Choose Your Truth

Episode 1

Published May 1, 2019

Last year, in May, 2018, I spent an entire weekend at a hands-on tech fair and played with some extraordinary virtual reality toys. My favorite exhibit was demonstrating a virtual three dimensional art studio- after you put on the goggles you use a magic wand called the iBrush to create anything your imagination can dream up. There were dozens of formats available such as a rain forest, underwater scene or a galaxy. I created a goofy monkey, a sunken treasure chest and even put a Seattle Space Needle on top of Saturn. During the demonstration I was given a coupon to buy two iBrushes for the price of one and I really wanted to take them up on the offer.

My granddaughter’s birthday was two months away and as a tweenster, I knew she would love it. I ordered the goggles and had them delivered to her house on the first of June. Then I asked my son-in-law, Billy Sturgeon, if they had a computer that could support the iBrush specifications. I told Billy that the iBrush would need a gaming computer and if they didn’t have one at their place, I’d order the computer, too.

Billy didn’t reply back to me. At the time his wife was causing a lot of drama. She even went so far as to unfriend all of Billy’s family and then changed her name on Facebook. Billy was distracted with Robyn’s drama and he didn’t have the energy to support my birthday surprise for his daughter.

A week before my grand daughter’s birthday I wrote to Billy again and reminded him that I still was hoping to have an iBrush delivered to his house in time for the birthday party. I asked him if they had received the Goggles because I wasn’t sure if I had the right address. Then I explained that the iBrush cost a thousand bucks and I wanted to make sure it was delivered to the correct address. I’ve sent dozens of gifts to the same address since 2013 and none of those gifts were ever returned.  I told Billy that I wasn’t sure if a stranger had been keeping the gifts all these years or if maybe his wife was hocking them to pay for another tattoo. Then I let Billy know that I might drive past their house out in the sticks to verify their address if I didn’t hear back from him.

My daughter is Robyn Sturgeon and she’s married to Billy. Robyn suffers from a high anxiety disorder which makes her unreasonable at times. When Robyn isn’t on anxiety medication she tends to become socially toxic and, believe me, it’s no fun sitting in a crowded restaurant while she’s throwing the F bomb at her husband and our waitress while we had a five year old at the table. When you confront Robyn about her behavior she can turn violent. In fact, she and I haven’t spoken to each other for over five years. Billy says life is a lot better when she takes her medication. In July, 2018, Robyn was full of unreasonable drama and I never got a chance to gift my grand-daughter the iBrush for her birthday.

By August, 2018, I had finished draft copies of the chapter Rolling on the River Part One and Part Two. I cleared off the desktop of my computer and created a brand new folder and named it: FBI- Not Hiding Anything. Next, I placed copies of Part One and Two into that folder.

Nobody, not a single person knew that I had plans to write anything about Johnny Primeaux. His case caught my attention in 2015 while I was investigating the rumors about a meth ring in Port Barre and a guy named Scotty Latiolais. But after Police Chief Tony Hardy threatened the whistle blowers I was forced to put the Primeaux chapter on ice until the dirty cops in Abbeville settled down.  I didn’t mention the name Primeaux to one single person until August, 2018.

Within 48 hours after I copied Rolling on the River into the FBI folder, I found an email from an investigator named Jerry Summers who wanted to speak to me regarding the Tyler Domingue missing person case. If you haven’t read Rolling on the River- you should know that Johnny Primeaux is in jail after being charged in connection to Tyler Domingue’s murder. I have never mentioned the names Tyler Domingue or Johnny Primeaux in any of my online writings, and yet, here’s Jerry 48 hours after I created the FBI folder, and he wanted to talk about Tyler Domingue. Who is this Jerry guy?

FBI: Not Hiding Anything / Rolling on the River / Part One / Part Two

I talked to Jerry that afternoon and he told me that he was hired by “the richest man in Louisiana” to find Tyler Domingue’s body. He also said that he only wanted to learn the Truth and that he didn’t care who got in his way. I mentioned to Jerry that I was working on a new chapter for my blog that will mention the names Cody Fell and Tyler Domingue (although I was pretty sure he already knew that)

That’s when Jerry asked me not to publish Rolling On The River.

