Here’s Your Couyan!

4th of July, 2015


"Mike Couvillon is the most vindictive son-of-a-bitch you will ever meet.”


That was the only logical conclusion that law enforcement could come up with after investigating Sheriff Couvillon’s actions on August, 28, 2014. Keith Stutes was holding his campaign Kick Off for the District Attorney election that night.  ALL of the media was present along with two US Attorney Generals. Then outta the blue, Sheriff Couvillon threatened to make a scene.

The VPSO was demanding back up from the Lafayette Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Couvillon told the LPSO that he was sending three deputies to Stutes Kick Off to execute an arrest warrant on me, Dawn Marcelle, and he demanded they assist in the arrest.

 Sheriff Couvillon was planning to arrest me on a four year old trespassing warrant in front of the cameras at Keith Stutes campaign Kick Off. The Lafayette Sheriff’s Office had never heard of such a request before, they kept asking each other…. What the Hell? For trespassing?

When I came home that afternoon there were half a dozen missed calls on my phone, all of them were asking me to call back right away. The first officer I spoke to said that Sheriff Couvillon was on his way to arrest me in Lafayette. My astonished response was:

        “What the Hell is he thinking?!”

The officer on the other end of the line snickered a little bit and then said, “That’s what we’d like to know.”

It was 3pm my time on the west coast….which meant it was 5pm in Lafayette… Keith Stutes Kick Off was happening any minute…..and the Vermilion sheriff’s office said they were on their way to make a scene!

Subsequently, the Lafayette sheriff’s office was desperate to find out EXACTLY where I was so they could call off the dogs and send them back to Vermilion.

It was intense. For the next hour I was on the phone with one Lafayette law enforcement officer after the next assuring them that I was 2200 miles away. Every single officer I spoke to that night thought Sheriff Couvillon’s behavior was “bizarre”. One officer called it “way over the top”. The next officer was laughing when he said ~ “Girl, you sure are getting a lot of attention for a trespassing charge!”

My favorite quote that evening was from an officer who said:

“Personally, I think Couvillon is full of shit.”

When everything was said and done that afternoon of August 28th, 2014, the Lafayette Sheriff’s Office reached the conclusion that Mike Couvillon intended to embarrass Keith Stutes in public that night and unfortunately, Sheriff Couvillon had expected the Lafayette Sheriff’s Office to go along with their plan. The LPSO investigation ended with these words from Major LeBreton:

 “Sheriff Neustrom don’t play that”.

The VPSO Criminal Investigations Department, where Sheriff Couvillon's wife works, ended up scratching their heads. They could not understand what happened. They knew FOR A FACT that I was in town, right?  

Hmmmmmm. Let us examine the facts.

When a candidate like Keith Stutes comes forward and promises to raise the bar of integrity in the District Attorney’s office, I, of course, was all for it. There are a lot of us Good Guys out here that know exactly how rotten Mike Harson is. So, in support of Mr Stutes campaign I paid for 8 tickets to his campaign Kick Off for August 28, 2014.

Then I donated the tickets to registered voters in Vermilion Parish, all of whom were law enforcement officers. All of whom are being held anonymous due to their fear of retaliation from the VPSO. (And VPSO retaliation isn't pretty - I can prove it.)

Due to my support of the campaign, the Stutes Team printed my name as a “Host” on the Kick Off invitation. And boy-oh-boy did that get the VPSO Topix Trolls all riled up.

Seriously. It’s no secret. No secret at all, that Sheriff Couvillon allows and in fact condones his Criminal Investigation Department to Troll Topix all day, every day, in effort to control the rumor mill of Vermilion. And true enough, these are the top professionals working under Sheriff Couvillon's leadership. Did I mention that one of them is his wife?

The most lurid and libelous statements ever posted on Topix were usually typed by a VPSO Troll. It was common practice for criminal investigators to spend their time conducting character assassinations against anyone who didn’t support Mike Harson or their King, Sheriff Couvillon.

When the VPSO Topix Trolls saw that I was named as Host for Keith Stutes campaign Kick Off, it was natural for them to publicly assault me with hundreds of their immature insults. Usually with a common theme of attacking my sanity in effort to destroy my credibility. It was easy for me to ignore them.

Then toward the end of August, closer to the Kick Off date, the VPSO Topix Trolls changed tactics and tried to threaten me. They wanted me to know that they KNEW FOR A FACT that I was going to be at Keith Stutes campaign Kick-Off. Then they told me that the VPSO was going to find me and arrest me and after my arrest they will take me to the Vermilion jail and the VPSO can’t be held responsible for what will happen after that….. trolling, trolling, trolling... VPSO style.

My response to the VPSO Trolls:

         “I hope Levi’s and cowboy boots are fancy enough for ya.”

Then ~ on the night before Keith’s Kick-Off I decided it would be fun to mess with their heads:

          Posted August 27, 2014, by Dawn Marcelle to [the VPSO Topix Trolls]:

“You don’t want to miss tomorrow evening with Keith Stutes. It will be a very informative night and you will hear it here first…@ please put your seats in the upright position and prepare for takeoff ! @”

          And this post 8/27/2014:

“@@Shout Out at Todd Travasos@@  Make sure you have Couvillon on speed dial tomorrow night. You just never know when Dawn Marcelle will sneak up on ya!!”

