Mrs Culdesac and the Sheriff

Published February, 2011

I work for a guy everyone knows as Roar. He’s one of the most compassionate people I know and I’m happy to take on his assignments while we work together to make this a better world for all. When Roar first invited me to visit Abbeville, Louisiana, it didn’t sound like such a good idea to me. Call me a scaredy cat, but maybe you’ve never received death threats from Louisiana Law Enforcement as I have. So I declined Roars invitation for a visit.

Then the Golden Goose showed up.

The Goose and I have had a spooky relationship over the years. He has the experience to be a witness to a major smuggling ring of illegal contraband. The smugglers change routes regularly favoring the borders of Florida, Louisiana and Texas. After two years of hiding, the Golden Goose finally reappeared in spring 2010 and he was back in Louisiana. With good reason, the Goose is just as shy as I am when it comes to dealing with Louisiana Law Enforcement. However, it was clear that the only way I’d ever learn the Gooses secrets is if I paid him a visit and had an up close and personal conversation.

So I called up Roar, and asked if I could come down to Abbeville for a visit.

And visit I did in August 2010, and together, Me, Roar and the Goose made history more than once. As I mentioned, the Goose is rather shy. I’ll leave his story out of this chapter and save it for the bombshell chapter that it is all by itself. Instead, I’ll tell the story of Mrs Culdesac, otherwise known as Donnell Dent, and I’ll include some insight on her Drug Cowboy, Sheriff Mike Couvillion.

Mrs Culdesac’s story is rather serendipitous with her in and out lies. She’s a complete phony who represents a false picture of who or what she really is. And she uses a social networking site to promote her life built out of lies.

The saga between me and Donnell, began shortly after my name was printed on the front page of the Meridional Sunday paper when someone posted a discussion in the Abbeville social network forum titled “Rodi Power Systems and Dawn Marcelle”. MrsCuldesac / Donnell Dent, was the first person to enter the discussion. She told the entire world wide web that she knows me very well. She told the entire WORLD that I was an insane, unstable, paranoid, delusional lost cause.

Donnell also claimed that she would shoot me dead on sight. And she delivered her threats and accusations publicly on the world wide web. My boss, Roar, joined the discussion and it got pretty heated for a while until you noticed the moderator was censoring the posts to Donnell’s favor. Posts that mentioned the VPSO were required to be flattering or else they would be deleted. The history of these forum threads, if you actually read them, are completely skewed.

For months, and then years, Donnell was allowed to post her horrendous slander against me along with her threats. What kind of individual would publicly claim they know me when they don’t know me from Adam? And then continue her lies by attacking my sanity and top it off with a virtual death threat?

I’ll tell ya who. Anyone that promotes the bullying of Sheriff Couvillon can get away with anything. I learned a long time ago that the Mobsters of Vermilion have their community in a choke hold. Everyone in Vermilion Parish understands that you cannot speak every Truth out loud. Especially if that Truth includes Rodi Power Systems, Peedoo Broussard or the Sheriff’s office. Telling the truth about those subjects will make you the target for retaliation and the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Department RETALIATION is not pretty.

So the Cajuns of Vermilion keep their mouths shut and look the other way for their own good when the Truth is involved. In the case of Donnell, she doesn’t just ignore the truth, she does everything she can to bury it under threats and lies with the protection of Sheriff Mike Couvillon.

Donnell Dent has even claimed publicly that she can do what she wants because Sheriff Couvillion will back up her lies in a court of law.

While Donnell and the VPSO trolls attacked me with their cruelty, I was given several writing assignments that required investigative work. One of my assignments was to interview Chief Coleman’s competition for the 2010 Abbeville Police Chief race, he was a street cop named Tony Hardy. Tony is only one of six Hardy brothers, all of which are well respected law enforcement professionals.

In Vermilion they are affectionately referred to as “The Hardy Boys”.

Two of the Hardy Boys, David and Chris, were already working for the Abbeville Police Department before Tony ran for the office of Chief. At that time, Tony was an officer for the Maurice Police Department working alongside his brother Patrick. Mike Hardy was the Abbeville Police Chief for two terms into the early 2000’s . Tim Hardy was an officer under their father, Minos Hardy, who was the Abbeville Police Chief when he retired in the early 90’s.

