Prometheus Loses Its AIM

Published in 2009

One of my tricky pals is named Dr John Barclay. He is the Founder of Cryofuel Systems working closely with his business partner, Dr Miroslaw (aka Miro / Mirek) Skrzypkowski. Their tricky vision is to provide the energy consumers with a totally Green fuel. Essentially, Cryofuelsystems claimed they could take the methane out of our landfills and turn it into fuel instead of flaring it off.

You know how a landfill stinks. Usually they stick a pipe in the ground and flare off the stink by lighting a match….kinda like a fifth grader's prank with a fart. You know what I mean. The prank inside the landfill is considered “waste gas”. To protect the land value for the property owners around the stinky landfills, the stinky methane gas is flared off as “waste gas”….like a fifth grade fart.

It takes visionaries like Barclay and Miro (Mirek) to recognize the opportunity, I Guess you can say they are smarter than a fifth grader. Barclay and Miro claimed that Croyfuel could harvest waste gas methane and then freeze it. (Didn’t we try to do that in the fifth grade too?) Instead of flaring the “waste” Cryofuel Systems planned to turn it into Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) by purifying it cryogenically. The LNG they produced could then be used to fuel the trucks at the land fill where they harvested the methane. A bigger project could supply LNG Green fuel to the buses for the Schools and City Transit systems.

To prove that Cryofuel Systems was the real deal, Barclay and Miro (Mirek) teamed up with Rodi Power Systems who claimed to manufacture Green diesel engines which used the Rodi state of the art fuel injection system. Together, Rodi Power Systems and Cryofuel Systems claimed to field test their prototypes inside a landfill in California. The Rodi Power Systems prototype engines and fuel injectors were supposedly installed into the landfill trucks while Cryofuel’s prototype LNG liquefaction stations were placed into the land fill like a fifth grade prank. Curiously, Cryofuel must have been able to perfect their LNG liquefaction technology while testing their product inside those Rodi Powered landfill trucks because in 2001, the Cryofuel Chief Engineer told me that they were delivering one Cryofuel LNG liquefaction unit a month to landfills in California. He said they were having trouble keeping up with the demand.

I’ll remind you that Rodi Power Systems was a phony company that never built any engines or fuel injectors. EVER. While Rodi claimed to be testing their prototypes at the landfill, they imploded from an insider trading scam during 2001. Rodi Power told their share holders that they had to “suspend operations” until they could secure additional investment funding.

Six months after the Rodi implosion, Cryofuel Systems did the same thing and “suspended operations”. Everyone took the GREEN and then faded out of view.

It didn’t take long before the Man Behind the Curtain cloned the next generation scam. In 2003, Barclay and Miro, with the help of Kirt Montague, started up a new company called Prometheus Energy.

Conveniently, Kirt Montague was John Barclay’s attorney at Cryofuel Systems, so he has the experience to be a master of trickery. After Cryofuel evaporated, Kirt took on the role as founder and President of Prometheus Energy while John Barclay took the post of Chief Scientist. Miro (Mirek) Skrzypkowski took the post of Advanced Development Manager for Prometheus.

Not surprising, Prometheus Energy has the same vision that Cryofuel Systems faked. Barclay, Miro and Kirt are repeating history with Prometheus by claiming they can take the methane waste gas from landfills and convert it into LNG. Prometheus Energy says their goal is to use their LNG product to supply Green fuel to the Trucks at the landfills inside California as well as the Buses for the Schools and County Transit systems. They are definitely echoing the phony goals of Cryofuel Systems.

At the beginning of 2007, Prometheus Energy claimed they had installed the World’s first ever LNG Liquefaction Unit inside a landfill. It would seem that Barclay, Miro and Kirt forgot all about their successes at Cryofuel Systems back when they were teamed up with Rodi Power Systems.

In January 2007, Prometheus had claimed that their brand new liquefaction station at the Bowerman Landfill was producing 1000 gallons of LNG every day. And that was just for starters. They promised California that they would be producing 5,000 gallons a day by the end of the year.

One year later, in January 2008, the Three Prometheus Stooges sent out a press release claiming they had “met and exceeded”  their goals at the Bowerman landfill. They claimed that they were producing almost 3500 gallons of LNG per day. Prometheus was obviously hoping that California didn’t remember the original Prometheus promise of 5,000 gallons a day. Unfortunately for Prometheus, they were betting that nobody would check up on their claims. Who is Dawn Marcelle?

In that 2008 press release, the Prometheus founder, Kirt Montague, thought everyone should be impressed when he bragged that their LNG liquefaction unit managed to stay on-line (kept running) for “up to 140 hours at a stretch!”  Don’t laugh. They really did manage to keep the 5th grade prank running for 140 hours straight, once. But only one time for the whole year and they thought that was a bragging right.

