You Know Who You Are

To the Person and Persons who know what I’m talking about:

A lot of people seem to think that I am motivated by a vengeful heart when revenge has nothing to do with it. Like most people, I was born with the inherent ability to recognize right from wrong. They say God puts us where we are for a reason and I will always choose the good fight over evil.  It has never been my intention to hurt anyone, in fact, I've been on the defense for most of my life. And now, here I am.

And there You are. A manipulator of Trust who likes to kick a person when they’re already down. These days you’re looking very blue in the face while you continue to hold your breath.

Imagine what it’s like to have your whole World crash down around you. There are very few people who you can count on to pull you up, but instead, they walk right up to you with a smile on their face and proceed to kick you while you’re down. 

Can you even imagine such a cruel World? Have you ever been kicked? When you're already down? Think about it next time, before you kick another innocent person