Jerry explained to me that he had to bypass the Vermilion Sheriff’s office and go straight to the District Attorney, Keith Stutes, to get a warrant while he searched for Tyler’s body. He said that he didn’t trust the VPSO after he caught Deputy Sammy Laporte interfering with witnesses. Jerry told me that he only wanted to find Tyler’s body and bring peace to her family. Then he told me that Deputy Sammy Laporte was the last person to speak to Tyler before she went missing.

I agreed to put the Primeaux chapter on ice, once again, and let it sit there inside the FBI folder.

A few days later I called Jerry back to check up on his progress with the search warrant but he avoided discussing anything about his Tyler Domingue investigation. Jerry was distracted with his own three year old personal injury case and he didn’t have any updates on his search for Tyler’s body. A few more days went by before I talked to Jerry again and then he asked me to track down a person named Mavin and another person named Heidi. It took me about five minutes to find both women. – who is this Jerry guy that claims to be an investigator?

On August 15 I spoke to Jerry again and he was side tracked as usual. This time it was his Twitter feed that had him distracted. Jerry was over the moon when he told me that Donald J Trump, the President of the United States of America, had personally replied to one of his, Jerry Summer’s Tweets. Jerry was immensely proud and thought I should be impressed.

At this point I told Jerry Summers that I was going to publish the Primeaux chapter. He was obviously busy with more important things and, besides, the information in that chapter was two years old. I told Jerry there couldn’t possibly be anything in my writings that would get in HIS way of finding the Truth.

A couple of hours later, I published Rolling on the River Part One and then I published Part Two immediately after. It didn’t take long for my in-box to fill up with questions, threats and thank-you’s. Even some of my old contacts in New Iberia reached out to say “you nailed it!”

The nickname for Seattle is The Emerald City because of the lush and ancient landscape. We like to say it rains here all of the time but that’s just a rumor that we use to protect our paradise.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been very affective at keeping a changing climate from encroaching on our Emerald City. In August, 2018, our beautiful forests were tinder dry while walls of fire raced across pristine valleys and mountainsides. We were battling hundreds of active fires that were happening at the same time on both sides of the Canadian and US border.

As a result, the air quality in Mukilteo dropped to a toxic level. In my opinion, the air quality is a lot worse in Delcambre when they burn the cane fields, however, the Emerald City is an organic granola kind of place and, therefore, a Public Safety Alert went out that told everyone to wear face masks and avoid all physical exercise outdoors. The alert was a tough sell inside a state that is the fifth most physically active in the nation. I sure didn’t let the warning stop me from getting on my bike. Rolling on the River was finally published and I was embarking on a two week detox cleanse. No sugar, caffeine, processed anything- backed up with a lot of DetoxTea and aerobic activity to sweat out the toxins. 

Two days after the health alert went out I woke up and could barely breathe. By the time I made it to the emergency room there were a dozen others standing in line who were also struggling to breathe. The Practitioner sent me home with an inhaler and bottle of cough syrup. They told me to stay inside and keep the doors closed.

The Primeaux chapter had been up for a few days and I was stuck inside sucking on my inhaler when Jerry called. He told me that he was pretty sure he knew where to find Tyler. He told me that he believed Tyler was murdered and then put into a drum that was dumped in the Bayous.

This rumor had been around since the beginning of Tyler’s missing person case. First time I heard about the drum was when one of my illiterate informants in New Iberia told me about it. The problem I had with the information is that each one of my illiterate informants told me they knew both Cody Fell and Tyler Domingue and yet each one of them had a completely different recollection of the facts. Nevertheless, each of their stories had claimed that Tyler’s body was put in a drum and dumped in the river. Jerry wasn’t telling me anything new, until~

Jerry Summers told me that he took a cadaver dog to the ‘empty house’ near the site where they pulled Tyler’s car out of the Bayous’. Jerry wanted to see if the dog would pick up the scent of death. That dog hit on two places around the house and then Jerry got another dog. The second dog hit on the same two places that the first dog hit on. After that, Jerry says he got into the water to feel around and he’s pretty sure he felt the edge of a drum with his boot. He was waiting for a dive team to come in and pull whatever it was out of the river. 

