Rolling on the River

Nobody is surprised when I tell them that I am contacted by all levels of human life form, some with and some without badges. This website has attracted the most honorable investigators, trustworthy politicians, good cops, decent attorneys and lots and lots of pissed off Cajuns. Of course my mix of contacts would also include the most manipulative type of investigators, the most vile politicians, plenty of dirty cops with twisted attorneys and even more and more pissed off Cajuns.

For the last 18 months the threats, warnings and harassment have been off the charts and the message has been crystal clear ~  “Don’t expose the Hardy Boyz, or else!”   [ get a clue -that was never the plan]

Plus, just recently, Sheriff Mark Garber, of Lafayette Parish, has decided to drag me, personally, into his divorce settlement case. If ya ask me, there are plenty of glass ceilings to go around in that house of cards.

And now Guy Nerren, a candidate for Chief of Police in Maurice, he is homeless after his house burned down a couple of days ago. It's obvious that I will need to write at least two, maybe three new chapters before I can tell the whole story of why Todd Travasos could be the best city councilman in the history of Abbeville.

Big wheel keep on turning
Proud Mary keep on burning
And we're rolling, rolling
Rolling on the river