Rachel the Favorite

Mrs Ex-Sheriff Mark Garber

Excerpt LEO Theater Act 2

Immediately after winning the election in Lafayette, Sheriff Mark Garber changed his costume, applied some make up and then turned into a completely different person. For months leading up to the election, the voters listened while Garber’s campaign exploited his domestic bliss which included numerous photo-ops with his happy family along with his campaign slogan:

I’ll protect your family like I protect my own!

“Love means different things to different people, God says its patience, and trust and forgiveness…. I’m not going to stay in a marriage where LOVE is not by God’s definition,” pledged Rachel, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made – This person who I co-parent with, I don’t know him at all. My job is not to be perfect or try to please anyone else. My kids already lost their innocence just by experiencing a divorce and I just want to lift them up, let them know it’s not their fault, it’s not anybody’s fault, really. My job is to teach my children to love their neighbor as they would themselves. And I’m doing a good job

“It’s a huge sense of freedom to not make excuses for Mark, or lie for him anymore. I’m going to focus on my family and I refuse to make choices in revenge. You cannot have thankfulness and bitterness in your heart at the same time. When I sense any bitterness … when I start to fall, I ask myself… what do I have to be thankful for? And then I repeat… I’m thankful that god loves me, I’m thankful that my chickens laid eggs today, I’m thankful for my diet coke… I just keep reminding myself of the things that I’m thankful for and soon my heart is filled with gratitude and the bitterness has no place to hide.  

"It's hard though. It's even harder to understand why Mark hates me and feels like I'm the enemy and thinks he's above the law. He informed me that my kids will be going to another school next year because he can't afford the one they are at now. He said he was dropping the speech and ot session our daughter needs because he can't afford it. Even though it says in our divorce papers that he can't make those decisions by himself. And now, because I don't agree with his decisions, we will have to go back to court. Our girls are doing wonderfully in the school they are at. I don't think education or medical care should be sacrificed for our children because he doesn't want to pay for it. 

 “For all the women who have experienced divorce and tried to do the right thing for their children. I understand. For all the women who are stuck in a bad marriage. I understand. For all the women who are "punished" when they disagree with their children's father or have their own thoughts and ideas. I understand. I want to tell them I know you feel alone, helpless, and unhappy. I understand. But they are not alone. There are people out here who understand and share your pain and frustration. And most of all you are not alone because God is always with you.

“In my case,” Rachel says forlornly, “I’d like to tell the public that I’m sorry because I feel I was part of that lie. But frankly, I was embarrassed and felt stupid that I trusted him again and again and again.”

Psalm 27:14

Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage;

Wait for the LORD!