Charlie B. Bright

AMES laboratory ~ Etrema connection:


From: Lynard Jones
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 9:28 AM
Subject: RE: Charlie Bright

Hi Dawn,
It's almost funny now, Ya got to admit the pitch on that [Molectrol] tape was pretty damn convincing. In hind sight I would most likely do it again.

Now to the Charlie Bright matter, You have my permission to use the message in any way you wish as well as permission to use my name in association with said message. If anyone has a problem with any information we have discussed I'm not hard to find.


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Dear Mr. Bright,
My name is Lynard Jones and I was/am an investor in
Rodi/Molectrol. After searching the web for information on
magnetostrictive technology fuel injectors I happened upon your web site and realized that your name rang a bell.
Did you work with Jon Garza at Molectrol on the same fuel injector technology?
I am in contact with other investors from time to time and we were wondering what the
difference is between the fuel injector on your web site and the one developed by Molectrol funded by investors who never received a cent.

Thanks for your time,
Lynard Jones

Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 00:53:20 -0400
Subject: Re: Fuel injectors

Hello Mr. Jones, 
This is the first time I have ever heard of you and sorry to read about your loss. Capable non-management people went out the door when Rodi/Molectrol went under. My former employer, the maker of terfenol, was first approached by Rodi/Molectrol, who without my knowledge then patented my ideas on how to use terfenol in an injector. Rodi/Molectrol was not the only customer who patented my fuel injector ideas without my knowledge.
Since the demise of Rodi/Molectrol, my ideas have progressed well past those initial patents, but without benefit of funding to build and test hardware.
Charlie Bright

Note that Charlie B Bright was on the Rodi Power Systems Board of Directors for years. He played an active role in the spin-off of Rodi’s fuel injector company called Molectrol Incorporated. The lead Designer on the fuel injector project was Dave Marks, who was a close pal of Charlie Bright. Charlie was given a complete tour of Rodi’s injector progress regularly at Rodi headquarters in Puyallup,Washington.

Charlie was also on the board of ETREMA out of Ames Research Laboratories. ETREMA manufactured the material that Rodi used in their fuel injector. This material, called Terfenol-D, was very important to the Department of Defense. The DoD stated that Terfenol-D could be used as a warhead trigger. Before any company was allowed to use Terfenol-D in their products, they first had to get permission to use it from the Department of Defense.

RODI was given permission to not only use the material, but they were also given permission to manufacture it. The DoD gave permission to ETREMA allowing them to share the Terfenol-D top secret recipe with Rodi Power Systems.

RODI had a big party to celebrate the milestone. All the ETREMA representatives came to Puyallup for cake and a demonstration of the fuel injector. Charlie Bright had a front row seat along with MerrillMatlovich, Dr John Barclay and Miroslaw Skrzypkowski.

In April, 2001, I dropped in at Molectrol Headquarters and ran into Dave Marks and Charlie Bright who were working out some fuel-injector details with Jon Garza.

Today, Jon Garza and Charlie Bright have patented another injector design based on the same technology that was developed using the investment of Lynard Jones.

As Lynard put it, “It’s almost funny now”…..Is Charlie Bright recruiting investors for his next injector scam?