Besides pretending to exceed their goals, Prometheus Energy gave us even more great news in the beginning of 2008. They also bragged about their good fortune at the Keifer Landfill. Plus, they received federal grants to create their third Prometheus “set up” in Utah. Additionally, Prometheus was also celebrating a grant they received from the government of Poland, (which is the homeland of Miro Skrzypkowski), to start a large LNG project in that country.

Prometheus is well on their way toward a Green Power illusion.

Personally, I could see the smoke in front of the mirrors six months ago. So I got on the phone and called up Prometheus Headquarters to ask pointed questions. The Prometheus spokesman told me that their one and only unit inside the Bowerman Landfill was doing better than they had hoped. After some prodding from me, the spokesman admitted that Prometheus produced a record 1500 gallons of LNG that WEEK.

I thought I misunderstood and asked, “1500 gallons TODAY? Or 1500 gallons this WEEK?” Prometheus had already tried to brag about producing 3500 gallons a day after they failed on their promise to produce 5000. I thought maybe I misunderstood and asked: “1500 gallons TODAY? Or 1500 gallons this WEEK?"

“We produced a record of 1500 gallons of LNG this WEEK”, said the spokesman.

“That’s very curious”, I thought, I need to get to the bottom of this one.

So, next, I called the California Transit Authority to ask them if Prometheus was supporting their fleet as advertised. They told me that they weren’t sure. In fact, I couldn’t find anyone at the Transit Authority who knew anything about the Prometheus conversion station. They told me to contact the Integrated Waste Management office for an answer to my questions.

So, I called the Integrated Waste Management office of Orange county.

The waste manager in Orange County told me to contact the Prometheus mechanic guy at the Bowerman Landfill for an answer to my questions. But they didn’t really know where his office was.

I had to get his number from head quarters at Prmetheus, but the Prometheus mechanic guy in Bowerman never returned any of my persistent messages.

Next, I contacted the General Managers office at the Bowerman Landfill. We had a long heart to heart conversation, although, before he would discuss anything with me he wanted to know who it was that I was representing. I told him truthfully that I was only representing myself, Dawn Marcelle.

Then he answered my questions.              

He told me that Bowerman was really happy to have Prometheus on their landfill and they were looking forward to a supply of LNG. It took some prodding from me, but he further admitted that they hadn’t received any LNG from Prometheus yet. This conversation took place on October 26, of 2007.

Two months later, Prometheus Energy was bragging that they had exceeded their goal of supplying 5000 gallons a day for the whole year.

During our conversation, the Bowerman GM wanted to assure me that Barclay and his polish friend, Miro, were the real deal. The GM wanted me to know that Prometheus was very successful with their project in Poland.

Note~ that I called Prometheus Head Quarters, again, the very next day. 

After my prodding, Prometheus admitted that they had never broke ground in Poland. I told the Prometheus spokesman that their website was very misleading. The Prometheus website had claimed since 2006 that they already had a successful LNG producing project in Poland. The spokesman became silent. Then I called my GM pal at the Bowerman landfill and let him know what they told me.

I also called the operations manager at the Kiefer Landfill, another location where Prometheus brags about their success. The Operations Manager at Kiefer told me that they were happy to have Prometheus coming to their landfill. He said they were looking forward to supporting the technologies of Prometheus Energy. Then he asked me to call the Kiefer Landfill Principal Engineer who was in charge of gas conversion projects at their landfill.

The bunny trail continued and so I called the Kiefer Landfill Principal Engineer. We had a productive conversation on the subject of Prometheus Energy.

NO, he said.

Prometheus did NOT have a liquefaction station at the Kiefer Landfill. After some prodding from me, he further admitted that the Prometheus Project at Kiefer was never destined to be a methane liquefaction system. Instead, Prometheus would only be delivering a filling station to Kiefer and then act as a transport company of LNG from an outside source.

Note that the Prometheus Energy website loved to brag about their successes at the Kiefer Landfill. If you read it, you’d think they had liquefaction stations all over the Kiefer site.

About the same time that I started making these inquiries, Prometheus Energy began to reduce their payroll through layoffs. In fact, by the time Prometheus sent out that flirty press release in 2008, they had laid-off nearly fifty percent of their workforce.

They even laid-off Dan Clarkson, a top-level insider. They also laid-off  Erik Montague, a top-level nepotistic insider.

Flashback: Erik Montague is the son of Kirt Montague and Kirt is the founder of Prometheus Energy. Kirt was also Dr Barclay’s attorney when they pulled off the Cryofuel / Rodi scam. Kirt claims he laid off his son, Erik, as a “restructuring” maneuver at Prometheus while at the same time, Prometheus Energy was falsely claiming all kinds of “Good News” to their share holders.

