Get your VooDoo on

'The only thing [Sheriff Couvillon] has done for decades is eat crawfish and barbecue with school board members, mayors and councilmen of little towns, sheriffs, deputies, etc. - and he's done favors' for all of them.'

'And we all know how Vermilion Parish is: they are the most clannish, parochial provincial and paranoid grouping of people in the whole State of Louisiana.'

And Sheriff Couvillon owns the clans, he owns all of them. Right?

There are a lot of perks when you belong to a Couvillon Clan. A Couvillon Clansman can relax while they snort and sell their cocaine because they know Sheriff Couvillon will look the other way. You can make false reports to the Sheriff to frame your enemies while being assured that Sheriff Couvillon will back up your lies.

Sheriff Couvillon has the power to protect the guilty and destroy the innocent whenever it’s convenient, much like when that gentleman from Florida moved his wife to Maurice.

Apparently Sheriff Couvillon is afraid that someone in Florida will google the name of his favorite VPSO detective. He fears that if they find her, they will let all of her skeletons come out of the closet.

Understand, Sheriff Couvillon has often used threats as well as down right lies in effort to gain an illegal advantage over the innocent. And he works just as hard by trying to bury the truth to protect his paranoid Clan.

Legends tell us that an unwed mother in Florida was dancing in strip clubs to make ends meet when she married a guy with money. Soon, the rich gentleman learned that his dancing wife was having an affair with the Sheriff in Florida. In an effort to save his marriage, he moved the whole family to Maurice, Louisiana.

In no time at all, his wife started getting it on with the Sheriff in Vermillon, and so, the poor rich-guy moved back to Florida. Nobody knows for sure where her kid is.

After Mr Money moved back to Florida, the dancer needed to make a paycheck and that’s when Sheriff Couvillon turned her into his number one jail Bondsman.

It was a sweet racket. Anyone and everyone who wanted to bail out of the Vermilion jail could only use one bondsman, and that was the lady from Florida. Vermilion parish has plenty of bondsman to choose from, Jerry Suire is the most honest of them. Deal is, the VPSO would only do business with the... the dancing lady from Florida.

Next thing ya know, Sheriff Couvillon hired the lady from Florida as a VPSO deputy, even though she had ZERO law enforcement experience. We don’t have to kid ourselves, we all know the kind of experience that Couvillon was interested in.

Even as a Sheriff’s Deputy, the lady from Florida continued to monopolize the bondsman racket inside the VPSO with the help of Sheriff Mike Couvillon.

There is no mystery as to why Vermilion Parish is the most clannish, parochial provincial and paranoid grouping of people in the State. Congratulations on your election win, Sheriff Couvillon.  You too, Mrs Sheriff.