Sadly, that’s all it took to convince the VPSO Trolls to take action and thereby prove just how dangerously stupid they can be. Within 24 hours after I wrote those silly Topix posts, Sheriff Couvillon's office was on the phone with the LPSO, demanding back up to arrest me because they believed that I was in town. They read it on Topix, right?

That's when the Lafayette Sheriff Office called off the dogs and sent them back to Vermilion.

Two days after that embarrassing display of police work, Sheriff Couvillon gave orders to his Trolls and forbid all VPSO employees from posting on Topix any longer. The result was that the Topix forum immediately, overnight, went from 300 posts a day to about 25. It's obvious what Couvillon's criminal investigators were paid to do. Right Kirk? Right Sammy? Right Mrs Sheriff?

The Kick Off campaign event for Keith Stutes was cram-packed full of his supporters that night. As I mentioned, two US Attorney Generals were present speaking on Mr Stutes behalf. Everyone heard about the VPSO and their pathetic use of a badge that night. The VPSO have become the laughing stocks in many water cooler conversations ever since.

My first thought was that Sheriff Couvillon’s reason for wanting to embarrass Keith Stutes was probably due to his loyalty toward the sitting District Attorney, Mike Harson. Then I came to find out that Sheriff Mike Couvillon actually has a deep seeded personal resentment toward Keith Stutes.

Everyone has figured out how Mike Couvillon works. Whatever. Raywood LeMaire was Couvillon’s mentor and you can't get any more corrupt then Raywood. When Raywood retired, sure enough, Mike Couvillon ended up sitting behind the Sheriff’s desk. For his first term in office, Sheriff Couvillon had a favorite drug informant that he worked with. We have a good idea that the informant was never busted in Vermilion Parish because every time he got busted in Lafayette, Sheriff Couvillon would spring him out of jail by using his connections in Mike Harson’s office. The officer who shared this with me said the informant had been arrested several times with a large amount of drugs. In fact, the "informant" drug dealer was "busted with more drugs than Couvillon ever brought off the street", and that's a quote. According to the arresting officer, that happened more than once.

Luck ran out for Sheriff Couvillon's favorite drug dealer...I mean, informant... when his case was brought before the prosecuting Assistant District Attorney, Keith Stutes. Being confident, Sheriff Couvillon approached the prosecutor, Stutes, and tried to convince him that his favorite drug dealer... I mean, informant... needed to be let off all charges.

According to witnesses who were involved, Keith Stutes politely, but firmly, excused Sheriff Couvillon from the room and then proceeded to prosecute the Sheriff's favorite drug dealer which landed the "informant" in jail. Sheriff Couvillon has never forgiven Keith Stutes for that.

“Mike Couvillon is the most vindictive son-of-a-bitch you will ever meet.”


But wait, I got more proof. This is the kind of proof that law suits are made of. This is the kind of proof that should have Sheriff Mike Couvillon indicted on a whole array of charges. I mean, isn’t it against the law for a Sheriff to falsify legal court documents for the sole purpose of retaliation? Isn’t he abusing his authority when he manipulates the court system to do his dirty work?

That is precisely what Sheriff Couvillon is guilty of and I will prove it in the next few paragraphs.

I once read somewhere that there are no innocents in life, there are only levels of responsibility.  My responsibility to The Story has always been to share the facts truthfully no matter what the repercussions to myself. And when you look closely, the only people who have ever attacked me are those who have something to gain by destroying my credibility.

Think about it, The Story is so far off the charts that people have a hard time believing it as it is. The only reason anyone would feel a need to destroy my credibility is because everything I’ve said is true.

Every. Single. Word. True.

 Now, I suppose if I say that Sheriff Couvillon has abused his power, he will say I’m being a cry baby. If I say Sheriff Couvillon’s actions resemble organized crime, he’ll say I’m a drama queen. If I say that the following facts can prove that a conspiracy exists against me in the VPSO, then he’ll try to say I’m paranoid.

Sadly, for Sheriff Couyan he will leave this legacy of malfeasance everywhere he goes.

For the Record ~ It's all history:

August 26, 2010 ~ I introduce myself to Donnell Dent. She accuses me of trespassing with Chief Hardy's permission.

October 19, 2010 ~ Deputy LaPorte contacts me but never asks any questions:

To dawnmarcelle from <> wrote:

I have questions regarding some of your writings since i'm a concerned citizen in this good ole' USA..


June 10, 2011 ~ After months of harrassment from the VPSO Topix Trolls, I call Sheriff Couvillon at his desk and ask if he has a warrant for my arrest. He tells me that he does. That was a lie.

June 14, 2011 ~ I post The Story chapter: 'Sheriff Couvillon and His Values'.