This is when Jerry reinserted his low opinion of the VPSO and told me that it was really hard for him to get the information that he needed. Jerry mentioned that he needed the geo-locations from Deputy Sammy Laporte’s phone during the time that Tyler went missing. He explained that as a retired Sheriff’s deputy he couldn’t steal any information on the Domingue case but he sure would appreciate it if I found [stole] some info and gave it to him. Then Jerry mentioned again that he sure wished he could get the geo-locations on Sammy’s phone.

Mmmmm Hmmmmm

For some reason a lot of people believe I’m hacking into databases and spying on everything from private emails and texts to sealed court documents. For some reason, a lot of people believe that I have gained illegal access to evidence that could put Jay Prather’s case against Johnny at risk.

When Jerry Summers told me he could accept stolen phone record’s on Sammy Laporte, I narrowed my eyes, took another big long puff off my inhaler and then I told Jerry that I’d take a look around and see what I could find, sure, why not? Who is this Jerry guy? And what does he think he’s up to?

It was August 22, 2018, exactly one week after I published Rolling on the River and it was so smoky in Mukilteo that the sun turned blood red and cast an eerie glow across the thick flakes of ash that had drifted against the railing on my deck. I had a constant white knuckle grip on my inhaler while avoiding outside when I heard a knock at my door. With my inhaler in my left hand, I opened the door with my right and came face to face with a uniformed police officer. He asked me if my name is Dawn Marcelle and I nodded my head ‘yes’ while coughing into my elbow. The officer told me he was there to serve a restraining order on me - all of the instructions were in the paperwork - Have a nice day. I went into a coughing fit and closed door.

As I mentioned, it was August 22, 2018, exactly one week after I published Rolling on the River. My daughter, Miss high anxiety Robyn, was requesting a restraining order against me on the grounds of illusional HARASSMENT.

Robyn made several accusations - she claimed that the birthday gift I sent June 1st caused the family extreme anxiety. Robyn used the word terrified four times inside her request. In one case it was written in all caps and underlined twice. Her grand finale was when she stated that I was mentally unstable and my writings prove it. Then she supplied a copy of one page from Rollin’ on the River. Robyn was sure that the Judge would agree with her - anyone who would say that Tony Hardy is a dirty cop is obviously out of their mind. Obviously.

Poor high-anxiety Robyn was already in the middle of a self induced drama at home – and now this: Rolling on the River. During our discovery phase of Robyn’s restraining order request, I explained my attempts to deliver the iBrush in time for my grand daughter’s birthday. The virtual reality goggles were delivered in June and I was waiting for my son-in-law to verify their address. I wasn’t sure where they were living at that moment and I didn’t want to send a $1000 birthday gift to the wrong house. I mentioned to Billy that I might drive past their place to verify the address myself. Robyn called those actions harassment and she thought it also proved that I had her family under surveillance. 

Robyn didn’t stop there, she also accused me of hacking into her phone and she provided documents as evidence. An insurance company called Cell Brokage Group had sent Robyn an email that thanked her for trusting them to protect her wireless communications. Robyn told CBG that she didn’t want the coverage and they told her that they couldn’t cancel the plan because it was in the name of Dawn Marcelle. I had to explain to the judge that I had paid Robyn’s phone bill for a majority of her life. She was constantly losing her phone and therefore I had it insured. When Robyn and Billy finally decided to take responsibility for their own phone bill, we transferred Robyn’s number to his account and apparently nobody remembered to cancel the insurance policy. When Robyn got the thank you note from CBG, she lost her grip of reality and tried to convince the Judge that I was spying on her phone.

