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I wish I could say that I was shocked out of my mind, but that's not the case. It was like reading fiction, all the time knowing full well the possibility of truth. I've lived in the town of Abbeville all my life and watched over the years, so many things come down.  I also made the observations how the people here turned a deft ear to all, at times I commented, they looked me as if there was something wrong with me.

What a wonderful place to conduct illegal business, in fact they welcomed the opportunity to assist and invest. What sorry examples they are, what fine legacies they leave behind.

Good for Dawn Marcelle, I would welcome the opportunity to meet her. It takes a lot of courage to do what she did, knowing full well there is no profit to gain, and possibly the loss of her own life. 

Abbeville is a classic pig sty, attracting even the big pigs.  Graft and corruption running rampant and no one interested in cutting off its blood supply.  To see beauty in this town, you'd best take my advise, grow flowers and stay busy. That is my way of trying to make this town see beauty, get busy, grow flowers and hope that others will do the same.

Thank you Dawn Marcelle, for exposing these people. I can only hope, this would open eyes and make a difference.




Well Dawn,

I have made a discovery in the last few years. I realized I was normal, and the rest of the idiots in charge were almost retarded. I am highly logical in my thinking. I was born and raised in cajun country. My mom and dad were both from south La. My mom was an intellectual, and my dad was an intelligent business minded/streetsmart person. I am old enough to know, and have one thing to say about South Louisiana.

"We sure have a lot of Dumbfucks running the show."

I have come up with a new state phrase. "Louisiana, A celebration of Ignorance" For my first thirty years of life in La., I  just accepted the mindset of the state, and figured maybe I was wrong in my thinking. I'd see dumb shit happening, and wonder why I was the only one who thought it was stupid. For thirty years, they had me thinking I was stupid, now I realize I was right all along in my thinking.

I read a story a couple years ago in the local paper whereby the locals were tossing around some ideas about how to keep Erath From flooding during a heavy all day rain. One of the local engineers in Abbeville proposed digging a holding pond north of Erath to hold Youngsvilles rainwater from rushing the drainage system in Erath. He mentioned digging a ten acre holding pond which would catch the rainwater and let it into the system slowly. The pond would have been 12 feet deep. I quickly did the math with my basic algebra skills, and realized that a ten acre pond that deep would hold the equivalent of about a quarter inch of rainfall. So instead of getting six inches of water in your home you would only get 5 and 3/4" in your home.

I called the engineer personally when I read this in the paper and asked where he got the dumb idea that a pond this size would work. (apparently someone else had already informed him that his figures were totally off) He then says "I didn't say that"

I told him that the paper was quoting him directly in the story. His reply "awww you can't believe everything you read in the paper" 

Yep, there is definitely a lack of intellectual stimulation here in South La. Well, it's been good chatting with you. take care.



I think that contains information that deserves to be read, pondered, researched, and digested. I don’t profess to understand all of the connector dots, but I do think that there is enough information there to warrant our attention. If anyone reads the story with an open mind, it is impossible not to be concerned and anxious for our community, our state, our country, and our world.

It seemed that some sort of investigation was beginning last year but Hurricanes Katrina and Rita roared in, grabbing the headlines and the energies of our state and its resources. What a pity! If only half of this story is true, it’s still scary as hell.

The time, energy, effort and attention that has been devoted to dawnmarcelle either denotes a seriously troubled person or a seriously dedicated person. If it’s the former, there are a lot of coincidences that are hard to explain. If it’s the latter, I fear for her safety.

It is my hope that truth will prevail and justice will be served. The website reveals disturbing information, but lacks an ending that makes it a neat and tidy story. That’s what sets it apart from a movie script. Truth is always stranger than fiction…just ask James Frey.

Jolie Blon


Dear, when these coonasses decide to gang up, it’s not pretty. That’s coming from acoonass , I got papers, me.

If you ever talked to me on the phone, you would probably laugh. I went to Canada, and for a week, the secretary was laughing even on the last day I was there. She kept saying I had a funny accent. Helps when you tell jokes to those Cannucks. They celebrated “No Harassment Day” while I was there. You could do anything and no one could file a harassment case.

