What's New

It has been a very long time since I've shared anything new on this website and it's time to get everyone updated with the latest and greatest developments in The Story. I've got a lot of revelations to share, including a whole new naming names page.

Soon you will be able to enjoy several new chapters including a hilarious expose on exactly how incompetent the VPSO is under Sheriff Mike Couvillon. It's hilarious. You'll laugh until your sides ache.

On the serious side, I've got a chapter coming that will make you cry. When you see in black and white the abuses inside the SoLa family court system, nobody will be able to look away from the truth any longer.

This What's New page will be updated regularly as I monitor the daily ups and downs of the upcoming Vermilion Parish Sheriff's election and report on the resulting drama that is sure to manifest itself in Bedrock. Anyone who wants to contribute to this page or share ideas or just vent, can do so with confidence by sharing your thoughts here. Or contact me a dawnmarcelle@dawnmarcelle.com

Everyone knows that I'm always open to civil discussion that disagrees with me. Go ahead, share your comments honestly here.

Please be polite and keep your insults, false accusations and threats to yourself.

Looking forward,