In her desperate effort [to discredit me], Robyn told the judge that I was also hacking into her email account. Her evidence for that accusation was a copy of an email. A week before Christmas I found an email from Robyn and the subject line read: Merry Christmas to Moms Everywhere. There was a link inside and it was signed, Robyn Sturgeon. Of course I clicked on the link and, regrettably, was immediately directed to a hard core porn site. I replied to the email and said :  Awwww, and I didn’t get you anything.  This is when I had to explain to the Judge that Billy Sturgeon is a porno addict, his addiction is so bad that Robyn has had to change their computer password to “noporn” in effort to keep their computer free of viruses. I can’t say for sure, but my guess is that one of Billy’s porn sites stole Robyn’s address book and sent me the link. Unfortunately, I replied to the email before realizing it was most likely a bot who sent it and not my daughter. I should have known better, I hadn’t spoken to Robyn in years- Merry Christmas to Moms Everywhere.

Robyn’s accusations continued to go off the rails when she claimed I had broken into her home. Not once, but twice. The first incident supposedly took place on August 12th, which happened to be the same day that Jerry Summers asked me to track down Heidi and Mavin. The second incident was supposedly on August 17th, two days after I had published Rolling on the River. It was also the same day that the emergency room sent me home with an inhaler.

The most cruel and unusual accusation Robyn made is when she claimed that I had snuck up to my grand daughter’s bedroom window at 10:30 during the night. She claimed that I banged on the window and then ran away. Robyn told the Judge that my grand daughter’s were so terrified of me that they wouldn’t sleep alone in their room anymore.

I can’t breathe.

The doctors in the emergency room wouldn’t re-fill the prescription for my inhaler because I was experiencing severe asthma symptoms, they didn’t think that the smoky skies were my problem. They sent me home with a new prescription and I was too sick to stop at the Health Food Store to pick up fresh burdock root for my detox tea. Burdock is supposed to have a variety of health improving factors like purify the kidneys and protect cell walls from free radicals. Burdock has no caffeine or stimulants and I enjoy the earthy flavor. One root lasted a whole week and I needed to pick up some more so I could finish the second week of detoxing. I was too sick to stop at the Health Food Store, instead I went straight home and sucked the last vapors from the bottom of my inhaler.

A couple of days after I stopped drinking the Burdock tea I found myself 100% recovered from my pseudo asthma attack. Apparently I was allergic to Burdock and the smoky skies exacerbated the reaction.  I decided to forget about detoxing and went back to my original Vitamin C regiment of Chips, Cookies and Chocolate.                        

While waiting on my court date for the restraining order request I was contacted by Madge, a criminal defense investigator out of Baton Rouge from the Conflict Office. Madge explained that she had read Rolling on the River and was hoping I could help her with any information regarding Deputy Sammy Laporte and the VPSO. I wrote back to Madge and gave her Jerry Summers contact information and told her that Jerry thinks he knows where Tyler’s body is and he says he had to go to the district attorney for a warrant because he caught Sammy interfering with witnesses. Then I warned Madge that I had been served with a restraining order and accused of being dangerously insane. Madge thanked me for my email and said, “This is dirty even for Louisiana”.  I didn’t hear back from Madge.

However, two weeks later I received another email from the Conflict Office, this time it was Josh Webb, he told me that he was a “facts investigator” for a law office and he was hoping that I could help him out. Josh sent me a copy of an arrest report – according to the report, Sammy Laporte had been arrested in Mccutcheon, thirty plus years ago. The details regarding Sammy’s arrest were blacked out on the report and Josh, the professional facts investigator, was asking me for help with exposing the dark secrets in Sammy Laporte’s past. 

Hmmmm, Josh was the third person who asked me to dig up dirt on Sammy Laporte and it sure felt like I was being asked to hack into a database somewhere. Obviously, I didn’t hack into anything. Instead, I included a paragraph inside Rollin on the River part FOUR where I asked the public to help [Josh] find the details regarding Sammy’s arrest report.  

