Blame Games in Vermilion

August 16, 2015

Election time is right around the corner and it seems that Sheriff Couvillon is grasping for straws as he conjures up a defense for the Louisiana Ethics Board charges. The Ethics Board has already stated they believe Sheriff Mike Couvillon is guilty of breaking the law but before they instill the fine, Sheriff Couvillon will be given a chance to tell his side of the story. And he seems to be making it up as he goes along.

NOTE: State law is very clear and says that the Sheriff cannot buy anything from his own Sheriff’s sale. Ever.

In a response to the Ethic’s Board decision, Sheriff Couvillon’s office put out a statement ~ The VPSO wanted to make it clear that this was not a CRIMINAL infraction.

Well, thanks for clearing that up. It almost sounds like you're admitting that the Sheriff is guilty of the ETHICS violation.

While trying to produce a defense, the Sheriff’s office started blaming Couvillon’s lawyers for the ethical mess. They claim that both lawyers gave the Sheriff bad advice and next thing ya know, they started demanding that the attorney’s take full responsibility for Sheriff Couvillon’s unethical choices.

NOTE: State law is very clear and says that the Sheriff cannot buy anything from his own Sheriff’s sale. Ever.

Of course we all heard about it when Sheriff Couvillon accused the Ethics Board of trying to sway the election against him. Lol, c'mon! That’s just plain crazy.

In their latest attempt of trying to make Sheriff Couvillon look like the victim in all of this, the Sheriff’s Office wants people to believe that it was Sheriff Couvillon who got ripped off on the sale. That’s right. Sheriff Couvillon has apparently found a pest control guy to say that the house was only worth half of what the Sheriff paid for it. The Sheriff was ripped off, donthchya know.

Poor, poor Sheriff Couvillon, he's the victim of his own Sheriff Sale. Right? The Sheriff’s office seems to miss the point entirely.


The Sheriff cannot buy anything from his own Sheriff’s sale.


There’s a word for people who refuse to take responsibility for their own mistakes. Dishonorable. That’s one word. And when they continue over and over to make excuses, that’d be a person who is untrustworthy. And anyone who tries to manipulate the truth is a person who has absolutely no integrity.

Take Donnell Suire- Dent- Sounier…whatever her last name is these days.... take Donnell for example. To this day she will not admit that her accusations against me were a total fabrication. Instead, five years after the fact, she still makes excuses and then continues to exaggerate her lies to the point of ludicrous.

What Donnell lacks to understand is that the FACTS have already proven that nobody ever believed her lies in the first place. NOBODY. Not even Sheriff Couvillon believed her that day.

The FACTS prove that Sheriff Couvillon didn’t put out a warrant on me until he read the chapter named 'Sheriff Couvillon and his Values'. That chapter is what the warrant was really for.

Sheriff Couvillon didn’t like that chapter so…he abused the power of his office and typed out a warrant for my arrest two days after I published it. The warrant, itself, states that the trespassing offense happened on June 16, 2011, and yet, I hadn’t stepped foot in Louisiana since the year before.

Basically, Donnell needs to understand that nobody, NOBODY, believed a word of hers about my introduction. She needs to understand that by choosing to continue this vicious charade, she has completely destroyed her credibility.  

And, basically, Sheriff Couvillon is a prick who abuses the power of his office and impedes his personal interests onto the State of Louisiana. Be it for a profit from his own Sheriff’s sale or an act with the malicious intent of retaliation.

Donnell’s part in all this is merely theater. Drama is her specialty and especially when her vengeance kicks in. She always claims to know the truth and promises she won’t ever back down from it. She knows more than anyone else, just ask her, she'll tell ya so. Then she’ll pull evidence and witnesses outta the sky YEARS after the actual events.

When ya think about it, Donnell and Sheriff Couvillon are a lot alike. Both believe they have the right to use the law to their own advantage… even if they have to lie their way through it.

And when everyone sees them get away with it then it just lowers the bar of integrity for the entire community. How low can it go with another four years of Couvillon in office?

 Vermilion needs a trustworthy leader behind the Sheriff’s desk. Someone who is authentically sincere, honest and impartial. A Sheriff that understands that the definition of Protect and Serve applies to all people equally.

Keep up the good works, Toby Walker! People are finally starting to hear your message.

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