Hey Fred, you understand, Tony Hardy was challenging Chief Coleman in the Abbeville Police Chief election and Sheriff Couvillon simply loathes all of the Hardy Boys. Chief Rick Coleman was under Sheriff Couvillon's control, and the sheriff knows he could never control any of the Hardy Boys, so he covered up Coleman's act of extortion.

By covering up Chief Coleman's extortion, Sheriff Mike Couvillon was hoping Coleman would be re-elected and he'd be able to keep his puppet in Abbeville. But that's not what happened. It was I, myself, Dawn Marcelle, who busted Couvillon AND Coleman wide open with their extortion and blew off their covers. The next thing ya know...a Hardy Boy takes office behind the Abbeville Chief of Police desk and Couvillon lost his puppet.

Someday I'll have to explain why Fred pretended, [perhaps he is still pretending] that he was the person who exposed Rick Coleman for extortion regarding that stolen gun. You are funny, Fred. Everyone knows that you are starving for public adoration but, important people in high places know the Truth about that stolen gun. You look foolish when you brag about something you had nothing to do with. And stop complaining about the "evil reign" of Chief Coleman, it was your friend Sheriff Couvillon that let him remain in office for the last 18 months of his term. Take your complaints to King Cooyan.

Editors update:: Ironically, Chief Tony Hardy chose to protect an informant for the VPSO in October, 2016. He didn’t try to sell a stolen gun, instead Chief Hardy chose to threaten and harass innocent citizens - even Trudy Hardy, the Chief’s wife, she took part in the harassment, too. The Hardy Boy Gang - creating a legacy by carrying a badge and a gun while protecting the deviant - I’m disappointed but not at all surprised.