Several weeks after publishing part FOUR, I heard from Josh Webb again. This time he sent me a copy of Sammy’s arrest report with all of the details included. Josh added the text, “I hope this helps”.

When I replied to Josh I reminded him that HE asked ME to get that information for HIM, he wasn’t helping me with anything. Josh wrote back and said: “Well, I know you’re writing about Sammy.”

This is when I had to explain to Josh that I could care less about Sammy Laporte. I write about dirty cops and it isn’t my fault that Sammy keeps interjecting himself into my story.

It was mid October when I went to court for Robyn’s restraining order request. The judge wanted to know why Robyn’s husband wasn’t a party to the request.  Robyn gave the judge a letter that Billy had written, he said he was the “only bread winner” at home and he couldn’t afford to miss work to defend his family. In Reality, Billy is a manager at a World Class Aerospace Company. Imagine how embarrassing it must be to have an employee managing the installation of gas tanks on aircraft when they are too lazy to keep their own family safe. Of course, it could be that Billy has to play along with the drama- he lives with Robyn, I don’t.  At the end of the day, the Judge denied Robyn’s restraining order request and she broke down in crocodile tears. [underground: Pistols, Ponies and Puppy Mills]

Robyn has a past, most people do. She is now a mother of two and would rather that her past stay in the past. She has done everything in her power to keep from being recognized (from explosive camera angles). In 2010, Robyn took a trip to Vegas with her dad, Bob Clayton. They traveled to Vegas one month after I had visited Abbeville and knocked on Donnell Dent’s door. [Scarlet Letter]

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, eh? Bob blacked mailed Robyn, his own daughter, he reminded her that he knew all about the past that she was hiding from. If she wanted to keep her past a secret- - she needed to help out and discredit me.

The mob rarely walks into a restaurant with the intent to kill everyone at the table, anymore.

Choose your Truth.

*that which is in accordance with fact or reality.


*a belief that is accepted as fact or true.

Next Chapter:  Choose Your Truth  Episode 2

Flashback: 2001: This website contains conclusions and opinions based on the truth of my experiences and understanding of the facts. .

Short Cuts:

Rolling on the River: Part One   8/2018 Believe me, it was never my plan to include any of Todd Travasos' drama in my Story but that all changed after the Abbeville Police Department arrested him on his birthday, October 26, 2016.

Rolling on the River: Part Two   8/2018 To be honest, I really was in a bind after Chief Hardy completely ignored Troy’s threats of terror. Here I was, 2200 miles away with the name and address of a self-proclaimed Cajun Terrorist with NOBODY to report to.

 Rolling on the River: Part Three   8/2018 Honest question here: What do you think Brian Pope would be doing today if Chad Leger had won the 2015 sheriff election instead of Mark Garber? The answer is a simple one and it says a lot about what these Grand Jury indictments are made of. (Would you like fries with that ham sandwich?)

Rolling on the River: Part Four   8/2018 The jury found Pope completely innocent of that exaggerated charge, too, and then gave a collective eye-roll toward the prosecution, like, give us a break.

Choose your Truth: Episode One   5/2019 After Police Chief Tony Hardy threatened the whistle blowers I was forced to put the Primeaux chapter on ice until the dirty cops in Abbeville settled down.  I didn’t mention the name Primeaux to one single person until August, 2018.

Choose your Truth: Episode Two   5/2019 That day, when Johnny showed up ten minutes late to his pre-trial hearing, the 15th JDC was $800 thousand in the red and they had to lay off half of their public defenders.  “We are going to be in a situation that I think will be near catastrophic,” said DA Stutes. "Justice delayed is justice denied."

Choose your Truth: Episode Three   5/2019 They were tripping on some really good heroin when they left the motel. Dereck called and told them to pick up some bleach on their way home from McDonalds. When they returned to the trailer, Tyler was gone.