The Scarlet Letter From Mrs Culdesac

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

The snow had turned into dangerous melting ice bridges so I took off for a long hike in the foot hills. There was nothing to be seen except for a lot of mud. No bears, no elk not even a bunny. But I hung in there and climbed three small summits on my easy 12 mile loop trail. That was one of the most boring hikes ever. Afterward I went straight home, tired and muddy.

As soon as I took off my boots, the phone rang. It was Mitch Major. He asked me how my hike went and I told him it wasn’t very exciting. Then he took over the conversation with his lamenting and begging about how much he missed being with me. He went on and on about what a mess his life was back in New Roads, Louisiana.

Mitch hated his job, complained about the incompetence of his boss, Tee Gasson, the owner of South Louisiana Glass company. Mitch was stuck replacing windshields every day while Tee Gasson’s son was doing real work replacing windows on job sites. Then Mitch told me how Tee Gasson’s son was sent to replace a broken window of an elderly woman and got caught red handed stealing medications out of her medicine cabinet.

I sat down, took off my muddy gators and tried to change the subject.

But Mitch was all talk as usual, continuing his lamenting about how messed up he was without me in his life. He missed me, he missed the days when he could spend his time sitting in my Big Red Chair all day every day playing on his phone while he waited for his Daddy to die, when he could collect his inheritance.

 As I patiently listened to his begging and pleading I fired up my computer and was checking emails when I found….GEEEZ!

There in my in-box was an email from Donnell Dent herself. The infamous MrsCuldesac.

I didn’t hear a word Mitch was saying while I read it. When I reached the end of her email I busted out laughing and interrupted saying, “I just got an email from Donnell, I can’t believe this dumb witch.”

There was three seconds of silence before Mitch asked: “What does it say?!”

I gave him a brief synopsis regarding her drama with Sheriff Couvillon and Clem Simoneaux, how she claimed she was in fear for the safety of her family and she was asking me, of all people, to help her out.

What a dumb witch. She can't be serious.

For a whole week prior to that night in June, when I received her email, Donnell had been blabbering her big mouth on that lame social networking site where the VPSO trolls hang out. She was attacking her friends and family alike with allegations of everything from drug trafficking to adult diaper rash. And to top it off, she was accusing the VPSO of protecting drug dealers at Clem's bar, The Oakes. Which, ironically, has been something I've pointed out in The Story since 2003. And yet, this is the same woman who claims my story is all lies while she also was claiming that I had threatened her life and trespassed on her property. And now she wants me to help her corroborate my Story? And based on some of her posts during the days before she wrote to me, she seemed to be off her rocker and so, I didn't act on her plea for help right away.

Here are a few examples of her posts from the Topix thread 'Drug Hotspots':

  • Bar on Hwy. 14 called the, The Oaks is more of an old King Fish Place then a place to socialize and have a drink or two. How can a bar as such remain open with so much drug activity going on in the bar itself? This place should be closed down.
  • In this town u know certain people you will never get busted. wonder why? You scratch myback,baby I scratch urs! Watcher has been watching for a long time.Watcher is gone away for a long time, but will turn in evidence before leaving this home on earth.
  • I chose to report mine to further out of town authorities. Because of the severity of the drug pushing! To many times you report and nothing happens,WHY? Corruption!
  • Dawn, you hit the nail on the head about Clem. But guess what, i know more than u, lol
  • Sometimes you have to go alil bit higher than the state police in certain cases Dawn. How do you think a bar can stay open and have drug activiity going on this long? Do you know how long it takes the vpso to get to the bar when it involves the staff? Lol
  • the bar in NEw Iberia closed down many years ago that Mr. Russell owned,remember that one? Guess whay vermilion parish? The Oaks is your New Bar serving drugs of your choice but the specialty is crystal Meth! If u see things in their,you may just not walk
  • you know whos been seen there frequenting the pank chicken?and buying cocaine? one guess?they dont like MrsC anymore i think they fired her! true story,remember i watch from a very close distance! like right there! Lol
  • Lol, MrsC. wasn't being helped, because they loved her! you silly kid,tricks r for kids! She was being helped because some r scared she knows too much! thats why! You silly kid! told u im far from stupid! and im glad someone thinks im a lunatic! lol


That’s only a tenth of what she put out there. Donnell was posting every thirty minutes or less for days after she was fired by Bridgette Travasos for not showing up for work. Nobody can cross MrsCuldesac and get away with it on Topix. Not even the Sheriff, Mike Couvillon. Donnell finally took a break from the lame social networking site and wrote me an email on June 9th, 2012 at 4:58PM, saying she feared for the safety of herself and her family.

Less than twenty four hours after Donnell sent me that email she learned that her daughter, Brandy Landry, was found dead. Tragically hanging in the laundry room.


The words from her email…..”I fear for the safety of my family” rang in my memory. First thing I did was forward Donnell Dents email to trustworthy law enforcement.  I told them, I don’t want any of this on my hands, I hope you contact Donnell. I wouldn’t wish this tragedy on my worst enemy and I got a whole lot bigger enemies than Donnell Dent. (That's what I told the FBI when I forwarded her email to them, however, the Chief already had her mail in his possession before I sent it to the FBI.)

Then again, I have to wonder, was it really Donnell who wrote this email and the Topix posts? Isn’t the internet completely anonymous?

On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 4:58 PM, Donnell Dent <> wrote:

Are you shocked? I wanted to know who do you have that is trustworthy in the state police? I've sent an email to the DEA this morning concerning Clem and the drug trafficking. How he is protected by a certain person who seems to think he is God in this town. Lol well u and I both know Clem pays a few vpso to look away. He has to for it to still be open and operating. Friday night the vpso Didn't get there till after the ambulance had to call them. The vpso waited in order to give Clem time to alter the tape and haze it. We will get to that part later. I ask u to keep this between u and I. I will not stop until the prik Clem goes down and [Sheriff] Mike will too. It took a long time for me to play the bad girl, but boy do I've got some Shit on many in this town. I worry about the safety of my family many nights, but I know the good lord is keeping watch Dawn. Sorry, I had to do and say things that may have been hurtful. I had to play the game, u know how that goes to get info. I'll b in touch. Oh, don't forget the name of a trusting state police. Thanks and b safe.

The Story didn't get a new chapter until three years later when I wrote: 'Here's your Couyan!" you can read it by clicking here.