June 16, 2011 ~ After reading my chapter, Sheriff Couvillon retaliates by typing out a warrant for my arrest on VPSO letter head. The charge is for Criminal Trespass. (Ten months after I knocked on Donnell’s door) The warrant says the date of the offense was June 16, two days after I published the chapter, 'Sheriff Couvillon and his Values'

June 23, 2011 ~ I rack up my first fugitive warrant for failure to appear on the charges of Criminal Trespass without ever receiving a summons or any notice at all. However, on that same day Deputy Sammy LaPorte left me a voicemail. He told me that he was investigating Donnell Dent’s accusations against me. It was ten months after she made her allegations and the same day I had officially became a VPSO fugitive.

July 15, 2011 ~ After weeks of email exchanges that are included inside the chapter: 'Sheriff Couvillon vs Dawn Marcelle", I’m finally able to return Deputy Sammy LaPorte's phone call and we speak for an hour. This is the first investigation conducted by the VPSO regarding Donnell’s lies. At the end of the conversation Sammy promised to send me a court summons in the mail. (To this day, I have never received a single thing from the VPSO)

August 3, 2011 ~ I published The Story chapter: “Sheriff Couvillon vs Dawn Marcelle”. where you can read a transcript of my phone calls to Sheriff Couvillon and Sammy LaPorte.

August 9, 2011 ~ Sheriff Couvillon’s  warrant for my arrest, which is typed on VPSO letterhead, was finally entered into the official court docket. The date stamp is signed only by the Clerk of Court, Diane Meaux Broussard.

The State of Louisiana


Dawn Marcelle

Docket Number: 53911


February 27, 2012 ~ the FBI raids Mike Harson’s DA office regarding a Good Ol Boy scam. One by one, the people in his office pleaded guilty.

June 8, 2012 ~ Donnell Dent authors a Topix thread that she named ‘Drug Hotspots’. She posted accusations that Sheriff Couvillon was protecting drug dealers and she feared for the safety of herself and her family.

June 9, 2012 ~ Donnell Dent writes me an email and asks for my help to bust Sheriff Couvillon. [The Scarlet Letter] She says she doesn't trust any local law enforcement and wanted me to get her in contact with a trustworthy State Trooper.

June 10, 2012 ~ Donnell’s daughter commits suicide. R. I. P.

September 10, 2012 ~ I post the chapter: 'The Scarlet Letter from MrsCuldesac'

After writing The Scarlet Letter there was very little motivation for me to even finish The Story. My website was just hanging out there waiting to expire in 2017. And then suddenly this strange domino effect of irony fell into place.

With no effort on my part, Sheriff Couvillon and his VPSO Trolls managed to create my happy ending all by themselves. Or, at least, it’d be a happy ending if I were the type of person who liked to say “I told ya so”.

Connect these Dots all the way to the DoJ’s office:

January 1, 2014 ~ My presence on the social media scene was dominating the discussion against Mike Harson’s re election campaign for District Attorney. The VPSO Trolls didn't have a chance to match my wit, Harson's campaign manager even joined the VPSO bullying, all them using immature insults and accusations in the attempt of assassinating my character.

February 20, 2014 ~ I racked up my second fugitive warrant for failure to appear in court regarding Donnell Dent’s lies. The docket had been dormant for 2 ½ years. Sheriff Couvillon was aggressively backing the re-election bid of Mike Harson at every campaign opportunity. He even ordered his officers to support Harson at these events.

May 16, 2014 ~ I purchased 8 tickets to Keith Stutes first fundraiser and donated all of them to registered voters.

June 3, 2014 ~ I rack up my third fugitive warrant for failure to appear in court regarding Donnell Dent’s lies. Still without ever receiving a summons.

July 18, 2014 ~ I purchased 8 tickets to Keith Stutes campaign Kick Off and donated every single ticket to registered voters.

August 1, 2014 ~ Team Stutes sends out their Kick Off invitation and listed me as a “Host”

August 28, 2014 ~ The VPSO Topix Trolls send a swat team to arrest me at Keith Stutes campaign Kick Off and proved just how dangerously stupid they can be.

November 4, 2014 ~ Keith Stutes wins the District Attorney election in a land slide.

March 3, 2015 ~ District Attorney Keith Stutes asks for a motion to dismiss all warrants associated to State of Louisiana vs Dawn Marcelle Docket Number: 53911because the warrant was invalid due to the fact that Couvillon wrote it ten months too late.

ApriL, May, June – 2015 ~ When I ask the Vermilion Clerk of Court for an official copy of the dismissal I’m told it’s against their policy to put one in the mail. The only way I can get a copy is to come to the court house in person.

June 2015 ~ I basically spent a whole week calling Jay Prathers office at the DA’s office and whining to him about the Vermilion Clerk’s Office policy. How embarrassing, I didn't know he was in the middle of the Fontenot trial. Sorry about that.

June 17, 2015 ~ The Vermilion Clerk of Court sends me official copies of the entire docket 53911 The State of Louisiana vs Dawn Marcelle.

Evidence of Malfeasance in office. The timeline of events prove that Sheriff Couvillon abuses the power of his office and imposes his personal interests upon the State of Louisiana... all in an effort to gain an illegal advantage by committing an act of retaliation.

“Mike Couvillon is the most vindictive son of a bitch you could ever meet.”


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