Betchya it was a PAYoff and not necessarily a LAYoff. Same goes for Dan Clarkson.

Dan Clarkson was the Prometheus Energy corporate attorney in charge of Government Affairs. Clarkson also worked with Kirt Montague at Cryofuel Systems when the Rodi Scam went down. He also played an instrumental role obtaining US grant money from the office of Congressman Doolittle who is under investigation by the US Justice Department regarding a bribery scandal. Perhaps Clarkson recognized that the Congressman was ripe for a Prometheus kick-back and then took that opportunity.

Who can tell?

For sure, I’m no sorcerer of financial wizardry. Truthfully, I don’t have the criminal mind necessary for understanding the Prometheus agenda. As I recite these next facts, I’ll try not to be too painful.

Prometheus Energy was listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) out of London. Even though Prometheus was headquartered in the US and a majority (if not all) of their projects were supported with US tax dollars they listed on the AIMarket where they could hide from the US Press. Where Prometheus Energy is concerned, half of the information that you’d find interesting on the WEB began with this paragraph:


Neither this announcement nor any copy of it may be taken, transmitted or distributed, directly or indirectly, in or into the United States, Canada, Australia, the Republic of Ireland, theRepublic of South Africa or Japan. Any failure to comply with this restriction may constitute a violation of United States, Canadian, Australian, Republic of South Africa, Republic ofIreland or Japanese securities laws.

That disclaimer keeps the American press from reporting on the shenanigans of Prometheus and their tangled web of financial distortions. Without an expert to decipher the information it’s really hard for a layman like me to follow the ins and outs, the constant mergers and acquisitions, the continuous trend of scams that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Such is the history of John Barclay with DCH Technologies who played the “here today, gone tomorrow” game over and over. For the record, Barclay was much more involved with that mess than acting merely as a consultant like he claims. DCH Tech was just one more Barclay role in his history of checkered business the same way that Paul Horn tries pretend he was only a consultant with Rodi Power.

Particularly glaring in the Prometheus case is their relationship with Ethanol Investments who was listed on AIM then delisted, now re-listing under the new name of Evergreen Securities. Much like Cryofuel and Prometheus, the new company, Evergreen Securities, is made up of the same individuals who ran Ethanol Investments. They only traded places with each other, assuming each others titles on the Board of Directors and such.

We should also pay attention to the orchestrated maneuvers of Libra Natural Resources and how they support the agenda of Prometheus. Most amusing are the people behind Libra who have their own histories of checkered business strategies. Take Jonathon Bradley Hoare, for instance. Hoare is famous in the United Kingdom for controlling the puppet strings behind half a dozen fronts and causing a ripple effect that destroyed well established companies that were all in good standing until Hoare came around. There are very few financiers inside AIM who don’t remember Hoare’s Bickerton affair or the people involved who took the money and ran. Today, Hoare is pulling the strings around Prometheus, Libra and Evergreen Securities.

During my conversation last October with the Prometheus head quarters spokesman, he assured me that American Citizens were not allowed to invest in Prometheus because the US Government believes it would be too risky for their citizens. At the same time, it is legal for Prometheus to apply for and accept US Federal tax money to support their scam. The government funds are handed to Prometheus like a Thank You, after all, Prometheus was thoughtful enough to sell their company shares on AIM as a means to protect the American public from the scam.

You understand, Prometheus Energy is a very risky investment by US standards. While they were listed on AIM, only the US Government was allowed to donate US money to the Prometheus cause. Thank you, Congressman Doolittle, for living up to your name.

We in the US, get plenty of Prometheus promises but where’s the GREEN? Hiding inside AIM, that’s where.

Actually, not for any longer. On My 2nd, 2008, Prometheus held an Extraordinary General Meeting with their shareholders four months after they bragged about exceeding their goals. The share holders who were present at the meeting unanimously approved the advice of Kirt Montague, who said it was time to de-list from the AIM market. Then again, the Prometheus Extraordinary General Meeting was held in the US, where it is illegal to be a Prometheus shareholder.

After de-listing from the AIMarket, officially on May 13th, 2008, Prometheus is now warning the World that they will be a predator within of the private investment sectors inside the US. You need to understand, in the short time that they were listed on the AIMarket, Prometheus siphoned 97% of their $45 million dollar cap into hidden pockets or other means to support their front.

Betchya Prometheus Energy will be “suspending operations” soon. It’s all business as usual for Barclay, Miro and Kirt. The evidence is on the Prometheus Energy website which actually dares to brag this statement: “We’re a three year old company that’s been around for THIRTY YEARS”. 

How can the same people repeat the same scam over and over for thirty years?

