What would You do?

Published when this site went live in 2003

This is a most unbelievable story. One that will force you to look closely into a maze of circumstance where I ask, sometimes beg you, to draw your own conclusions. As outrageous as this situation is, ANYone could have got caught up in it the same way as I did. In fact many people did. The question that would separate some of us is: “What would you do?”

Let’s say you were thrown into an arena of international deception where some of the most powerful people in the World were hiding behind you. They used your name to instigate Treason against your country for the simple gain of money and power. Albeit a lot of money and a lot of power, but still, at the expense of your integrity, your reputation, and your World. 

Would you have taken the payoff?  Would you have looked the other way? A lot of people did. Not always because they were bad people, not because they were immoral or arrogant or careless,  it was fear. Plain and simple. Fear.

Fear is a funny thing in a way. It will force some of us to hide. It will cause even the most noble amongst us to lie. Fear can alter the reality of a situation like no other force, other than money. Money puts a whole new flavor of apathy into the equation. Money challenges our morals to a point where justification knows no logic whatsoever. That is exactly how many of the characters in The Story justified accepting the bribe. But, when the alternative was to stand up alone against an organized system of chaos and crime, and you learned of the deaths and “suicides” of your friends who were brave enough to stand there…what should you do?

Actually, as I read this myself it just looks like too simple of a call. Of course you wouldn’t accept a payoff to the detriment of your country, and especially not if the entire World was at stake. But maybe you didn’t know the whole truth of the situation. Maybe all you had were little pieces of information, small glimpses of the big picture, a tiny idea about the conception of the evil ones. Yeah, you had a good idea that they were up to no good, but what was it? If you don’t know then you can’t tell so why not just take the bribe and get on with your life outside of a coffin? Hmmmmm. What should you do, indeed.

Well, if you are a survivor like me, you won't be afraid to get to the bottom of it. Not because of my highly ethical and virtuous standards, we all have those. But just as I always solve the rubics cube, finish the crossword puzzle, and read that novel of mystery in an all night orgy of intellectual exercise, I will get to the bottom of it.

So go ahead and get comfy. Start turning pages. You’re invited to follow along as I connect the dots of the Big Picture.

Editors note: The Story includes the opinions of Dawn Marcelle that are based off her interpretation of proven facts.