That was different.

Perfectly calm and well mannered people transformed into vulgar maniacs that day. Very weird, but I played along since I made it a mission to mix in with the locals. My visit was in the Fall, and the locals were in distress because they had undergone a murder in the City. The first one of the year. I laughed, and asked if anyone had ever been to N.O. They thought I was joking when I told them they get shot for blowing the horn.

That place is so laid back and safe it’s almost boring. I went into the city at night and wasn’t sure when I found myself walking toward a group of pierced punk looking guys. One of them backed up and bumped into me. I looked at him and he looked at me and said, “ I’m very sorry, Sir, that was clumsy of me”, just before putting his wrapper from the cigarette pack in the garbage can.

The fine is $5K for littering and the Canadians enforce it. Super Clean. I was impressed.

I meant to comment on your vegetarian habit. There’s an old saying, “ whatever rolls you over”. I don’t feel one way or another about that subject. I, personally, have to have my fix of red meat about once a month. I do like a good steak every now and then. I’m not very big on some animals. You know, here in Louisiana, if the creature has a digestive system, it is fit to eat. I absolutely despise lamb. All of my friends like squirrels. I fixed a plate of squirrel sauce-pe-cant that a co-worker brought to us. Trust, me, it was a small plate, with more rice than anything. This crap had bones and body parts that looked identical to a sewer rat, complete anatomy included the skulls. Pardon my French, %$#& that. Please believe me, this is not a good example of Cajun Cuisine. I’ve eaten alligator, it’s not real bad. Tried raccoon. NOPE! Not good. Rabbit’s not bad.Can’t stand venison, too much like lamb. You know I’ve been served every living creature available to us, served on a plate. Best and Worse.

Duck is my absolute favorite. Kangaroo is by far the absolute worse taste that’s ever reached my lips. You could dig out ear wax from a cadaver and it wouldn’t taste any worse. That was some imported goody I happened to experience.

Oh yes, the excitement of growing up here. If it moves, shoot it…then eat it. Pure Pleasure. But I can’t talk, I grew up with the crowd, shooting rabbits at night and raiding wood duck roosts.

Nothing else to do in this place growing up. And I wonder why I was mischievous. HuH. Some things just have to stay secret.

I passed near a recently closed sugar mill and couldn't help but ponder how helpful it would be to recycle that equipment into an alcohol producing facility.  It's a shame that our sugar cane farmers are being shoved out of business when they could be enjoying a rewarding career farming, knowing that there is a sale for their product in producing ethanol. The sugar mills have what it takes to reduce the cane to a very usable base for the alcohol.  The only other equipment needed would be fermentation tanks and heat exchangers and of course, storage tanks.

Brazil has reduced their dependency on oil from 80% to less than 10% just by using alcohol made from sugar beets. General Motors installs sensors and a computer capable of sensing what fuel, gasoline or alcohol or both, is being used and adjusting the engine parameters accordingly. The technology is actually in place for the use of the alternative fuel.

Tell me if I'm missing something but I think it's perfect. Help the environment, give the farmers all of the sales they can grow, and have a lower priced fuel available. Other areas of the U.S. can also grow the needed crops, like corn or wheat. I'm sure you are well familiar with alcohol production.

Oh, I forgot, I am missing something. As you put it, Big Oil, and my favorite, the politicians.

What a perfect opportunity to do something right. I thought it out and always came to the same brick wall. I am sure the State and Federal Government would eat us alive trying to start a facility like this.  It would be interesting. I would ask Louis Lambert to help push it but there is not enough toxic waste involved to transport.


I hope someone with some power finally gets the nuts to do something like this.  Oh,Yeh, I'm sure the price of gas would drop to about $1.50 if someone would. That's what happened in the early 80's. Or, the Feds would buy it all and store it somewhere. This would only make a handful of people rich. 

Anyway, so much for my routine rant of the day.  It was nice to hear from you and let's stay in touch. I really feel like a solution to these problems will surface if everybody keeps looking. Sooner or later we will come out on top. 

I'm confident of it. 

Southern Man