Bob Clayton and his Dogs

Let it be known that Bob Clayton has been a member of the names page on this website for the last fifteen years. And then, after I published those explosive “Rollin’ on the River” chapters, EVERYone kinda freaked out, especially Bob Clayton. You see, Bob has always promised the Mob in Vermilion that he can easily destroy my credibility and yet he has never managed to be successful with that. On Thursday, 8/27/2018, Bob Clayton sent me a text and demanded that I remove his name from all of my writings.

I just want to point that fact out to my fans in Boise. Of all the names listed in Names Part Three, Bob Clayton is only concerned about himself. You understand, it is Bob Clayton who made a promise to the Mob and Bob Clayton who welshed on it.

Names Part Three read it here, adding new names every day.