Choose Your Truth

Episode 3

Published May 1, 2019

Plenty of shenanigans have transpired since August when I published Rolling on the River. In fact, even before the chapter was published Jerry Summers made the claim that he caught Deputy Sammy Laporte interfering with witnesses. In October I was told by someone else that Sammy retired from the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s office. Then in November, a third person told me that Sammy Laporte had been fired from the VPSO. At the same time, the Conflict office was asking me to dig up dirt on Sammy and so was the PI, Jerry Summers. It felt like they all wanted me to find them information on Sammy by legal or illegal means, it didn’t matter.

The last time I talked to Jerry Summers was a couple of months ago, in March. He told me that he had recently spoken to Deputy Sammy Laporte and Sammy told him that I was “totally crazy”. When I didn’t care about Sammy’s accusation, Jerry got a bit hostile. He spoke to me in a sneering voice and said that nobody believed any of my writings.  Jerry thought I should quit wasting my time and stop writing any more chapters for The Story. I explained to Jerry that I didn’t have anything better to do than write about dirty cops who manipulate the justice system. That’s when Jerry Summers blurted out a declaration from left field,  Jerry wanted me to know that he owned the literary and movie rights for the Tyler Domingue Story.

Really. Do you think I care? Who is this Jerry Summers guy?

Less than two weeks after that conversation with Jerry, I was contacted by a whole crowd of Primeaux insiders who wanted to give me some information about Sammy Laporte. There were three people in the room and every one of them claimed that Sammy Laporte had been arrested for tampering with evidence and interfering with witnesses. They also told me that they watched the report of Sammy’s arrest on KATC.

Since August, 2018, I’ve been contacted by attorneys, uniformed officers, retired deputies and crack heads who all want to know if Sammy Laporte was fired from the VPSO. They all had the same fear that Sheriff Mike Couvillon could be covering something up.

Sorry Sammy, but I’m not buying it. Every instinct of my being believes that Sammy, himself, planted this elaborate rumor hoping that I would publish it as fact and there by self-destruct my own credibility. I suppose it is possible that Sammy Laporte is in jail while I type this, but If he is, Lord have Mercy should the 15th JDC continue to drag Johnny to court with a case built on any evidence that came from Deputy Sammy Laporte

As I’ve mentioned several times since August, 2018, I could care less about Sammy Laporte. I write about dirty cops who manipulate the justice system and it isn’t my fault that Sammy keeps interjecting himself into my Story.

April 14, 2014, Cody Fell was murdered. His body was found in a stolen SUV that was doused in gasoline and then lit on fire. Cody’s murder had all of his friends freaking out. Sure, Cody had been stealing, robbing and stabbing people in the back, but c’mon. Name one crack head who doesn’t do that.

In the weeks prior to his death, Cody had been living with Dereck Viator and his girlfriend, Tyler Domingue. Dereck ended up throwing Cody out of the trailer and then let his pal Mick move in with his girlfriend, Martha.

After Cody was murdered, Dereck Viator began making statements to his friends such as, “They don’t call me Ghost for nothing”. It appeared that everyone in Dereck’s circle was convinced that he was the person who killed Cody. It didn’t take long for the police to consider Dereck as a prime suspect in the murder of Cody Fell.

While investigating Cody’s murder the cops chased down hundreds of leads that were brought to them by some of the most unreliable witnesses imaginable. One by one the cops interviewed everyone who claimed to have information on the case. It was two weeks after Cody’s murder when Deputy Sammy Laporte began trying to contact Tyler Domingue. Sammy wanted to ask her if she’d come in for an interview. According to the [limited] reports that Sammy has supplied, Tyler didn’t contact Sammy until May, 5, 2014. She agreed to come in for an interview and told Laporte that she’d tell him everything that she knew.

Then, Tyler Domingue went missing. 

It is unclear what happened in Dereck’s trailer the night that Tyler disappeared. Multiple witness statements claim that Dereck had found the texts on Tyler’s phone and he learned that she was planning to talk to Deputy Laporte. Tyler was at Dereck’s trailer when Dereck sent Mick and Martha out for a drug run. They were supposed to pick up some heroin and then stop by McDonalds on their way home. Tyler was in the back bedroom when she hollered out her order of a Big Mac and fries.

Mick and Martha left the trailer with Justin and then they all picked up Joji and drove to a motel room where they got down on some heroin. Nobody can agree on what happened after that.

They were tripping on some really good heroin when they left the motel. Dereck called and told them to pick up some bleach on their way home from McDonalds. When they returned to the trailer, Tyler was gone. Dereck told Mick and Martha that she wouldn’t be coming back and they could eat her Big Mac.