The new Abbeville Police Station is named after their brother, John Hardy, who was shot down while on patrol during Christmas Eve, 1992.

Looking back, I think interviewing Tony Hardy was one of my favorite assignments. I interview a lot of people from all walks of life and Tony Hardy was one of the most “real”feeling.

It’s funny, as soon as I tell my subjects that I’m calling for an interview they usually fall into one of two categories. Most often, they stutter over their words then ramble on with buzz phrases and tell me what they think I want to hear. Or else they are completely preoccupied with ME, they want to know what my intentions are, how will I use the interview, who is my audience?….like a paranoid politician.

But not Tony Hardy. He was completely down to earth, nothing arrogant about him. I always ask direct pointed questions that many of my subjects seem to be uncomfortable with. But not Tony Hardy. He answered every question with the same direct pointedness that I asked them. His honesty could not be denied and it was refreshing for someone like me who is usually stuck interviewing weasels and slime balls.

Which leads me to my next assignment of interviewing Chief Rick Coleman. Chief Coleman fell into the “paranoid politician” category. He refused my offer for an interview but I wouldn’t let him off that easy. I demanded to know if he was going to run for re-election in 2010 and the resulting article from that interview was when Abbeville got their first proof that Chief Coleman was getting cold feet.

In the end, Rick Coleman did not run for re-election and the city of Abbeville got a new Police Chief with no competition.

Everyone welcomed Chief Tony Hardy aboard on June 30th 2010, three months after the Golden Goose reappeared on my radar. This was a huge break through for me and I was relieved that Abbeville finally had a leader behind the Chiefs desk who could build bridges of trust across boundaries of status quo.  By mid August I was staying with Roar, in Abbeville, to hunt down the Goose. Three days after I arrived in town the Abbeville Police Department made a record sized drug bust.

Imagine that.

The morning after the big bust I dropped by the Abbeville Police Station to congratulate Chief Hardy on the good work. However, he was still busy wrapping it up and his secretary said he’d call me when he had time to chat.

Feeling good about our accomplishments, I decided to drive five minutes up the road to introduce myself to Donnell Dent and set the record straight. I’m always attentive to my surroundings and noticed a Sheriff’s unit parked less than 400 meters away from Donnell’s driveway.

I was really glad that I had my own backup even if that back up was on the phone and sitting in Texas.

Remember, Donnell Dent had publicly promised that she would shoot me dead on sight. Plus, I was officially in Sheriff Couvillion’s jurisdiction, meaning I was treading in hot water. I made sure I had my witnesses on the phone and I also had that really big back up waiting in Texas in case Sheriff Couvillion decided to get ugly.

Everyone was on speaker phone when I pulled into Donnell Dents culdesac and said, “I don’t think I’m at the right place”.

I knew Donnell Dent was a liar but until that day, I didn’t know she was a complete phony as well.

She advertises herself as a highly successful business owner that caters to dozens of 18 wheelers a day in her culdesac. She claims to have a private gun range on her property where she trains to be a sharpshooter and she has a huge pond full of fish. But what I found at the end of the culdesac was a teeny trailer house with a teeny metal shed on a teeny 4000 square foot lot and the pond was smaller than a teeny front porch. Plus there is NO WAY an 18 wheeler can pull into the culdesac and turn around.

I didn’t think I was at the right place.

I backed out of the driveway to double check the trailer numbers and they checked out accurate. My witnesses on speaker phone reminded me to make sure that there was not a No Trespassing sign. There wasn’t one. So I pulled back into the driveway and went straight to Donnell’s door.

There was never any intention to make trouble when I knocked on her door. I had every intention to courteously introduce myself so that I could help Donnell understand that her lies have no purpose.

Sure enough, Donnell answered the door and I asked if I could speak to Donnell Dent.

Donnell immediately became defensive with a mean tone and demanded to know who I was.

I told her that my name is Dawn Marcelle and that Donnell Dent knows me well. Just ask her, she’ll tell ya so.

Donnell Dent went positively BALLISTIC!

She was spitting on herself through gritted teeth, telling me I had five minutes to get off her property before I would be arrested. I immediately put both hands in the air (speaker phone in the right hand) and backed away from the door but couldn’t help myself, I busted out laughing at her reaction to my introduction.

