Names Part Three

(last updated April 6, 2019)

Brian Pope - City Marshal of Lafayette - The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience and truth over popularity. These are the choices that measure our lives. Travel the path of integrity without ever looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

Sheriff Mark Garber of the Lafayette Sheriff’s office - this guy is an awesome politician and I can promise you he is going places. Powerful places.

Chief Tony Hardy of the Abbeville Police Department - I have never been more disappointed in any cop, anyplace, at anytime, EVER. Nuff said.

Trudy Hardy - Mrs Chief of Police, Abbeville - Trudy radiates nothing but her Hardy family bonds of support and loyalty. 

Patrick Hardy - Law Enforcement employee of Broussard Brothers Dock - Chief Hardy gave me his phone number and the most amazing thing happened when I dialed that number. The man who answered the phone that night was navigating a ship through the Gulf of Mexico – we talked until our phone batteries died. Turns out that my dyslexia helped me punch Patrick’s phone number in backwards – To this day, the Navigator who picked up the phone that night is one of my most treasured friends. I’m not sure if I should thank Chief Hardy for the number or Patrick Hardy or maybe I should thank my dyslexia. Can I just say I’m grateful for the chain of events that introduced me to the Navigator? Read the whole Navigator love story by clicking here.

Officer Chris Hardy - of the Abbeville Police Department. The biggest impression Chris Hardy made on me was when I left Chief Hardy’s office in August, 2010. There were at least a dozen officers in red t-shirts lined up as I headed for the exit. Chris opened the door for me and whispered “Have a nice Day” and as I walked out I whispered back to him, “You do the same”.

Detective David Hardy of the Abbeville Police Department - David has always wanted a Police Chief position but he has too many skeletons in the closet to run for office, himself. After Tony became Chief of Police, David pretty much became the ‘Man behind the APD Curtain’ while Chris ran interference and Tony fed his horses.

Kelly BROUSSARD (Hardy) - Mrs David Hardy from APD - The most memorable interaction I had with Kelly is when I asked her if she was from Louisiana and she replied, “Is it that obvious?”

Todd Travasos - Silver spoon child born from the Russo crime family

“Better Dog Bob Clayton” Ex Teamster and illiterate ego maniac who is looking for a lawyer after he proved to the whole world that everything on my website is true. Bob Clayton, the owner of Auburn Breton dog breeding services, is, unfortunately, the father of my children. I have always known that Bob would destroy me if he could, I just never believed he was capable of doing harm to his own children until he took me to Abbeville, Louisiana.

Chelsea Strasser- my oldest child- she's one of those girls that if you asked her out on a date her answer depended on the kind of car you drove. She has always placed a high value on status as well as her own pretentions. As her mother, I placed the highest value on her education. Her father was a truck driver and if I wanted my kids to go to college I had to pay for it. As a skilled professional I could make three times what a truck driver was paid. When I divorced Bob I let him keep my half of our retirement package with the understanding that he would pay off any and all student loans for Thing One. Instead, Bob stuck Thing One with her student debt and blamed the financial crisis on me. The pretentious Thing One has resented me ever since. Our relationship could be better if Thing One was capable of a conversation but, father like daughter, all she can do is SCREAM while making ridiculously false accusations. (psssst: I left you kids in the Jeep while I showed Giri the hidden coal mine cave at the trailhead- a cave that I could NEVER let any child know was there- FYI: Giri is in California - get your facts straight before Sonya Couvillon calls you).

Billy Sturgeon- was famous for being the top weed dealer at Hazen Highschool until his parents staged an intervention. Billy showed up in the Principles office with over an ounce of weed in his pocket then his parents hid the weed from authorities. They wanted Billy to be held accountable but not THAT accountable. Today, Billy is an important manager where he supervises the installation of gas tanks on commercial aircraft. In August, 2018, ten days after I published Rollin on the River, Billy's wife requested a restraining order against me. She was clear in the request with claims that her entire family was TERRIFIED of me. Billy told the judge that he could not afford to take time away from his job to defend his family in court. Every manager in BCA knows that's a flat out lie - Go for Zero - Live the company values - the number one priority is to keep yourself safe and look out for others on and off the job. (Billy has sent me numerous texts telling me his wife will be ok after she starts taking her anxiety medications again)

Robyn Sturgeon- my youngest child, she has spent a lot of money covering up her tramp stamp and back tattoos trying to hide from her past. In August 2018, 10 days after I published Rollin' on the River, Thing Two requested a restraining order against me. She claimed I had her family under surveilance, I had also broken into their home and was terrorizing the children by banging on their windows at night before running away. Thing Two also claimed I hacked into their emails and said that the birthday gift I sent to my grand daughter caused them all severe anxiety. She did her best to convince the judge that everyone in her family was TERRIFIED of me. (the birthday gift was a virtual reality 3d art simulator). The judge denied the restraining order while Thing Two sobbed crocodile tears of shame in the courtroom.

Deputy Sonya Lewis Couvillon of the VPSO aka Mrs Sheriff Couvillon - her colleagues still can’t figure out how she became a detective in fifteen minutes when it took the other deputies fifteen years.

Troy J Landry - The Cajun Terrorist in Abbeville - works with deputy Sammy Laporte and Detective David Hardy

Deputy Kirk Frith of the VPSO

Deputy Sammy LaPorte of the VPSO

Tyler Lauren Domingue 1985 - 2014

Cody James Fell 1979 - 2014

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