I can tell ya how, it’s all about the people you know, and Prometheus has some POWERful friends in POWERful places. You can tell a lot about a person by the people they do business with and it adds up to a bunch of dirty business when you put Barclay, Miro and Kirt into the same room as Paul A Horn, the President of Rodi Power Systems.

Just like Barclay, Miro and Kirt, Paul Horn wasn’t who he said he was, either. Paul told me he was a minister of God and the wealthy heir of his Grandmother who got rich raising chickens in Texas. Paul said that he spent many years just biding his time and going to school while collecting degrees. He pretended that his working experience was limited and said that he liked to“dabble in engines, and stuff”.  Paul Horn claimed that he was at Rodi Power Systems as a favor to his cousin, Byron Spain, who was the Rodi CEO. Paul confidently stepped into the position as President of Rodi Power Systems and then the corporation moved their head quarters to Abbeville, Louisiana to get closer to PeeDoo and the VPSO.

Of course, we all know now that the Rodi Scam had the same script as the Cryofuel Scam. The last time anyone heard from either of them, they both had “suspended operations” claiming they needed additional investment funding. Charlie Bright is currently working with Jon Garza on a replica of the Rodi fuel injector, and they are looking for additional funding too.

When I first accused Paul Horn, the rich chicken farmer heir of being involved with ENRON and the White House, many people said I had a big imagination. I’ll end this chapter with a copy of Paul A Horn’s personal resume. You tell me if Paul is who he said he was, or if I hit it on the mark.

On this day in 2008, Paul Horn is the City Manager of Alvin, Texas. You can call him at his desk by getting his phone number off of the Alvin City web site.

3233 Skyranch Dr.
Alvin, Texas, 77511
Mc: 281 331-3028 / Off: 281 388-2108


Industry executive with 27 years of experience in leading professional and non-exempt employees, as well as, establishing and administrating engineering, construction, environmental and legal contracts. Skilled public speaker and established expert in the field of project management:


  • Led two companies from startups to major players in the power industry.
  • Conceived, permitted, engineered, and constructed 13 industrial facilities totaling over $1,300,000,000.
  • Budget and proforma responsibility for above projects.
  • Negotiated electric power, steam, fuel, engineering, construction and operating contracts totaling over $5,000,000,000.
  • Permitted plants in California, Pennsylvania, New York and Texas.
  • Expert in deregulated power, having testified before the Texas PUC on two occasions.
  • Served on Legislative appointed industry advisory subcommittee.
  • Consulted for numerous large industrial corporations in the evaluation and/or establishment of on-site power facilities.
  • Project Manager for two utility power plants together totaling 2,500,000 KW.
  • A founding director of the Gulf Coast Power Association.
  • Spoke in London before insurance underwriters to obtain rates and coverages for large cogeneration installations previously reserved only for the electric utility industry.


Alternate Power Technology, Inc. – AlvinTexas                                       1992-2001

Formed consulting company to assist industry in the development of on-site power generation facilities. Work included project development, project bid team support, project screening, project equipment selection, new business plan support and site evaluation for DOE projects. Clients included: Stewart & Stevenson, Temple Inland, NorAm Energy, Reliant Energy, Duke Power, Altus Group, US Generating, RODI Power Systems, and J. Makowski Associates.

Falcon Seaboard Resources, Inc – HoustonTexas                                     1988-1992
Vice President

Executive responsible for the construction, startup and operation of a $165,000,000 plant nearFina’s refinery in west Texas, the development, permitting, financing, engineering and construction of a $90,000,000 near Welch Foods in Pennsylvania, and the power contract and permitting of a $260,000,000 plant near Georgia Pacific in New York. Had P/L responsibility for all projects and administrated and scheduled daily firm and spot gas delivery.


Power Systems Engineering, Inc. – HoustonTexas                                   1984-1988 Subsidiary Venture Manager

Lead the construction, startup and operation of a $240,000,000 plant in Channelview, Texas and the proposal, contract negotiations, permitting and financing of seven $45,000,000 plants inCalifornia. Had P/L responsibility for all projects and administrated and scheduled daily firm and spot gas delivery.

Houston Lighting &Power Co. – HoustonTexas                                      1970-1984

Cogeneration Department Manager from 1981-1984. Project manager for two major power plants totaling 2,500,000 KW.    Worked in the power plant engineering and operation departments.


  • BSME – 1969              Texas A&M University             College Station, Texas
  • MSME – 1970             Texas A&M University             College Station, Texas


  • Project Management                                          Southern Methodist University
  • Finance for Engineering Managers                     Southern Methodist University
  • Accounting for Engineering Managers               Southern Methodist University
  • Nuclear Reactor Engineering                             University of Chicago 


Registered Professional Engineer – Texas #49980