Not a smart move on my part because Donnell got REALLY PISSED!

I was able to calm her down. I explained that I only wanted to introduce myself and set the record straight. (You don’t know me from Adam, do ya? And I just proved it) There was no reason to say out loud what I was thinking, instead, I asked her if I could see the trustworthy Rodi generator that she’s been bragging about on the world wide web for the last two years.

Donnell pulled herself together and tried her best to present some form of manners while she pretended that she couldn’t find that generator on her HUGE 4000 square foot teeny lot. She apologized for the “mess” as she led me this way then that way in search of the elusive trustworthy Rodi generator. She said she hoped I didn’t mind if my childish sandals got muddy..

To my amazement, Donnell took me behind her teeny metal shed and showed me her supposed trustworthy Rodi generator. As I inspected the rusted out shell of her 1996 Rodi generator, one of only fifty legitimate generators that Rodi ever marketed, Donnell told me that she was a Rodi Salesperson in 2001, which makes sense if you think about it. Selling phony generators is a perfect job for the phony Donnell of the Culdesac.

I wanted to ask Donnell: “If you were selling Rodi’s generators in the year 2001, then why do you have a 1996 Rodi generator instead of a 2001 model?”  That was another thought that I kept to myself that day. It was easy to see where this was going.

After Donnell admitted that she sold phony Rodi generators with her best friend Adrianne Delcambre, I said…outloud this time… I said, “Well then, you would know Tommy [Courmier].”

Donnell’s eyes bugged out in surprise but all she did was nod. Affirmative.

Geeeeez! If I had known that Donnell Dent worked with Tommy, one of the biggest Rodi traffickers beside Norm Crosswhite and Floyd Saunders, I might have not knocked on her door.

From the looks of Donnell’s 1996 Rodi model, I’d bet the last time it ran must have been 1997. But that never stopped her from lying about it. She had publicly claimed for two years that her trusty Rodi generator was still running like a champ in 2010. That is, until someone asked to see it and then she said she had sold it. Three months later, she forgot her lie and went straight back to bragging again about how well that Rodi generator was working for her. Which was the reason I asked her to show it to me.

I just smiled at Donnell while she let me take pictures of her rusted out piece of Rodi generator junk.

Then I thanked Donnell for showing me her generator and turned toward my car but Donnell stopped me to ask why I write about Rodi and Peedoo Broussard and I answered her question with a question of my own.

“What about the innocent investors who lost their life savings to the scam?” Then I took a few more steps toward my car. Donnell stopped me again to say: “I already made my money [off those phony Rodi generators] Why are you so jealous?”

For the third time, I stepped around Donnell and when I got to my car, I offered her my hand in peace. Donnell refused to shake my hand while three witnesses were listening on speaker phone.

Shortly after I left Donnell’s property, Chief Hardy called me up and said he had time to see me. So I went straight back to the Abbeville Police Station.

While talking to Chief Hardy with several Special Agents at the station, Donnell called her partner in crime, Sheriff Mike Couvillion. Apparently Donnell told the Sheriff that I came onto her property and started just helping myself, snooping around, trespassing. She also claimed I was SCREAMING at the top of my lungs that the CIA was coming to town to bust PeeDoo Broussard. Donnell went so far as to claim I was acting “very unstable” in a neurotic way. Then Donnell's lies were further exaggerated by claiming I was experiencing violent physical shakes and that she was in fear of her life. Good Grief.

Meanwhile, while I was sitting in Chief's office. Tony Hardy witnessed a calm, intelligent and caring person sitting across from his desk… only minutes after I left Donnell’s property.

The atmosphere in the police station that day was intense, but I never mentioned Donnell Dent to Chief Hardy and he didn’t mention her either. To this day, that was the only time I’ve ever spoken to Tony Hardy besides when I interviewed him, nine months earlier.

 I thanked Chief Hardy for his time and good works and then spent two more days in Abbeville before leaving for Alexandria and meeting up my witnesses that were on the phone when I knocked on Donnell Dent’s door.

A month later I was back home in Mukilteo and found a backlog of emails. Apparently after Donnell found out that I had been at the Police Station, she believed and then publicly accused Chief Hardy of sending me to her house to “stab her in the back” and threaten her life.

It was absurd.

