The Final Show Down

In my humble opinion, Sheriff Couvillon and his side kick, Deputy Laporte, do NOT want to give Johnny Primeaux a full exoneration until after the Sheriff’s election. It’s that shallow. It’s that petty. And every voter in Vermilion should be terrified right now with the thought that Mike Couvillon and his dirty posse might win four more years of power.

If anyone can, it is the younger demographic, 18-40 year-olds, that hold the power to swing this Sheriff’s election any way they want. Historically, only 3% of that age group will actually exercise their right to vote. If Lance Broussard can motivate his base to get to the polls, he has a real good chance of winning the sheriff election in October. Vote your conscience, the choice is obvious.

But before you vote, make sure you read this:   OBJECTION: [Speculation]

Go ahead, Choose

The Primeaux chapter had been up for a few days and I was stuck inside sucking on my inhaler when Jerry called. He told me that he was pretty sure he knew where to find Tyler. He told me that he believed Tyler was murdered and then put into a drum that was dumped in the Bayous.

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Flashback: 2001: This website contains conclusions and opinions based on the truth of my experiences and understanding of the facts.

Choose Your Truth

It’s been only eight months since I published Rollin’ on the River and I’ve put a lot of pages on the underground since then; I hope everyone enjoyed the chapter Pistols, Ponies and Puppy Mills. The stars of that chapter have had over six months of un-interrupted spew time to slander my name and continue building a case that only exists inside their lies. In Webster’s Dictionary there are two definitions of Truth, I prefer my truth to be fact driven in reality versus a rumor that’s accepted to be true. Which definition do you ascribe to? Prepare yourself for the next chapter:


*that which is in accordance with fact or reality.


*a belief that is accepted as fact or true.

And the Winner is...

Congratulations go to Guy Nerren, the next Chief of Police for the village of Maurice, Louisiana. If Guy can protect Maurice as well as he did Rodi Power Systems then you can get away with anything. Remember, this is Vermilion Parish where Truth has no value, LEO Integrity doesn’t exist and Justice is for sale.

Chief of Police Village of Maurice election results

  • Guy Nerren, D-Erath 51 percent 

  • Kelly Broussard Hardy, R-Maurice 27 percent 

  • Neil Arsement, R-Maurice 21 percent

Bob Clayton and his Dogs

Let it be known that Bob Clayton has been a member of the names page on this website for the last fifteen years. And then, after I published those explosive “Rollin’ on the River” chapters, EVERYone kinda freaked out, especially Bob Clayton. You see, Bob has always promised the Mob in Vermilion that he can easily destroy my credibility and yet he has never managed to be successful with that. On Thursday, 8/27/2018, Bob Clayton sent me a text and demanded that I remove his name from all of my writings.

I just want to point that fact out to my fans in Boise. Of all the names listed in Names Part Three, Bob Clayton is only concerned about himself. You understand, it is Bob Clayton who made a promise to the Mob and Bob Clayton who welshed on it.

Names Part Three read it here, adding new names every day.