A Sunny Day in Bedrock

June 10, 2018

A Sunny Day in Bedrock

It has been well over a year since I’ve posted anything new on this website. Not much has changed in Vermilion, it’s still just as corrupt and full of dirty cops as it ever was. The last four chapters that I’ve written had to be published underground. I’ve got an impressive distribution list full of folks who hang on my every word.  Now that the Abbeville Police Chief election is over I believe I can publish to the masses without having to put up with the tactics of dirty square badge cops.  They say there is one more Police Chief election out there that I should worry about. But the polls have been taken and Guy Nerren has the votes. He has over 80% of them. I’ll be polite and wait until after the votes are in before I congratulate Chief Nerren.

After a dozen juvenile attempts to entrap me - followed by a year of threats - I’m ready to publish a new chapter in order to make good on a promise I made to Todd Travasos. Todd is quite the character. Hands down, he is the funniest guy I have ever had the opportunity to cross during this Story adventure of mine. The tale behind his Italian roots are most interesting- at least, it is the way Todd tells it. Everyone in Vermilion has heard the whispers – they’ve seen the flash and bling – but nobody has ever put the whole legend together in paragraphical form until now. It’s a good read – I’m glad he shared his story with me and I hope he likes the chapter. Todd asked me to write it hoping he could become famous and then run for a city council position in Abbeville. For the record, I don’t think Todd is interested in politics as much as he was 18 months ago. But I really do hope he runs for council someday. He will be the hardest working councilman for the city and it’s about time someone showed up to get things done. You may think this is a set up – just a joke.


     Vote Todd Travasos Councilman of the Future

          Your wish is his command.

     *At least for the first term.

          A Sunny Day in Bedrock  ~  read it here