At some point after dinner, Dereck drove Tyler’s car to Ernie Ray’s house and hid it under a tarp. Mick and Justin were still tripping on heroin when they picked up Dereck at Ernie’s house. On the way back to the trailer, Dereck said a few things that caused Justin to believe that Dereck and Mick were going to kill him so he sprang out the car and ran away as fast as he could. There was a lot of shouting while Dereck and Mick chased Justin around the trailer park and one of the neighbors called the police. Justin was arrested for creating a disturbance and he told the cops “Thank You! I thought they were going to kill me before I got arrested!” And then Justin was thrown into a cell while he was hovering on the edges of reality and tripping on his heroin high.

Meanwhile, when Ernie’s girlfriend found out that Dereck hid a car under her carport she would have none of it. She did not trust Dereck any further than she could throw him and then Ernie told Dereck that he had to move the car.

Mick and Martha were back at Dereck’s trailer loading up on more heroin when they heard a knock at the door. Mick stayed in the room while Martha answered the door. She would later make a statement to the police saying that it was Captain Crunch at their door that evening. When Martha was asked who Captain Crunch was, she told the cops that his real name was Johnny Primeaux.

Please take note: Captain Crunch is a skinny black guy who has been dealing at the gas station for nearly a decade. Any cop in Vermilion Parish should know this.

One of the more curious statements that Martha made was when she says that she saw a truck backed up to the porch that night. She said she saw a drum in the back of the truck with two bags of concrete. Two bags. That statement really makes me wonder if Martha said she saw two bags of concrete because she knows that two bags of concrete were used when Tyler was put into a drum. Months later, Martha changed her words and said that the truck was half full with bags of concrete the night Tyler disappeared.

While Mick and Martha maintained their heroin high into the evening, they found themselves helping Dereck while he got rid of Tyler’s car. They followed Dereck from Ernie’s carport to an abandoned pit south of Abbeville. From there they followed Dereck toward Bayous Tigre. They saw Dereck ramming the car into a gate while he tried to gain access to the Bayous. Mick and Martha continued driving on the road and as they crossed over the bridge Martha looked down and saw the tail lights of Tyler’s car sinking into the dark depths of the Bayous. They picked up Dereck on the road, he was soaking wet and full of mud. Martha thinks they may have went back to the trailer after that but neither her nor Mick were able to remember exactly what they did that night, when they were still ripping on heroin, May 6th, 2014.

The next day, May 7th, Dereck Viator was arrested at the trailer. Even though he was the prime suspect in the murder of Cody Fell, Dereck was instead arrested on the charge of aggravated arson for setting fire to Scotty Latiolais’ pseudo residence. In reality it was an abandoned camping trailer that was used by the local crack heads who needed a place to crash while they came down from the high. Cody Fell had been known to flop there on occasion when he was alive.

With Dereck arrested, Martha began calling friends and asking for a ride to the jail. She said she needed to talk to Dereck to make sure they had their stories straight before she was interviewed by criminal investigations. On May 12, five days after Dereck’s arrest, the police received a missing person’s report on Tyler Domingue. The police immediately asked Tyler’s room-mates, Mick and Martha, to come in for another interview. Suddenly, Mick and Martha made a run for the border and they didn’t stop until they got to Florida.

It didn’t take long before Mick and Martha were arrested in Florida on burglary charges. The Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office requested their immediate extradition back to Louisiana. Mick and Martha did not fight the extradition request and were back in Vermilion Parish within a few days.

This is when Martha’s influential family ties stepped in and hired Tommy Guilbeau as legal counsel for both Martha and Mick. Guilbeau and the prosecutor, Jay Prather, have worked together for decades, they’ve had a jovial relationship throughout generations. After Guilbeau was retained by Martha’s family, he called up Prather with the intentions of crafting a deal for Mick and Martha. It was agreed between Guilbeau and the prosecutor that Mick and Martha would be granted two weeks with their attorney so that they could prepare for the interview and ensure that all of Jay Prather’s questions would be answered correctly. Or, in other words, they needed time to rehearse.

During the interview, Mick and Martha said they ran to Florida because they were afraid that Dereck would try to kill them next. They felt they had no choice but to make a run for it, even though Dereck was already in jail when they ran.

This is when Jay Prather and Tommy Guilbeau produced a golden deal for Mick and Martha. The prosecution gave Mick and Martha full impunity for their continued testimony. They each would be allowed to incriminate themselves in Tyler Domingue’s missing person case without fear of being charged with a crime.

