MrsC's Baggage

Sometimes I wish I could be as cruel and hypocritical as MrsCuldesac.  But I just don't have it in me. Today I wrote a few paragraphs to bring everyone up to speed on the life of Donnell Sounier Suire Dent Sounier. And everything I wrote in that letter is just the facts, Ma'am.

Just like everything else on my website, it's all true. Every. Single. Word.

Half an hour ago, I decided to I read it one last time just seconds before I published it. I wanted to "hear" it, like how a visitor to this site might interpret the words. After that, there was no way I could bring myself to hit the 'publish' button and post that letter.

Believe me, if our situations were reversed, Donnell Sounier Suire Dent Sounier would not hesitate to destroy me or anyone else who got in the way of her twisted reality. It is certainly within my right to post this Dear Donnell Truth in a Spirit of "what goes around comes around".

However, after reading that letter with fresh eyes, and knowing it was all true... my empathy got the best of me tonite. Instead of posting, I think I will just go light a candle and pray for Donnell.

May Peace be with her.