Poor, Poor, Donnell Sounier Suire Dent Sounier

Poor, poor Donnell. To be 50 years old and have the emotional IQ of a three year old. People feel sorry for her, to be honest. And I’m always honest.

Apparently she just found out that Sheriff Couvillon’s warrant on me was dismissed and…MANNN! Talk about a tantrum!!

She has publically accused the District Attorney, Keith Stutes, of taking a BRIBE from ME to get that warrant dismissed.

In effort to get attention, Donnell then changed her story about my introduction... for the umpteenth time in five years…. Now she is claiming that I busted my way into her house and beat up her elderly mother.

My GAWD! How many lies has Sheriff Couvillon granted her?


Donnell..... I’m typing to you now.

Do the right thing and call me up.

Get your affairs in order…

You owe me and the DA an apology.



Dawn Marcelle