Flashback: October, 2013 ~ Six months before Cody Fell was murdered -and seven months before Tyler Domingue went missing- the New Iberia Sheriff’s office had Scotty Latiolais in custody. As a trained informant, such as he is, Scotty was ratting out every name he could think of and in the process, Scotty lied to the cops and told them that Johnny Primeaux was hiding a stolen tractor, riding mower and two dirt bikes in his back yard. There was no stolen property anywhere at Johnny’s house but that didn’t stop the cops from ransacking every drawer cupboard and cookie jar. They still came up empty. Johnny already told the cops he had three long guns in his safe before those cops, who were looking for a tractor, forced Johnny to open his little gun safe. That night in October, 2013, Johnny Primeaux was arrested for having three long guns locked in his gun safe after Scotty Latiolais lied and told the cops that Johnny had a stolen tractor. A year later, Johnny was arrested again after Scotty and Blaine tried to set him up. Then again, Johnny was arrested in the courthouse for being ten minutes late to his pre-trial hearing. Mick and Martha were given their golden deal and then two months later - Johnny Primeaux was indicted for being an accessory to the first degree murder and disappearance of Tyler Domingue. Without one single trial.

After being indicted, Johnny was taken right back to jail and then put into solitary confinement. Johnny sat in solitary confinement for months without ever being allowed to go outside to have one breath of fresh air.  His only visitors were from the prosecutor’s office who insisted that he take a plea deal for the accusations that Scotty Latiolais was making against him. Johnny was stubborn and refused to take a plea because he didn’t do anything. Johnny Primeaux truly believed that justice would prevail if he could get his rightful trial by jury.

After refusing the plea offers week after week, they moved Johnny to the Hell Hole, a place where nightmares become reality. The adjoining cells were occupied by individuals who had been in solitary confinement for so long they had utterly lost their minds. They were defecating into their hands and then smearing it onto themselves. They were even eating their own turds. The guards would only hose them down once a week.

The stench was unbearable and the conditions were inhumane.

Johnny Primeaux endured the Hell Hole for eight months before his spirit finally broke and he agreed to take the plea deal just to get out of the Hole. Scotty Latiolais never had to testify, just as the VPSO had promised him.

2014 ~ While waiting for his trial regarding the silly hunting weapons charge Johnny Primeaux was at home teaching his son how to count when there was a knock at the door and Johnny answered it. He was surprised to find his friend Blaine standing on the welcome mat. [Tyler Domingue had been missing for less than six months.]

Blaine explained to Mr and Mrs Primeaux that he had just graduated from a drug rehabilitation center. He was excited to begin a life free of drugs but- he had to be honest – he was living in Kaplan with his Mom and Blaine said that she was driving him crazy. Johnny helped Blaine get a job and let him sleep on their couch when he needed to. Unfortunately, Blaine hadn’t graduated from any rehab at all. The truth was that Blaine had run away from the center and his Mom was madder than a hornet. It didn’t take long before Blaine was missing work and getting high, he ended up getting kicked out of Johnny’s house and spiraled downward from there.

Not long after kicking Blaine to the curb, the Primeaux family was in church for a baptism ceremony when Johnny received a text from Blaine’s Mother. She accused Johnny of enabling her son’s addiction, you understand, she needed someone to blame for Blaine’s condition and she accused Johnny of destroying Blaine’s life. Then Blaine’s Mother reminded Johnny that her father was VERY good friends with the Sheriff. She added to the text: ‘Couvillon will take care of you!’

The texts from Blaine’s Mother were interrupting the baptism – everyone told Johnny to ignore them – Blaine’s Mother was obviously misinformed and acting extremely irrational. Johnny was told to leave Blaine’s Mother alone and stay out of it.

It was the very next day and Johnny was at work when Blaine texted him. He wanted Johnny to bring him some Roxy’s (oxycodone tablets) and meet him at Johnny’s house during his lunch break.

Johnny told Blaine, NO! (He couldn’t get him any Roxy’s.) He let Blaine know that his Mother was making crazy threats, he told Blaine to stay away from the Primeaux family. At noon that day, Johnny decided to use his lunch break to go home and check up on his wife and son.

Mrs Primeaux was at home cleaning up after Johnny’s lunch break when her phone rang, Johnny had been gone less than ten minutes. She answered the phone and found Blaine on the line, Blaine wanted to know why Johnny had just been arrested.