And she didn’t stop there. She also started a number of ugly rumors in effort to destroy Chief Hardy’s reputation. She accused Chief of trying to use me to extort her because she "knows too much". When her rumors were proved to be false, she accused one Hardy Boy after another of being my boss, Roar. When those accusations didn’t pan out, she accused a number of Chief’s supporters. When those accusations didn’t pan out either, she accused Roar of being a Meridional newspaper reporter named Chris Rosa.

Plus, she changed her story about my introduction half a dozen times even after she was told I had 3 witnesses to the event. She even coerced her sick elderly mother into being an accomplice to her conspiracy of lies. Donnell Dent is a true delusional psychopathic liar and who should be charged with elderly abuse. But then everyone learned that Donnell is just like her mother, so… they deserve each other.

With every false accusation, with every attempt Donnell made to destroy the truth, she reminded us all that she can say and do whatever she wants because she has Sheriff Couvillon on her side. And it’s no secret that Couvillon despises the Hardy Boys, maybe even more than he despises me.

And remember…VPSO RETALIATION is NOT pretty.

Seriously, VPSO INTIMIDATION isn’t pretty either, I can give you the evidence of just how the unethical power abusing Sheriff Couvillon works.

As serious as Donnell’s claims were, with her life at stake and all that, Sheriff Couvillion has never contacted me to ask about Donnell’s delusions. Instead, Sheriff Couvillon ordered his top detective, Sammy LaPorte, to intimidate me.

So….Sammy LaPorte sent me an email. LOL! I guess he thinks his in-box is really scary. All he wrote was: “I want to ask you some questions about your writings since I’m a citizen of this good ol’ usa.”

I immediately wrote back to Sammy and said: “OK”

And I was ready to honestly answer any questions but it seems that Deputy Sammy LaPorte was dumbstruck because he never contacted me ever again. And he is the only person from the VPSO to contact me since I knocked on Donnell’s door and introduced myself.

At the same time, the VPSO says they have a warrant out for my arrest, but Homeland Security doesn’t know about it so… it must be an illegal warrant, just more VPSO intimidation.

Here we are, more than six months after I knocked on Donnell’s door and she is still getting away with her lies, threats and accusations. That’s easy to do when Sheriff Couvillion doesn’t want the truth to be known. Where the VPSO is concerned, they need all the help they can get from the Culdesac while they try convince the world not to believe my Story.

And I can tell you what about the Cattle Festival.

Only a few weeks after I introduced myself it was Cattle Fest season in Abbeville and Donnell was at the top of her game with her lurid accusations against Chief Hardy. Donnell needed to unwind so she went to the festival without her husband, Jimmy J.


JJ was out of mind with jealousy when Donnell didn’t come home that night and decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. He got on the computer and ripped her a new one on the social networking site where MrsCuldesac reigns supreme with the VPSO.

Jimmy J Dent told the whole World Wide Web that his wife, Donnell Dent, was an alcoholic with nymphomaniac tendencies. In his own words, he said Donnell can never turn down a beer and if you buy her one and act nice, she’ll spread her legs for ANYONE and let you have your way with her.

Jimmy continued ranting for a few days and then said that Donnell was mentally ill. He said that she needed serious intervention or else their marriage was over.

A lot of people came to Jimmy’s defense with additional testimony. Even Donnell’s cousin chimed in saying it was true, even he bought her a beer and had a great time. The bullying on the forum was shameful.

Myself, I don’t like Donnell too much, I don’t like Mike Couvllion, either. My purpose is to tell the truth and circumcise the eyes in Vermilion so they can see it too. I believe that telling the truth with dignity and honor is far more powerful than intimidation, retaliation or bullying.

In the end, I had the moderator of the forum take Jimmy Dent’s bully thread down out of public view to protect Donnell’s dignity.

And yet, Donnell is still posting her lies, innuendo’s and threats.

Sounds like she wants her cake and eat it too, just like Sheriff Couvillion and his goons. Understand, that Couvillion ran his last election by promoting his ethical and moral family values. After he won the election he hired his bondsman scam / lady friend in Maurice and put her on the VPSO payroll so that he could catch an easy nooner.

But this chapter is already 8 pages long. I’ll have to share the Couvillon tragedy another time.

Stay tuned, I’m just warming up.