Martha that he wasn’t going to kill her – Mick insisted they needed to leave and told Martha to stop playing games. Then Martha walked out of the trees and got in the car with Mick. Mick drove Dereck’s stolen Monte Carlo while Dereck drove Tyler’s car to Bayous Tigre.

As Mick drove over the bridge, Martha looked down and saw the tail lights of Tyler’s car sinking into the Bayous. She begged Mick to keep driving and to make a run for it. She pleaded with him to leave Dereck behind but Mick had control of the steering wheel. He turned the car around, they picked up Dereck and went back to the trailer.

On the very next day, Dereck Viator was arrested on unrelated charges.  Five days went by and then Tyler’s Mother reported her missing to the police. When the cops asked Martha and Mick to come in for an interview regarding their missing roommate, that was enough to make Mick decide it was probably a good time for him and Martha to make a run for it. They tried to hide in Florida but were arrested on burglary charges and extradited right back to Vermilion Parish, Louisiana.

A local attorney named Tommy Guilbeaux was obtained to represent both Martha and Mick. The prosecutor, Jay Prather, allowed Tommy to spend two weeks with his clients so that they could practice their story before they were allowed to be interviewed. When Mick and Martha finally talked to law enforcement, they said they believed that Dereck Viator would commit murder again, and they believed that Dereck would probably kill them next. [Mick never appeared to be intimidated by Dereck based on his previous actions, however, there is little doubt that Martha was terrified and knew what Dereck Viator was capable of.]

This angle of defense – fearing for their lives - allowed the district attorney to grant impunity to both Mick and Martha in exchange for their continued testimony. Both Mick and Martha were allowed to implicate themselves in the murder of Tyler Domingue without fear of being prosecuted for a crime. However, their impunity comes with this caveat: If the facts prove that either of them had lied during their testimonies, they would lose their impunity and both of them could end up in prison.

Their attorney, Tommy Guilbeaux, and the assistant district attorney, Jay Prather, spent two years working on the details before Mick and Martha gave their official testimony. Their deal was finally completed and signed off by all parties on June 17, 2016.

One month later, on July 18, 2016, Bobby Odinet was sworn in as an assistant DA to Vermilion Parish. He would be working beside Ted Ayo and Jay Prather.

Another month went by and on August 29, 2016, they indicted Johnny Primeaux, an innocent man, as an accessory to the first degree murder of Tyler Domingue.

Immediately after the indictment was handed down, Johnny was subjected to what can only be described as cruel and inhumane torture. His only option to escape the Hell of the Vermilion Parish torture chamber was to take a plea and admit guilt to one of the bogus charges against him. It took eight months to break Johnny’s spirit before he agreed to take a plea. A few weeks after his plea deal was final, Jay Prather left the 15th JDC district attorney’s office and joined the legal counselors who represent Sheriff Mark Garber and the LPSO.

The Johnny Primeaux case was handed over to prosecutor Bobby Odinet, all wrapped up with no loose strings, signed sealed and delivered.

State of Louisiana vs John Primeaux

1ct. Accessory to 1st Degree Murder

1ct. conspiracy to Obstruction

The trial against Johnny Primeaux began right on time, June 11, 2019. The public seating area of the courtroom was crowded. Bobby Odinet was at the prosecution table with the District Attorney, Keith Stutes, sitting at the table beside him. Deputy Sammy Laporte sat behind them while he stared at the empty judge bench. The crowd stopped shuffling around and their voices dropped to a murmur. Suddenly both doors in the back of the court room swung wide open and in stepped Jerry Summers.

Everyone in the courtroom couldn’t help but notice Jerry as he strolled into the courtroom with an exaggerated swagger while clomping the heels of his cowboy boots loudly against the marble floor. If that commotion didn’t catch your attention, well then, his ten-gallon hat surely did. Jerry was quite the character that day, all dressed up in his tactical fishing vest and khaki’s. His eyes darted side to side as he strolled his way down the courtroom aisle and eventually took his seat beside Deputy Sammy Laporte.   

Moments after Jerry’s grand entrance, everyone was asked to stand as Judge Hulin entered the room. The jury was sworn in and the Court began proceedings starting with Prosecutor Bobby Odinet. The very first piece of evidence that Bobby presented to the court had never been shared with Johnny’s Public Defenders and they were quick to voice their objection to the evidence. They were only one hour into the proceedings when the trial had to be delayed due to the prosecutor’s misstep.

The courtroom was excused and Jerry Summers was the first to get up from his seat. With all the authority of a private investigator he marched straight toward Johnny Primeaux’s wife. Then without pausing or saying a word, he dropped an envelope in her lap as he continued to march out of the courtroom.

Mrs Primeaux refused to even look at the envelope, instead, she immediately handed it over to Johnny’s public defense team. It turns out that Jerry was inviting Mrs Primeaux to go out for a chat. He wanted to talk to her about a movie deal.

