Typeless in Seattle

My fingers hover over the keyboard and grope for the words of disdain that I hold for those Good Ol Boyz who own the political rumor mill. The accusations, threats and intimidation is off the charts on the sleaze-o-meter and there are no words that can describe these assaults on the democratic process, much less describe their pillaging of the truth.

Somebody should have told Chad Leger’s campaign that you don’t ever…ever… try to hood wink the voters a whole week before the primary, you will never get away with it. While the City Marshall has been enjoying his tequila sunrise with the “others” ~ there is a good chance there won’t even be a run-off in November.

In Iberia Parish, Sheriff Ackal is keeping his head down while the community continues to shout their dissatisfaction with the Victor White incident. There was a bright piece of media blitz outta Crowley that helped the Crowley PD lose some of the tarnish from the LeBlanc and Lejeune cases, although, KP Gibson wasn’t given any credit for the good deed.

In Vermilion, the VPSO has ramped up their usual intimidation tactics by cruising the home of every civil servant to make sure they don’t have a Toby Walker sign in their yard. Sheriff Couvillon has been feeling the heat from the voters because every time Toby Walker knocks on a door, the Couvillon sign gets pulled down and replaced with a Toby Walker for Sheriff sign.

With classic Sheriff Couvillon intimidation, the VPSO deputies have resorted to conducting drive-bys and taking pictures of every house that has a Walker sign. Understand, a lot of people keep a Couvillon sign in their yard to avoid the wrath of their vindictive Sheriff. Somebody needs to tell Couvillon that signs don’t vote.

Still, my fingers hover over the keyboard, groping for words to describe the disdain I hold for Good Ol Boy politics, and yet, I can see so much promise in the future.

The way it stands today, Mark Garber has a very good chance to win the election this Saturday.

And if he has to, Toby Walker will be a shoe-in for Sheriff Couvillon's recall election.