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Abbeville Meridional newspaper

Sunday, November 20, 2006 ~ front page:


Allegations made by ‘Dawn Marcelle’ involve parish residents

          From Staff Reporters

Vermilion Parish Sheriff Mike Couvillon plans to make a formal request to the Attorney General’s Office to investigate contents published on the “Dawn Marcelle” website.

Sheriff Couvillon said that he had contacted the Attorney General’s Office in regard to this particular website which has recently gained much attention in Vermilion Parish prior to Hurricane Rita.

Now that operations at the Sheriff’s Office have normalized, he plans to make it a formal request.

Couvillon said he has read parts of the website titled “Dawn Marcelle” and as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Vermilion Parish, finds some parts quite disturbing.

“Specifically,” Sheriff Couvillon said, “the website contains the names of some well known Vermilion Parish residents and/or companies which either in the past or presently operate in this parish and more important, the website contains some very serious statements and/or allegations about them.”

The sheriff believes that whoever is responsible for authoring the contents on the website has made allegations which are serious enough to warrant an in-depth inquiry or investigation as to the validity of the statements and allegations.

Therefore, the Sheriff has spoken to Assistant Attorney General Burton Guidry and asked him to open up an investigation.

“If the allegations contained in the website are proven to be truthful, then those who have violated the law need to be held accountable by our judicial systems”, Couvillon said.

“And if the statements and the allegations are proven to be false, then those who have been falsely accused may seek civil intervention and or possibly the filing of any applicable criminal charges against the person or persons responsible.”

Additionally, Sheriff Couvillon said that this website has caused widespread gossip and rumors in Vermilion Parish.

He said it is time the allegations are investigated and either proven false or fictional with appropriate actions to follow, so that people can get on with their lives.

“In today’s world, you can be any one you want to be on the Internet and post information that is either factual or fiction.

“However, when statements and allegations as serious as those contained on the ‘Dawn Marcelle’ website are made, we should all have the peace of mind knowing that it would at least be looked into with appropriate action to follow depending upon the outcome of an inquiry or investigation,” said Sheriff Couvillon.

“Not long ago I attended a presentation where the commission for home rule charter provided information as to the progress of their task and made reference to the need for economic development here in Vermilion Parish and discussions about how much we have to offer here.

“A case in point for us all is the type of negative publicity Vermilion Parish is getting from this particular website which could ultimately hinder efforts to secure new business or industry here.

“All the more reason to investigate the allegations contained on this website and take whatever action is deemed appropriate and necessary, in the interest of doing the right thing for our people and our parish.”