Dear Dawn 5-30-2015

Load up ya shotguns... Fred Flintstone has a Cooyan sign on the Abbeville city limis to warn all, ya all who enter Abbeville.... you in Cooyan's house now, and you play by Bedrock rules, OR ELSE!

This is a flashback from - March 25, 2015

Posted by 'FOS' while attempting to defend the VPSO:
I do know Fred will be attending Couvillons skeet shoot. Who are you getting your information from, Dawn?

Why don't you make an unannounced visit to Fred like you did Donnell? Are you scared? If he fears for his life, he will shoot your sorry ass.

I saw him at VPSO yesterday laying his money in hundred dollar bills. You are lucky Donnell didn't shoot you. You are lucky to be alive.

Instead of talking beyond [sic] Couvillion's back, you could just pay him a visit.

You will then be locked up under the watchful eye of Frith.

Put your body in Vermilion Parish. See what happens to you.

Fred knows there is a warrant out for your arrest. He will act in [sic] that warrant instead of hide you from law enforcement.

He don't play.

Posted by 'FOS', your typical Sheriff Mike Couvillon supporter.