This news was a big surprise for Mrs Primeaux who had no idea that Blaine had asked Johnny to bring him some Roxy’s that afternoon. She spent several hours on the phone before it was confirmed that Johnny was in custody again. The cops were able to arrest Johnny that day because Scotty Latiolais, who was actually incarcerated in the Vermilion correction center at the time, Scotty signed a report that claimed Johnny pulled a gun on him, once upon a time, more than a year earlier. That’s all the cops needed to make the arrest, but by all appearances, those cops sure thought they were going find something (Roxy’s) in Johnny’s truck that day. They tore his truck to pieces and, of course, didn’t find anything. By October, 2014, law enforcement had arrested Johnny Primeaux twice in the same year, and both times they gave reason for those arrests based on the words of their trained crack head informant, Scotty Latiolais. It’s a risky business when you work with desperate informants [like Blaine].

“Couvillon will take care of you!” was the threat on Johnny’s phone.

Mrs Primeaux began to wonder if the real reason Johnny had been arrested was because Blaine’s Mother was making good on her threat. She searched for the phone that had the texts on it, she thought for sure it would eventually turn up, but it never did.

That was actually the second time that Johnny lost his phone that year. The first time was when the cops thrashed his house while they were looking for a stolen tractor in his cookie jar.(2013) The Primeaux’s thought that phone would eventually show up while they put their home back together. But they never found that phone, either.

Police reports say that they were able to plot out the locations of Johnny’s phone during the weekend that Tyler went missing. They also found a baggie full of stolen sim cards during their investigation into Dereck Viator. Persons who operate inside the criminal underground will often put a stolen sim card into their phone so that the towers will ID someone elses phone number while they commit their crimes.

One of the more fantastical accusations against Johnny is that he supposedly was trying to hire a professional hit-man to kill one of Dereck Viator’s friends. But that goes against the prosecution’s theory. Why would Johnny be trying to kill Dereck’s friend and then a month later help Dereck dispose of a dead body? Junkies in Jail will say anything – I’m pretty sure there are a lot of informants who have been trained by the same LEO’s who taught Scotty Latiolais to lie – I mean, cooperate.

Johnny has known Dereck Viator since high school, although, Johnny didn’t hang out with the guy. There was a time before Cody was killed when Dereck was stranded at the gas station and Johnny offered him a ride home. When he dropped Dereck off at his trailer, he saw Tyler Domingue but didn’t get out of his truck. That was the one and only time that Johnny ever laid eyes on Tyler Domingue.

It is also fact that Johnny Primeaux has never met Cody Fell, not even once.

Dereck’s room-mates, Mick and Martha, were friends with Brady Derouen who is married to Johnny’s cousin. Brady was implicated in a threatening exchange between himself and Dereck over the weekend when Tyler went missing. But Mick and Martha were too high that night to remember exactly when and where it happened or who might have been there.

Brady and Ernie Ray are known to be friends who pal around together on occassion. Both of them have had run in’s with Dereck Viator in the past. They never seemed to be fans of Dereck’s.

Credit must be given to Tommy Guilbeaux who worked behind the scenes with Jay Prather and then coached Mick and Martha with statements that would support Jay’s agenda. Throughout their interviews, Mick and Martha were often reminded of the timeline they needed to stick to as well as the statements that they needed to make for Jay Prather. “let me get together with these guys” Jay Prather says on tape, he wanted to chat with Deputy Sammy and other’s in the room to make sure he had everything he needed to accomplish what they “are trying to do”.

Even though I don’t have and have never seen all of the evidence that Jay Prather has, I do know without question that Johnny Primeaux had nothing to do with Tyler Domingue’s disappearance. It is my opinion that if Mick and Martha hadn’t been so ripped on heroin that weekend, they may have been able to remember where they dumped the drum.

And what about Jerry Summers, the private investigator? He said that two different cadaver dogs hit on the same two spots around the vacant house near the place where Tyler’s car was pulled out of Bayous Tigre. That would imply that Tyler was dumped into the Bayous in the hours during or before Dereck rammed down the gate and ditched her car under the bridge. We already know that Mick and Martha were with Derek the night that they ditched Tyler’s car into the Bayous. It was Mick and Martha who told the cops where they could find the car.

On June 17, 2016, Mr Mick and Ms Martha were each given full impunity in exchange for their testimony. On August 29th, Johnny Primeaux was indicted on charges of accessory to first degree murder in the disappearance of Tyler Domingue.

Johnny will be released with time served as soon as he is found innocent of the charges in his indictment. His trial is supposed to begin on June 11, 2019.

Choose your Truth.

*that which is in accordance with fact or reality.


*a belief that is accepted as fact or true.

Flashback: 2001: This website contains conclusions and opinions based on the truth of my experiences and understanding of the facts.

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Choose your Truth: Episode Three   5/2019 They were tripping on some really good heroin when they left the motel. Dereck called and told them to pick up some bleach on their way home from McDonalds. When they returned to the trailer, Tyler was gone.