Surprise! Surprise!

The moment we have been waiting over three years for has finally arrived. Although, with a deflated sense of justice.

Today Robert Williamson, the mastermind behind ex-DA Mike Harson's OWI scam, pleaded guilty after years of ridiculous stalling tactics. His first court date was canceled because Williamson claimed he was insane. LoL! His wife took power of attorney over his decisions and Williamson got a six month delay. Six months later, Robert Williamson claimed to be cured of his insanity and needed time to build his defense. His court date was delayed again. On his way to his third court date, Robert Williamson had a panic attack...while he was driving...only blocks away from the courthouse. He was taken away by ambulance and his court date was, again, delayed.

This is not a joke. I couldn't make this stuff up.

The next time Robert Williamson was due back in court he changed attorneys and they needed more time to build his defense so...Robert Williamson's court date was delayed once again. Williamson's next court date was canceled by Judge Foote because it was scheduled too close to the District Attorney election. And we wouldn't want the court to embarrass Mike Harson or Gary Haynes. Especially when Haynes was destined to represent Bryan Knight in his conspiracy case. The last time Robert Williamson was due in court was December 2014 and he said he had cancer and needed treatment before he would be healthy enough to come to a courtroom in person. His court date was, again, delayed for another six months.

Today, after three years of this ridiculous stalling, Robert Williamson pleaded guilty and admitted to conspiring in a "pay-for-plea" scheme from 2008 to 2012 where he pocketed no less than $455,000. Three other people who worked for the ex-district attorney, Mike Harson, have already pleaded guilty for participating in the scam. One of those people who pleaded guilty was Barna Haynes. She was Mike Harson's secretary and she is still married to the assistant district attorney, Gary Haynes.

Uh, huh.

Robert Williamson made a big move today. By pleading guilty, five other counts of bribery and one count of making a false statement to a federal agent were thrown out as part of his plea deal. You understand, there are FIVE other counts of bribery not accounted for, what a deal.

Just when you thought Justice was comin' 'round the bend... you wake up and find yourself in Louisiana. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.