July 12, 2016

Here we go again ~ another round of shock and outrage. Another round of shouting protesters waving their angry signs. Another black citizen in Louisiana shot dead by police and at least two officers have been put under a public microscope while the media threw them under the bus.

We all saw the video when Alton Sterling was shot. Most of us couldn’t help ourselves and we watched that video twice or more, and we agreed with Governor Edwards when he told us that the video out of Baton Rouge was “disturbing, to say the least”.

Like a hot potato, Gov Edwards tossed the whole Baton Rouge mess to the Feds and told them to investigate it. Next thing ya know, the New Black Panthers show up in Baton Rouge armed with automatic weapons. Of course Law Enforcement had to respond and they did so by sending in robo-cops armed with guns that were bigger than the guns that the Panthers were carrying.

The armed Panther protesters were quickly arrested and the threat was neutralized within a few hours, but by then, the tension had escalated exponentially and the protest could not return to a peaceful vibe. It really is embarrassing to see officers dressed in riot gear while they arrest peaceful citizens who are practicing their freedom of expression. As I mentioned, most of us couldn’t help ourselves and we watched the video of Alton Sterling’s death several times. Many lives were shattered that night. Please be aware that the officer who fired those shots is not immune to this tragedy.

Every cop wearing a badge has heard his wife order him, his mother has ordered him too… that no matter what… no matter what… you must come home safe and sound after your shift.

Without any regrets, every cop dreads the call when a complaint comes in that involves a gun - and you just happen to be closest cop to the location. Then, for whatever reason – the suspect will not comply with police orders, he needs to be handcuffed and a struggle ensues. Any officer of law in this situation will do everything they are trained to do.

Everyone must come home at the end of their shift.

Do not ever, EVER, ignore the orders of law enforcement. They are just as scared and better armed most of the time.

You should understand that the good citizens of Lafayette are protecting the backs of their own law enforcement. The Justice System everywhere in Louisiana is begging for budget dollars, and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff Office is no different.

Take note: the first thing on the agenda for the new sheriff in Lafayette, Mark Garber,  was to use his strapped budget to design new uniforms along with new paint jobs on the LPSO cruisers. Paint jobs that include his name~ SHERIFF MARK GARBER.

During his campaign, Mark Garber said he would use the LPSO budget to invest in technology that would lead to shorter response times and a safer environment for his deputies. Today, Garber has new uniforms and shiny new cop cars, and NOW? He’s accepting donations for necessities.

“‘If you wanna do something, I need body armor and medical kits because we are not prepared for current threats that face us,” Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber said, “We’re using rifles we confiscated from the evidence room and body armor that won’t stop a rifle round.”

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