Intelligence 102


It took fifteen years before I felt safe enough to write this chapter. It starts out like a de-ja-vu of the chapter 'Intelligence 101' but you won't be disappointed with the details I share about what was really happening behind the scenes at the Rodi Plant in Abbeville, 2001.

It is true that my experience of working with intelligence officers is limited and narrow. Therefor it is safe to assume that when I found myself in the middle of a situation where spies were spying on spies I had to turn to my best self defense tactic.

Just shrug my shoulders and act like an airhead…What? What are you talkin’ 'bout?

Well, since I promised to tell the whole truth and nothing but, I need to clarify The Story chapter "Intelligence 101". This is what really happened that spring day of 2001:

I do believe that Good Guys exist out there somewhere. They came into my office while I was working for Rodi Power Systems in Abbeville, Louisiana. They came in May of 2001, after I had refused to participate in a scam of insider trading. I had a pretty good idea that the Rodi Gang was up to more than just the trading ring but I didn’t know what it was. The two gentlemen who walked into my office early that day each took a seat and spoke to me with a serious tone.

The men told me they were interested in Rodi Power Systems. It sounded like they might be considering investing in the company. It was uncomfortable for me because, just days before, I had refused to accept the Rodi payoff.

History: When Nancy Temple offered to set up an offshore account, I told her I wouldn’t be needing one. An hour after that conversation, The Rodi CEO, Byron Spain, came into my office to remind me that NOW was the time to sell out.

I told Byron he could keep my stock options and shove ‘em up his ass.

It was only a few days after my confrontation with Byron that these two “Good Guys” show up. They started conversation and it sounded like they were thinking of investing. There was no way I could lie to them and so I admitted to them that:  “I wouldn’t invest my money in this company”.

That’s when they started playing tough cop - nice cop. The buff dark guy started sneering about my lack of confidence in the company. My reply was, “Hey, I didn’t invest in Microsoft, either.”

The lanky blonde nice cop told me they were just looking for information. So I asked: “Like what?” "What are you looking for?"  He said, straight up, that they wanted me to take down the firewall on the server.

I just laughed out loud and then told them I wouldn’t even know how to do that.

The buff dark tough cop just glowered at me. Then they both got up from their seats and left without another word. I never saw them again.

They were already gone out of the building when I left my office to visit the water cooler next to the closet where the Rodi server was located. The plant manager, Marshall DelCambre, was heading my way and asked, “Who were those guys?”

I shrug my shoulders and say, “I dunno, they sounded like investors”, then I fill my bottle at the cooler.

“They looked like cops!” Marshall blurted out.

I sipped on my water without releasing Marshall from my eyes. Then I pointed out to him, “Who isn’t a cop in this place?” Seriously, the VPSO patrolled the Rodi grounds 24/7. Our lead mechanic, DEPUTY Kevin Fox was in the diagnostics room that very minute. Seriously, "Who isn't a cop in this place?"

Which leads me to my next conundrum. My office was isolated, 100 meters from the main office and at least 50 meters from the building entrance. Marshall sat right next to the entrance of the building with the server located right next door to him. So…with the VPSO on the grounds and Marshall in the hall... How the hell could anyone walk straight into my office and then right back out the front door without permission?

This was smelling like a set up.

I decided to go nowhere near the server and was sitting in my office, brooding, while Eddie Broussard sat at his desk across from me and pretended to be a mechanical designer. Everyone at Rodi was a pretender. Eddie said he was PeeDoo’s nephew when I hired him. Marshall DelCambre, the Rodi Plant Manager also claimed to be PeeDoo’s nephew, so did Hector Willis the Rodi Mechanic Assistant. The Rodi office secretary, Marcelle Long, was PeeDoo's niece. 

Rodi was a family affair when it came to local employees.

I walked away from Marshall and let him continue to guard the Rodi server and sat at my desk, brooding, and trying to figure out how I would get out of Lousiana alive.

Then the phone rang.

On the other end of the line was a machine shop in New Iberia. They were doing some custom manifold work for us. The Begnaud engineer said he needed a copy of the digital layout.

This is important, right? If you haven't heard, there is no engine…we don’t need a manifold. If Eddie hadn't been in the office I probably would have told the Begnaud guy to save his material and forget about it. Instead, I told him I would burn a disc and have it to him the next day.

The Begnaud engineer insisted that his NC machine was already set up and he needed the lay out right away. He told me if I placed a copy of the layout on the desktop of the server he’ll be able to get a copy and have the manifold ready by Friday.

Thank YOU!

Now I have a reason to mess around with the server. Right? It doesn’t matter if those Good Guys are spies spying on spies or spies spying on me. I’m just an airhead and trying to get a manifold built for our phony engine by Friday. Right?

And you have to crash the firewall before you can copy anything onto the desktop of the server. Nice.

After copying the data to the server desktop I sat back and watched not only the manifold data stream over to the server, the data just kept on streaming. For the whole day…and the whole night. I wanted to make sure someone was catching it somewhere, so...I went for a bike ride and called Steve Arizona.

Data was still pouring onto the server the next morning when Leland Fox called and wanted me to shut it down.  I told him I didn't know how. He recited menu picks, I pretended the picks weren’t there. Sorry Leland, I can’t figure it out. Note: Leland Fox is the brother of VPSO Deputy Kevin Fox, the Rodi lead mechanic.

Four hours after Leland called, Eddie reports to work and he is concerned because my computer was still streaming. I shrugged my shoulders and said my computer must be stuck in a loop. Eddie left the office and soon everyone at Rodi headquarters knew that my computer was “acting up”.

So… I had to shut down my machine before I knew if all of the data was transferred. Leland showed up at the plant an hour after I shut it down and I can still remember the look he gave me. Deputy Kevin and Deputy Roland gave me the third degree... they wanted to know who I called in Arizona.

I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to my office and sat there wondering how I would make it out of Louisiana. A few days after I crashed the Rodi firewall, my husband, Bob, abandoned me in Abbeville with the plan that Roland wouldn't let me leave Louisiana alive.

Next thing ya know, I jump from the frying pan into the fire on Memorial Day, 2001.

Soon after I escaped the PeeDoo Cartel, a lot of spooks sure came out of the trees in Seattle. Spooks spying on Spooks who were spying on Spooks.

So. Who are the Good Guys?

I used to say that the only Good Guy I know is me. Thankfully, that isn’t true anymore.

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