Merrill Matlovich

F Merrill Matlovich, a retired CIA agent, was the website administrator for Rodi Power Systems. When Merrill wasn’t attending to the needs of the Rodi site, he was managing his own spy-cam / live-sex porno site through his company, “iCamProductions”. To his credit, Merrill also held an EBI/SCI and NATO Top Secret Clearances approved by top brass at the Department of Defense. Merrill also had a place on the Rodi Power Systems board of directors. 

It was quite a surprise when I recieved an email from Merrill Matlovich. It was even a bigger surprise to read his request, pasted below:

From: "merrill matlovich" <>
Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2005 4:37 AM
To: "Dawn Marcelle" <>
Subject: Contact Form -- regarding other

You need to make corrections to your website to make me one of the good guys. I was screwed by Byron too for over $30k, and I even filed a court action against him in Abbyville, but it was going to cost me in excess of $15k to go after Byron and the result was uncertain. I even filed a complaint with the SEC, but they didn't care to persue it since it wasn't big enough to make headline like Martha Stewert. I got screwed to, as did my dad and friends. I wasn't part of the conspiracy like Steve Garman and the other boards of directors.
Please correct your website. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss what I've already done in an attempt to put Byron in jail.
Merrill Matlovich

A week after I received Merrill’s message, I wrote the following chapter:

Skeletons in the Closet


After a conversation with Kevin Fox, I thought Merrill was dead. But I received an interesting email last week from someone who claims to be Merrill Matlovich.

He asked me politely to correct my website.

Please, Dawn.....Make me a "Good Guy".....I'm a "Good Guy" Dawn, You got it all wrong.....Byron Spain screwed me out of thirty thousand dollars!!!! The SEC got my letter of complaint, but they were more interested in busting Martha Stewart than busting Byron!!!~~~

If that was Merrill, he should go back to Spook School.

I'm the one who served him cake at his very own Rodi Party.

Merrill Matlovich had invested $150,000 into Rodi stock, so Byron's wife Sue Spain, bought a pretty cake to celebrate the occasion. As it turned out, that was Merrill's second installment.

According to Paul A. Horn, and Byron Spain, and Merrill, himself, Merrill Matlovich owned over a quarter million dollars worth of Rodi Stock/Scam. Sue and I served the cake and every one was celebrating Merrill's big investment......except for one very unhappy Rodi camper named Norm Crosswhite.

The Story
Excerpt from chapter “Skeletons in the Closet”
by Dawn Marcelle

Mailed: January 7, 2003
November 6, 2002
Paper No. 16


Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

In re F. Merrill Matlovich, dba iCam Productions

Serial No. 75/795,407

David L. Garrison of Garrison & Associates PS for F.
Merrill Matlovich, dba iCam Productions.
Maria-Victoria Suarez, Trademark Examining Attorney, Law Office 102 (Thomas V. Shaw, Managing Attorney).

Before Simms, Holtzman and Rogers, Administrative Trademark Judges.

Opinion by Simms, Administrative Trademark Judge:

F. Merrill Matlovich, dba iCam Productions (applicant) has appealed from the final refusal of the Trademark Examining Attorney to register the mark DOTSEX for promoting the goods and services of others in the fields of soft-core and hard-core pornographic photography by providing a Web site at which members can link to the Web sites of others. 1


Serial No. 75/795,407

The Examining Attorney has refused registration under Section 2(e)(1) of the Act, 15 USC §1052(e)(1), on the basis that applicant’s mark is merely descriptive of his services.

Decision: The refusal to register is affirmed.

Application was filed on the basis of an allegation of bona fide intention to use the mark in commerce.

My guess is that the Examining Attorney at the trademark office simply did a ‘google’ on Merrill’s company, “iCam Productions”. The iCam Productions site bragged about the great XXX voyeurism they had available for anyone who wanted to watch. The website admitted that the live sex acts that were broadcast from hidden iCAM Production spy-cams were performed by unsuspecting victims. The site even boasted: “this is definitely not for the weak at heart!!”.

Consequently: The Examining Attorney righteously refused to register Merrill’s DOTSEX Top Level Domain. 

A complete copy of Merill Matlovich’s resume is pasted below. This copy was on the web until I posted The Story chapter: Sex, Spies and WAR. Soon after I posted that chapter, Merrill removed the third page from his on-line resume to hide his security credentials. What I pasted below is the resume I took off the web on Christmas Eve, 2004.

Merrill’s list of Security Clearances is at the very end of his bloated resume.


Merrill Matlovich

[2004] Resume

F. Merrill Matlovich  ·  206-719-8263

Qualifications Profile

Highly accomplished Project Manager with extensive experience in product management, business development, process and system design, marketing strategies and project management of diversified software/hi-tech services and products. 

Developed state-of-the-art Business Intelligence OLAP MIS system and data warehouse. 

Masters of Business Administration in Information Systems with exceptional management and technical experience, education and training. 

Tenacious, resourceful visionary who thrives in creative, dynamic environment. Key member of team developing industry standard for software code instrumentation.