Johnny’s trial picked up again after a few days, and again the trial was soon delayed after Bobby Odinet tried to sneak in more evidence.  On their third attempt to conduct a trial, Bobby put a delusional crack head on the stand. The cross examination became so bizarre that attorneys outside the courtroom were randomly walking in just to watch the entertainment. A very frustrated Judge Hulin ordered everyone into her private quarters where she did not hold back her anger. After ripping the prosecution a new one, Judge Hulin had no option except to call a mis-trial. The entire trial process had to start over due to the continuous missteps made by the prosecution.

Instead of being exonerated in time to see his baby’s first day of school, Johnny was forced to remain in jail and his trial was re-scheduled for August, 26, 2019.

After a mistrial was called, Keith Stutes took Bobby Odinet by the ear and told him to hand over every single piece of evidence that the prosecution has ever collected against Johnny Primeaux. No more surprises would be allowed by Bobby [or the VPSO].

Before the week was over, the Public Defender office found evidence that completely destroyed all credibility of the prosecution’s star witness. The Defenders shared that evidence with Bobby Odinet and then two hours later, the 15th JDC of Louisiana dropped their charges of accessory to murder against Johnny Primeaux.

Johnny Primeaux was finally exonerated!

They lowered Johnny’s bond, however, the DA’s office is still not ready to see him leave the jail. They insist on chasing after additional charges that are based on accusations being made by Jamie’s little brother, Jack.


Jamie met Cody Fell for a deal that went bad and they ended up in a gun fight against each other. Cody agreed to testify and then Jamie was thrown in jail.

Jamie’s little brother, Jack, has claimed that Johnny offered him $6000 to kill Cody Fell. When Johnny supposedly made this offer, Jack’s brother, Jamie, was in jail on charge of attempted murder.  If someone were to kill Cody, then Jack’s brother, Jamie, would be set free.

It is a fact that Johnny Primeaux has never met Cody Fell, not even once. Johnny had no motive or opportunity to murder Cody. But Jack sure did.

Johnny Primeaux has been exonerated in the Tyler Domingue murder case for nearly a month, yet he is still behind bars while he waits to clear his name against this murder-for-hire, nonsense.

Soon after they dropped charges on Johnny, the VPSO claimed to find Tyler Domingue’s body. The VPSO had claimed publicly that her body had been missing for over 5 years, and only now, one month after Keith Stutes made the order to give up every piece of evidence – suddenly, and miraculously, the VPSO produced her body.

The rumors went rampant after the VPSO revealed Tyler’s body - many folks have said that Dereck Viator took a plea on manslaughter in exchange for information to locate the body. Everyone seemed to believe that Dereck had agreed to testify against Johnny Primeaux as part of the deal, and they believed that was the reason that Johnny was still in jail.

Let’s get serious with the facts:

Mick and Martha testified that they drove with Dereck to pick up Tylers car. From there, they went to a gravel pit to make a plan. Everyone agreed to the plan and then they dumped Tyler’s car into Bayous Tigre.

Today, the cops are admitting that they found Tyler’s body on the same route that Dereck, Mick and Martha took on the night they ditched her car under the bridge.

On June 17, 2016, Mick and Martha exchanged their testimony for impunity.

Then three days later, on June 20, 2016, the VPSO pulled Tyler’s car from Bayous Tigre, exactly where Mick and Martha told the cops they would find it. [More than likely, Mick and Martha also told the cops where they could find the body during that same testimony. Then in VPSO fashion, the cops pretended they were still looking for Tyler while Deputy Laporte and Jerry Summers continued to twist their case together.]

Mick and Martha gave their official testimony and then Dereck Viator was indicted. The charge was first degree murder and Prosecutor Jay Prather stood proudly before the TV cameras while declaring that the State of Louisiana would seek the death penalty against Dereck due to the heinous nature of the crime.

It is almost impossible to win a Capitol Murder case without a body and yet the 15th JDC was not concerned in the least with that small detail. Finally, the VPSO gave up Tyler’s body and now the Prosecution has all they need against Dereck Viator to get the death penalty.

For some reason, I feel fairly confident that the rumors about Dereck taking a plea are almost true. I bet Dereck was given a deal to plead guilty to first degree murder and avoid the death penalty. And I betchya that Dereck accepted the offer.

Clearly, Johnny Primeaux has been an innocent man the whole time he’s been locked up. What is the real reason for keeping Johnny locked up now?

In my humble opinion, Sheriff Couvillon and his side kick, Deputy Laporte, do NOT want to give Johnny Primeaux a full exoneration until after the Sheriff’s election. It’s that shallow. It’s that petty. And every voter in Vermilion should be terrified right now with the thought that Mike Couvillon and his dirty posse might win four more years of power.

As an innocent man, Johnny Primeaux has spent the last three and half years being tortured by dirty cops in the VPSO. And he still is behind bars even after being exonerated.


He always was.

 Next chapter: Sheriff Couvillon’s final Show Down

Flashback: 2001: This website contains conclusions and opinions based on the truth of my experiences and understanding of the facts.

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