Paul A. Horn

Dear citizens of Alvin, Texas,

You sure had the wool pulled over your eyes when you elected Paul Horn for Mayor. Let me remind you how Paul Horn works, and you can’t say that I didn’t try to warn you.

When I met Paul in 1999, he was the President of Rodi Power Systems. He told me he was a Minister in Texas when his cousin, Byron Spain, asked him to help out with Rodi Power.  Paul also said he inherited a large wealth from his mother’s very successful chicken farm in Texas and that he enjoyed “tinkering with engines and stuff”. He said he took the position of President of Rodi because he wanted to help out his cousin, Byron, and give something good to the people in Louisiana.

Of course, by the time I left Louisiana, in 2001, it was very clear that Paul Horn had no intention of helping anyone except the Rodi scam artists. So, imagine my surprise when I found a picture of Paul Horn on the City of Alvin website.

There he was. My old Rodi boss, Paul Horn, was posing as the City Manager for Alvin, Texas. Horn was using the city website to introduce himself to the people of Alvin. In that introduction, Paul made it clear the he was “never an employee of Rodi Power Systems.” Paul Horn publicly declared that he only worked for Rodi on contract for a short time and only as an adviser. How absurd.

It didn’t take long for Paul to make a lot of enemies in Alvin City government. In fact, several of the Alvin city council members contacted me and asked for proof that Paul Horn had any part of Rodi Power Systems. They said they had already asked Paul about my website and he told them that I had the wrong Paul Horn.

So…I faxed them a front page copy of the Abbeville Meridional Newspaper. There on the front page was a picture of Paul A Horn, President of Rodi Power Systems. Along with his picture, the Meridional published a huge article where Paul promised the people of Abbeville that Rodi would be a huge boon for them, economically.

A few days after I sent that copy of the Meridional to the Alvin City Council, Paul Horn was taken behind closed doors into an executive session. During the executive session Paul was shown the evidence. The council made it clear they weren't happy that he had lied to them from the very beginning. Paul was told he could either retire that night or be fired the following Tuesday during a special meeting of the City Council.

Paul Horn chose to retire that night to avoid any public embarrassment.

Fast forward to 2014. Paul Horn actually had the gall to run for Mayor. The Alvin Sun newspaper received a letter from me, I thought it was important for the voters to know that Paul retired as City Manager to avoid being fired. The Alvin Sun refused to print my letter stating that an executive session of the City Council must remain off the record.

Then again, I know for a fact that the editor of the paper is afraid of Paul Horn. I’ve got the emails to prove it. And when you consider the fact that the editor of the paper was present during that executive session of the Council, fear will win over free speech, every time.

Remember, Paul Horn told me he was a Minister of God when I met him. I copied his resume below, it might as well have ENRON written all over it. Paul A Horn is exactly who I said he is.

I wish you all the luck with your new Mayor, Alvin. You’re gonna need it.


Dawn Marcelle



3233 Skyranch Dr .

Alvin , Texas , 77511

Mc: 281 331-3028 [Call: 281 331-3028] / Off: 281 388-2108 [Call: 281 388-2108]



Industry executive with 27 years of experience in leading professional and non-exempt employees, as well as, establishing and administrating engineering, construction, environmental and legal contracts. Skilled public speaker and established expert in the field of project management:


    Led two companies from startups to major players in the power industry.

    Conceived, permitted, engineered, and constructed 13 industrial facilities totaling over $1,300,000,000.

    Budget and proforma responsibility for above projects.

    Negotiated electric power, steam, fuel, engineering, construction and operating contracts totaling over $5,000,000,000.

    Permitted plants in California , Pennsylvania , New York and Texas .

    Expert in deregulated power, having testified before the Texas PUC on two occasions.

    Served on Legislative appointed industry advisory subcommittee.

    Consulted for numerous large industrial corporations in the evaluation and/or establishment of on-site power facilities.

    Project Manager for two utility power plants together totaling 2,500,000 KW.

    A founding director of the Gulf Coast Power Association.

Spoke in London before insurance underwriters to obtain rates and coverages for large cogeneration installations previously reserved only for the electric utility industry.


Alternate Power Technology, Inc. – Alvin , Texas                                                   1992-2001

Principal – Paul Horn


Formed consulting company to assist industry in the development of on-site power generation facilities. Work included project development, project bid team support, project screening, project equipment selection, new business plan support and site evaluation DOE projects. Clients included: Stewart & Stevenson, Temple Inland, NorAm Energy, Reliant Energy, Duke Power, Altus Group, US Generating, RODI Power Systems, and J Makowski Associates.


Falcon Seaboard Resources, Inc – Houston , Texas                                    1988-1992

Vice President

Executive responsible for the construction, startup and operation of a $165,000,000 plant near Fina’s refinery in west Texas , the development, permitting, financing, engineering and construction of a $90,000,000 near Welch Foods in Pennsylvania , and the power contract and permitting of a $260,000,000 plant near Georgia Pacific in New York . Had P/L responsibility for all projects and administrated and scheduled daily firm and spot gas delivery.


Power Systems Engineering, Inc. – Houston , Texas                                   1984-1988 Subsidiary Venture Manager

Lead the construction, startup and operation of a $240,000,000 plant in Channelview , Texas and the proposal, contract negotiations, permitting and financing of seven $45,000,000 plants in California . Had P/L responsibility for all projects and administrated and scheduled daily firm and spot gas delivery.


Houston Lighting &Power Co. – Houston , Texas                                       1970-1984

Cogeneration Department Manager from 1981-1984. Project manager for two major power plants totaling 2,500,00 KW. Worked in the power plant engineering and operation departments.



    BSME – 1969             Texas A&M University          College Station , Texas

    MSME – 1970 Texas A&M University          College Station , Texas


    Project Management                                      Southern Methodist University

    Finance for Engineering Managers                Southern Methodist University

    Accounting for Engineering Managers          Southern Methodist University

    Nuclear Reactor Engineering                         University of Chicago


Registered Professional Engineer – Texas #49980