Effectively saved company a recurring $100,000 by negotiating, procuring, installing, managing administering state-of-the-art secure LAN use to re-engineer key business process.

Successfully managed costs, schedules, technology development and integration of multi-million dollar high-value vendor hardware and software development and integration contracts. Authored multi-million dollar winning technical proposals and system specifications. 

Educational Background

  • Masters of Business Administration in Information Systems (3.93 GPA)
  • Seattle City University – Seattle, WA (1991)
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (3.5 GPA)
  • University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA (1979)

Technical Skills/Certifications

  • Advertising Creative Development
  • Network Capacity Analysis
  • Affiliate Program Development & Marketing
  • Principle Deliverables Auditing
  • CPC / CPM Banner Campaign Planning
  • Project Proposal and Budgeting
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Requirements Management
  • Custom CD Development & Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Direct Mail Campaign Development
  • Statistical & Data Analysis
  • Email Opt-In Marketing Campaigns
  • Statistical Process Control
  • FMEA/Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Systems Integration Including 802.11b
  • MS Certified Professional
  • Technical Documentation
  • MS Office/Project Application Suite
  • UNIX & NT Windows 2000

Management experience/skills

  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Requirements Management
  • High-level Business Systems Automation
  • Software/Hardware Program Management
  • IT Business Infrastructure Analyst/Architect
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Planning, Scheduling & Control
  • Subcontract Management


F. Merrill Matlovich
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Professional Experience

Web Investment Network, LLC   1999 to 2003
Project Manager  (1999-2003)

Served Project Manager for e-Commerce Start-up Corporation. Managed, planned, directed and coordinated internal and subcontracted object oriented software development projects including requirements definition, analysis and design, development tools and technologies, implementation, support, testing and deployment successfully within budget and schedule constraints. Developed business systems MIS infrastructure for real-time metrics reporting. Worked with senior IT management to align requirements with business strategy focused on satisfying customer needs. Managed and prioritized business systems requirements, managed mission critical projects, including market research, authoring system specifications, developed proof of concept prototypes, developed project proposals, budgets and schedules.

Boeing Corporation  1979 to 1999
Served as Project Manager, IT Database Manager, and System Requirements Manager—Systems Integration Manager (1998-1999)

Authored system specifications, ICD’s, test plans, systems audit and requirements verification, validation and compliance documentation. Principle deliverables auditor and risk mitigation interface manager for acceptance of Russian modified vessels and manufactured spacecraft.  Provided information technology and engineering for effective and efficient interface management systems as team member of American delegation of international venture using CASE Tool-based Requirements Management, marine systems integration and design and launch vehicle integration. 

Requirements Manager (1997-1998)

Successfully managed system design and wrote specifications for Teledesic space infrastructure. Analyzed and identified potential program information system problems. Managed cost and schedules for requirements management system implementation. Managed requirement verification and validation using CASE  tools.

Software Engineering Manager (1991-1997)

Managed team of statisticians and software developers to develop and implement effective PIRS software performance and MIS metrics systems. Authored software specifications and ICD’s. Designed and directed development, implementation and operation of transaction billing system.  Provided business analysis, data warehousing and mining, SEI CMM methodology, network capacity analysis, software system development life cycle management, statistical process control system design, and disaster recovery planning. Managed internal and external development projects.Established industry standards with innovative cost-effective software designs and processes. Introduced Automated Requirements Management Tool to company.

High-Value High-Tech Hardware Manager (1989-1991)

Managed cost and schedules for team of senior avionics design/integration/test engineers in manufacturing environment to provide manufacturing support using statistical process controls


F. Merrill Matlovich
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and production planning. Key member of information technology strategy team. Authored and edited International Space Station System Test Audit Report.

High-Value High-Tech Hardware Manager (1979-1989)

Managed cost and schedules for several internally and externally built aerospace hardware projects.  Developed cost and schedule proposals for changes to baseline program.  Authored change proposals, defined impact assessment, identified skills required, and proposed cost and schedules associated with the proposed change requests. Managed technical aspects of hardware subcontractors, including authoring specifications and ICD’s and integrating hardware into aerospace vehicles. Provided problem identification and resolution during development, qualification and integration testing, and production phases. Represented company for technical negotiations. Managed all flight essential avionics hardware for AWACS program. Managed development, integration, qualification testing and deployment of flight control servo system hardware for the ALCM program. Managed development, integration, qualification testing and deployment of high value optical sensor hardware for proprietary IR&D programs. Recognized and awarded for outstanding management of technical documents and presentations; nominated for High Potential engineer. Successfully designed, deployed and managed all aspects of documents generation and management system. Recognized for developing cost-effective pragmatic solution for nagging technical and political problem. 


"SAS Measures Up: Computing System Metrics in Boeing's REDARS Project"; Proceedings of the Twenty-First Annual SAS Users Group International Conference, Cary NC: SAS Institute Inc., 1996.  pgs 1246-1249. 


  •  Secret
  •  ComSec
  •  NATO Secret
  •  EBI/SCI 

-Professional References Available Upon Request-