The Final Show Down

In my humble opinion, Sheriff Couvillon and his side kick, Deputy Laporte, do NOT want to give Johnny Primeaux a full exoneration until after the Sheriff’s election. It’s that shallow. It’s that petty. And every voter in Vermilion should be terrified right now with the thought that Mike Couvillon and his dirty posse might win four more years of power.

If anyone can, it is the younger demographic, 18-40 year-olds, that hold the power to swing this Sheriff’s election any way they want. Historically, only 3% of that age group will actually exercise their right to vote. If Lance Broussard can motivate his base to get to the polls, he has a real good chance of winning the sheriff election in October. Vote your conscience, the choice is obvious.

But before you vote, make sure you read this:   OBJECTION: [Speculation]