Cooyan's Mag Rag

I hear there is a lot of trash blowing around Vermilion Parish after Sheriff Cooyan mailed out his campaign propaganda. They say people found it in their mailbox and chose to toss it to the wind. There are reports of copies flying in an out of traffic on Hwy 14, that's what I heard.

At least Cooyan's campaign paid for the propaganda this time. Four years ago, two months before the last election, Sheriff Cooyan published glamor shots of him and Col. Kirk Frith in a fourteen page, 9x11, full color glossy magazine and mailed a copy to all registered voters. Cooyan and Kirk bragged about what a good job they were doing with the VPSO.

Deal is: that egotistical publication was called the 'VPSO Annual Report of 2010-2011'.

You understand, by not mentioning the Sheriff's election Cooyan could charge the cost of the mag-rag to the taxpayers. So... let's say $10 a piece (as quoted), and about 12,500 copies.... that equals $125,000 that Sheriff Cooyan charged the tax payers for his 'VPSO Annual Report', two months before the last election. Which, coincidentally, was the last time Vermilion saw a 9x11 color print VPSO Annual Report.

At least this time Cooyan was honest enough to call it an advertisement. Plus he paid for the ego blast outta his own campaign coffers. And instead of bragging about the good job he's doing, his advertisement in the Meridional was full of declarations that the VPSO will improve... IMPROVE under a third term with Sheriff Cooyan, Kirk, Sammy, Sonya.....

If you ask me, it looks like the tactics of the new District Attorney, Keith Stutes, is already improving the atmosphere in the VPSO. You understand, the Abbeville Courthouse didn't have a DA presence until Mr Stutes took office four months ago. And take a look around, I mean, Sheriff Cooyan didn't commit fraud this time when he published his Glam Rag  like he did in the last election. And for the first time ever, we all witnessed a little humility from Sheriff Cooyan in his newspaper ad. He is actually admitting publicly that the VPSO has room to improve.

He was too arrogant to admit that four years ago.